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Australia and savings

January 1st, 2019 at 03:42 pm

One thing I have noticed on this website is that in Australia it is hard to be able to get any sort of credit unless you have a great income...if you don't work yu will never get a loan for a car/house or even a personal loan or CC....Our banks never offer any incentives to stay with them at all...so in a way I think it is a little easier to save and stay out of debt over here as we know we won't get all the credit you get in America....but in saying that it is so hard to save for a house over here as you need a minimum 3% so for a $300,000 home (which is a very basic home) you need $30,000 ($20,000 of which is fees) so that really sucks but I find it interesting the differences...what are your thoughts

my first saving mistake

December 31st, 2018 at 01:32 am

Well last year they sold our house and we got new owners and new landlords...and everything has been good...well I was sick and trying to get the bills paid etc before christmas...I stupidly pay our water bill to the old account and not the new one...didn't know till we got an email saying it was late and I went back and checked it...well I made the mistake so paid the account in full to the new owners and have to wait till the 6th jan to contact the other group to get our money back...hopefully won't take to long...

It was my fault but a costly mistake...now to get it rectified...so savings down a little have now rectified and deleted the old people from my account which I thought we had already done...my bad...just need to do better

ready for 2019

December 21st, 2018 at 09:10 pm

Rewrote my budget out today, so I could change and add our car account we opened in so we are looking at putting in a monthly "car" payment into the account and will hopefully save around $5000 next year towards a car...cars are expensive here so probably won't buy for a couple years and our car is fine right now.

Going to really try and stick to our budget next year which means we should hopefully save around $20,000 towards a home deposit but I have put $15,000 in my goals just to be realistic. We need approx $30,000 for a house deposit ($20,000 is just fees) but we want to save more so we can do solar panels and whatever changes we want to do to a house when we buy it...so will probably around 2 years before we buy now...longer than what we want but next year I am really focusing on my health so I can go back to work at least part time...but only time will tell. Also added in christmas, birthdays and paying for my friend to come visit us from the US early next year...so excited for that...

I am feeling positive about next year already

bills paid for the year

December 12th, 2018 at 11:57 pm

All our bills are paid for the year except groceries and gas and one more lot of rent...but the money is in the bank for all of these plus extra for our christmas food shopping. Our next lot of rent is due right after new year and since pays can be messed up over the holidays the money is in the account just in case.

We have 1 more pay before the end of the year so that will be going into savings so we can have a little savings to start the new year with been a rough year but we have managed to get through without any debt added, the CC is paid off (we used once) and we have a little savings...so feeling pretty good...only have a couple weeks left of this year so hopefully it stays good

doc is happy

December 5th, 2018 at 08:13 pm

My NPT (neuro physio therapist) is happy with how I am doing even though it has only been 3 weeks I have made great progress so I am hoping it continues...its hot today 103 degrees so not doing much today...except taking it easy I don't cope with heat right now...which sucks as I really love summer.

Have to rejig the budget as we have decided that my hubby will also see the NPT as well starting Jan...so have to factor that in as well...

Have opened up another account to start saving for another car...wwe don't need one but a few years from now we might so will start saving now or if this one needs repairs etc it will be covered.

Also have envelopes ready for next year for christmas etc...so we are almost ready for next year

more accts or better books?

November 27th, 2018 at 06:03 pm

I was just wondering when people are saving for things at the same time say a house deposit, car, college etc do you use seperate accounts to keep track of the amounts or do you just have them written down and update as you progress?

we already have 5 accounts for different things so not sure if I should open up another one or not...so figured I would see what others do and then decide...so let me know what works for you.

first thanksgiving

November 26th, 2018 at 11:43 pm

We had our first thanksgiving in 30 years as we don't celebrate it over here but our yongest wanted to so we did but on sat...it was a good day with family and friends...thankfully it was a cool day with all the cooking...we couldn't decide what pies we like so we made 8 and chose our fav so we could just make them next year....so is going to become a tradition I think (and yes my hubby is american).

Not much else going on I have been ill the last couple of days so have been on bed rest and no appointments this week so next week I have the neuro pysiotherapist so hopefully can get some answers on exercising etc...I just want to be healthier again...

goals not met

November 22nd, 2018 at 01:07 am

Well none of my goals were met this year and won't be met by the end of this year due to life getting in the way...so have written the rest of this year off...we will start over next year and hope life is a bit kinder to us.

On the upside I have lost 12 pounds this year (without trying) hoping next year I can exercise again and lose some more weight

We will start out with some savings but not sure how much yet but will update next year...

also doing thanksgiving this year (sat) as our youngest wants to haven't done it in years so should be interesting...we don't celebrate here...hope everyone has a great thanksgiving

empty white board

November 18th, 2018 at 09:13 pm

When we started trying to save for a house these last few months I made up a white board to show our progress but so many things have happened the last few months and we still don't have anything marked off...my lowest amount is only $2500 but just wish I could sign it off everytime we get close we have another specialist appt...so I am disappointed but here's hoping next year we get some signed off...anyone else ever feel bad for not reaching their goals each year...

I set pretty realistic goals so get disappointed when we don't reach them...but there is always another month and I am happy that we we still have no debt except another laptop (which is a DD x-mas present) but that will be paid off next month..so will start the new year debt free

paid off

November 15th, 2018 at 02:29 am

Paid off the CC today hadn't used it in 8 months (was paid off) but wanted to pick up some christmas gifts that were on sale so used the cc but couldn't deal with having the debt so paid it off. Don't have much left in savings but thats ok we still have some...my goals are way off from where I want to be so will have to work on my 2019 goals instead and just write the rest of this year off and just save what we can

christmas and CC

November 13th, 2018 at 09:29 pm

I have never used the CC for christmas and I had to use today to buy a couple christmas presents as savings is so low due to medical bills...UUUGGGHHH I hate debt so I am hoping to pay it off real soon...not the way I want to start the new year off...

Here's hoping for a miracle that we get everything sorted and start the new year off fresh and debt free

debt free again

November 5th, 2018 at 07:18 pm

I hate debt, we haven't had debt in awhile but I needed to update my computer so we got a 25% deposit 12 months interest free about 3 weeks ago....it was frustrating me having debt so we paid it off today...so we are debt free again only had debt for 3 weeks but that was 3 weeks to long...I'm now on happy camper!!

back on track next month

September 26th, 2018 at 05:40 pm

The last couple of months have been brutal when it comes to savings and I am completely off track so October I am going to get back on track hopefully won't have many or any medicines or specialists that we have to pay for...my goal is to get our savings back to at least $2000.

We spent almost $200 yesterday on meat for the freezer as it was getting low...can't wait it is almost bbq season...lots of salads and outdoor time...can't wait...our tomatoes are starting to grow as are all our herbs and blueberries...garlic is doing well and we will probably harvest in nov and get some new ones in... we still have to get in some other vegies but just haven't been able to yet with being sick..but we will soon...we have a strawberry farm about a half hour drive from us where you can pick your own so we are hoping to go there and pick strawberries and make our own jam (never done this but have wanted to) so that will save some money over the year.

so today is tweaking our budget to try reach our savings goal and to finish up my mums budget for next year...busy day but I love it

charity and finances

September 11th, 2018 at 11:02 pm

I am a sucker when it comes to charity..I have always helped out to charity but since I have been unable to do anything physically for the last couple of years I do things more financial...I do budget for it for the most part but the charity that I have been supporting for the last few years who supply backpacks to foster/dv children have expanded to also supplying starter kits for families of dv...its a fairly new program and this charity ALL money and donations go to the kids/families...so they started these kits as they noticed that people who had left dv situations could never have enough money to replace even some of the basic household items that they needed so that's what they have started to provide to assist them...I love this idea and with postage I just spend over $600 to help them out...yes it is a lot of money, yes I took it from savings but I believe in helping those less fortunate than us...we may not have everything we want or need but we have a lot more than most...so feeling good about it.

On the upside sold some stuff on gumtree and made $50..

schooling and living skills

August 9th, 2018 at 09:29 pm

I am one of those people that believes that it's a parents job to teach their children about budgeting, shopping, cooking etc...life skills everyone should know growing up.

I understand people are busier these days (I have issues with this as well) so many eat out and just live week by week...do others think that it is up to the parents/families to do this or should they incorporate a budgeting class or life skills into schools?

I know that my hubby and I went without a lot when our kids were born so that one of us could always be home with them, be at their school events etc...they loved that we could be there for them...but this is a choice we made...I know not everyone has that choice but we taught them from a young age to budget (we use to tax their pocket money and take out sick leave etc), from the age of 2 they had chores and helped cook...

I'm just wondering what others thoughts are on this topic...do you think if more people learnt how to budget from a young age less people would be in debt??

do you help others with budgets?

July 26th, 2018 at 06:47 pm

I have learnt to budget when our circumstances changed dramatically and we had to adjust...it took a long time but we are doing well I have taught both our daughters about budgeting as well one does better than the other, but they both do well with it.
My mom who is 80 this year had a few things break down over a year and she didn't have the cash to buy them so she did a rent to buy and her budget went out the window...so for the last 15 months I have been doing her budget, I tell her how much money she needs to take out of her bank for food etc and I deal with the rest, she will have no debt again by nov...she loves it as she has no hassles anymore and just takes her cash and does what she needs to with it (she is also raising a 12 year old that she has had since birth - long story) so she still has school related expenses etc.
Today my step son is coming over so I can help him write up his budget and help him menu plan as he is pretty bad at it (his words) so can get him back on track (he is getting a divorce and is raising their daughter)....I love budgets and helping others with them...I do think its important to show them how to work out debts and a budgets so they don't get back into bad habits, if I do it all then they won't learn or do the hard work. I do my moms as I pay her bills via my computer but we sit down and hash it out together so she is doing it as well.
Does anyone else teach their kids/spouses/partners etc how to budget or sit down and work it out together??...my budgets are written out annually so by sept/oct next years budget will be hashed out and written out ready to go

update 1

July 25th, 2018 at 08:30 pm

Well it is payday today, which I love (who doesn't right) and even though we had a medical expense come out of our house savings and we also filled out 4 jerry cans of gas while it is around 30c cheaper than it normally is...our savings dipped to just $36...but it's payday and it now up to $371 although not a lot it will grow steadily and it's better than not having any at all...

Have not been well last last week so menu planning and next years budget has gone out the window but will get to it in next few weeks...hubby has his cash for groceries and gas so don't need to worry about that for a couple of weeks...I love a cash budget makes everything so easy.

Does anyone use cash for their everyday expenses such as groceries, gas etc?

I'm a newbie

July 20th, 2018 at 11:14 pm

Hi, I'm new to this site and blogging in general. I have been reading some of the stories and blogs on here and I'm hoping to get some hints and tips and support along my journey.
We have no debt, and we are just starting to save for a house deposit..we need around $30,000 for a 3% deposit so that is our goal and I am hoping to achieve that in the next 18 months...we have accounts for seperate things which are as follows

daily account - for money to go into

splurge acct - "mad money" to spend on what we want

ice account - this is for emergencies (usually sits at 2000)

annual bills - this is for all our ins etc that come out yearly we put monthly amount away for these

house deposit - where we put our savings for our house

we always have bills paid on time and we live on a cash budget for petrol (gas) and groceries.

we have 1 CC but we only use for emergencies and owe nothing on it.

we currently have approx $900 in our house deposit acct

that is a general run down, hope i haven't forgotten to add anything