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getting ready for july

June 21st, 2019 at 01:26 am

Well our house guest leaves in 16 days...so starting the 8th july will work hard to get back on track..they leave on the 8th and we have 2 days after that before payday so in that time we will get our menu plan done for a couple of weeks so can get our food budget back on track (have been so bad with just 1 extra person), hopefully we will use less gas as we won't be driving as much...all bills are paid on time so that is fine but really have to start hitting our goals hard over next couple months which are
1. get ICE account up to $2000
2. pay off the CC again
3.get car account back to where it was
4. start saving for a house

so thats what I will be doing for a couple days after our house guest leaves...looking forward to it..although the weather here is cold and wet so no incentive to go out when we don't have to...

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