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tax trouble

April 25th, 2019 at 10:06 pm

Well we have done our taxes a couple of months ago which can be hard with all the changes and you live overseas but my itin number ran out last year and we have been trying to get a new one since sept 2018...still didn't have one when we sent in our taxes as we had to get them in but they still haven't been done and just got a letter in but not sure what they are talking about so will take a couple days and try figure it out over the weekend...

The food budget is just out of control...food here is expensive but just 1 extra person really adds to the amount and didn't realise how much...and they do buy some of their own food so will try to figure somthing out to better this before next week when it is payday

haven't done a lot yet...but going to plan things starting may when we have more money our accounts look really dismal right now...and I think it will be a hard couple months and will play catch up after july to get back to where we want to be but our bills are paid and our pantry has plenty in it so doing ok so far.

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