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is there any tax brackets for 2023??

April 20th, 2023 at 12:38 am

Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere that I can find how much we need to put away for taxes...we never owe and the last 2 years (which has just been completed) we have owed on both of them and it looks like from last year to this year our taxes that we owed doubled...but I would like to make sure we don't owe again but not sure what to put it going to go up another $1000 plus again this year...have tried irs but couldn't find it...anyone have any ideas...our income is under $60,000...Thanks

We owe taxes!!

April 14th, 2023 at 02:31 am

So after 2 months of waiting to hear from the IRS we finally got a letter in and apparently we owe taxes for 2021 and 2022....they are also charging us as they say we never sent them in last year (which we did and we have told them this and called many times about the taxes so they can see that we called and should have notes on  the file) states that they need to be paid by end of march and we will be charged $45pd that they aren't paid and we had to also do an amendment as there was apparently a mistake made....I know we sent them in so now we don't know where last years taxes ended do we know if someone over there is using our information and racking up debt....or if they  have them sitting in a dead box at the irs that concerns us...but with how long mail is god knows how we deal with this..we have however upped the amount of taxes they take out so we don't owe again (we have never owed money before) so I guess the tax saga isn't over yet!!

Nothing seems to be going well lately...ours daughters 5th iui didn't work, we still can't get my mom/nephew affordable housing, I reacted badly to my anxiety meds and had to come off of hasn't been great...a childhood friend is having a funeral today...we are not going as i don't do funerals and it is my hubby s etc is still going up...

I do want to move and so have been that helps

A few questions

April 8th, 2023 at 10:22 am

Just wondering if everyone who budgets do you have seperate accounts to keep your money in say POM (peace of mind/yearly bills), ice acct, car, animals, etc or just 1 and just figure out a monthly amount that needs to go into it is available when the bill comes in...seperate savings...just those that need to budget I know some of you have lots of money so not really an issue...what other things do you add in your budget? or what budget tools do you use?

on other notes...we may not be moving...wanting to but housing is so scarce here right we will see. Just found out that my niece has stage 4 melanoma...we are waiting to find out if it has gone to her lymph nodes or not...sad she has 3 kids (2 are special needs) hopefully they will get through this.

Still have my nephew here living with us..still looking for housing for my mom and him to move into...been 8 months frustrating...really want our house back to ourselves...he is easy going and not a hassle but just need the space back for our daughter....can't believe its april already hubbys birthday next week he really doesn't want to do anything...