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my moms budget

November 3rd, 2020 at 11:56 pm

I have been doing my moms budget for a few years now, she was struggling and in debt...well she was debt free over a year ago...and we saved up some money for her to buy new furniture when she moved into her new rental...which she loved as it was needed. Her and my nephew (who has lived with her since birth) have been thriving since its just the 2 of them...she is stress free and although her budget is tight right now...her bills are all in credit and she said to me the other day "you made me live on a tight thats all I do is look at prices and watch how I spend my money....thankyou" I told her saving money would become a habit...I'm so glad she is still going strong with it..I love helping people budget...even better when they listen...although I do wish it was taught in schools so kids leave school with a good knowledge on money and how to stay out of debt

maybe sme answers

September 19th, 2020 at 03:34 am

Had a good chat with my doctor...they are thinking that maybe a lotof my symptoms are stress and anxiety...not the dizziness but the rest of they want to send me to a pyschologist who also does yoga...I will try anything at this kind of make sense but since I don't feel stressed or anxious..then I just didn't think of it...and I'm not sure how to destress when I don't feel stressed so I'm hoping she will I said I will try anything at this point...would be nice if that is all it is...

ordered a couple things for myself this week for relaxation mainly a bath pillow and a dvd for my daughter who has been doing so much...and the rest of the money I put into our ice acct...slowly getting it back up

2020 vision

January 4th, 2020 at 05:52 am

Well the budget is looking good and set for the year...and I was looking for a document for wasn't where it was suppose to I started looking in the end i had cleaned out the file cabinet, several drawers and a box of papers that we had in the shed...ended up with 2 huge bags of papers to be shredded and recycled...then found the paper on my hubbys desk...should have looked their first...but he said he did....but it was meant to be...a bit of decluttering....going to see what else needs to be decluttered...thinking everything this year may need to be lookd and and cleaned out and tidied...did a lot when we moved but didn't get to everything and still have some stuff to sell....only have 1 debt to get rid of and that is the CC...not much to be paid off on that!!

2020 challenge??

January 2nd, 2020 at 11:23 am

I have seen a couple people on here doing a 52 week challenge..not the coin one but actual savings one so I have decided to do the same this year....I'm not sure if I should do all savings for all accounts or just the house account...what do others do or think??

do you make your kids pay??

December 21st, 2019 at 01:38 am

Our kids still live with us..they are 26 & 28..the 28 year old has chronic illness so will probably live at home for her entire life and we are fine with that..she is such an easy person to live with. Our other daughter is still studying so she will live with us till she finishes next year and get a full time job and she works as well.
We were talking to friends of our and they thought we were wrong to be charging our kids to live at home..they help py the rent/gas/elec/water...they pay their own insurances/car rego/phone etc...but we think they are old enough (have been doing this a few years now) to learn how to budget and be resposible while living at home for when they move out...or if our eldest stay living with us...she can help pay for the household...we don't charge them for food unless they buy something they want themselves.
Do others do this or what do you think about this?
We started when they were like 5 and got pocket money that we had a system where they had to figure out their pocket money with us..they were taxed 10%, they had to save 10%, pay 5% sick pay and then the rest was theirs to do what they wanted...if they were sick and couldn't do chores then they still got the pocket money for that week as they had paid a sickness was a good way to teach them about money and they loved it...and yes all the money we deducted got put into their bank we think we have instilled pretty good budgeting skills with our girls...others think we are mean parents and that the kids should be having fun and worrying about their own money not paying bills...I would like others opinions!!

added food budget

April 9th, 2019 at 01:27 pm

Well we went shopping today got some great deals on groceries but we did extra as our house guest will be here in 1 day...we are a bit excited...

so our monthly food budget is way over and we are having a birthday bbq dinner this weekend for my hubby so that will add to it but we have budgeted for the extra person

other than that things are on track and going well

CC coming down

April 5th, 2019 at 01:53 am

Have managed to pay off $730 off the dreaded CC so it is coming down slowly...will take a few months and not happy that it is this high but sometimes you just have to use it...but making progress..

my first goal is to get our ice account back to $2000 then get $2000 into an account for when wmy friend is here...guess we need to buy her a ticket home LOL...she could live here forever but I think she would miss her family a bit....

then it will be onto the CC and then onto saving for a house....

murphy is laughing I'm sure

April 1st, 2019 at 01:21 am

Well what a weekend we had....sat down and got my budget sorted after it just got so far out of whack...felt good about it...then we all came down hubby had to go to doc to be checked out (he has copd) and he has bronchitis...

Then my hubby goes to the bank to do some banking and the when he is done the car wouldn't had to get a call out (free) but it cost us almost $200 for a new car battery and he picked up on something else that needs doing with the car which will be around another $400 so that is booked in for tomorrow.

Then my daughter was selling her older fone ($1000) as she just upgraded and the 2 guys that came to look at the phone run off with it...we tried to chase them in the car but they ran fast by the time we got into the car they were gone...pretty sure they live in the area (they are sudanese) we called the police gave a good description of them and their clothes, my daughter called and the got the phone where they won't be able to use it at all and I called our insurance to see if it was covered..and it was so my daughter only had to pay the $100 excess fee but will get the other $900 so although an ordeal it wasn't as bad as it could thing I am good at is having good insurance "just in case" and those guys have a phone they can't use and the police have their description and the phone description and serial number etc...

So here is hoping this week is uneventful and we can just recoup and try to feel better

budget completly trashed

March 29th, 2019 at 01:11 am

Well when it rains it pours...doing good on our budget and then murphy hit big time!!

First bought my bestie plane ticket over here but she was having trouble getting travel ins over there so was able to get it while she is over here which added an extra $800 to the plane ticket...I had budgeted $3000 for her whole trip and 1 ticket and ins cost me nearly $2600 so that has been blown out so need to save for her ticket home and while she is here.

Then mine and my hubbys cell phones have been real bad lately yes they ae both 6 years old so needed replacing...but due to my ill health and my hubby being retired they wouldn't let us add to a plan so had to buy out right which maxed out our CC and also had to use some of our car money...found out when the store went to put in my sim to my new phone that my battery was bowed and he said I was lucky that it hadnt exploded...but now we have phones that will last a long while

now today I am going to sit down AGAIN and see how to get everything back on track and get our accounts back on track....fingers crossed it won't take to long and nothing else comes up...I can find free things to do with my bestie for a few weeks...she is here for 3 months....I am so excited...but frustrated about the budget


March 24th, 2019 at 01:00 am

Well my friend should be heading over to Australia in the next 3 or so weeks (no exact dates yet) I can't wait...she will be here 3 months I have money set aside for her plane tickets and to do some things while she is here...she won't have any expenses other than her shopping she wants to do...I know how our food bill will go up but that we expected...same with gas as we will be doing more day trips but we can cover excited right now...even though we are not where we wanted to be with the budget we are doing well.

how did you learn about money?

February 9th, 2019 at 05:30 am

I'm just wondering how people have learnt about money, when I was growing up we didn't have much money but I never felt like we missed out but we were never taught about money. Everything I have learnt over the years of being married and having kids is self taught and by trial and works pretty well now for us (we still learn though) and we rejig our budget as we need to...we have taught our kids what we have learnt about money one is really great on saving and the other does ok but is a lot more social and like clothes so spends more but she does spend her own money so its on her and they both like to travel as well.

I actually do my moms budget now as it makes it easier on her and family asks me to help them with their budgets (how to do one) just curious on how others have learnt about budgets/money tc and do you help others?


February 4th, 2019 at 10:45 am

was able to make a car payment today to our account, also add to our savings (although this will go down when we buy the plane ticket) and put some into our ice account as well as our regular bills.

Will update our side bar as most of these bills get done once a month have a couple of pays this month but will add to the ice account until its back to where I want it to be.

pay week

February 2nd, 2019 at 08:37 am

Next week is pay week and I am so glad that I will finally get some money back into savings...I have re looked at the budget and we are hitting our financial goals so far this year...can't believe it is already february...this year is going fast...

Have been eating lots of salad mostly from our garden so have been saving money there.

I have also started tins for both our girls for when they move out..just so they have money to do a big first grocery shop and all the bits and pieces they might need...not sure how much I am going to put in or how often yet as neither will probably move out for another couple should have a good amount in there for them...

hoping to buy my friends ticket to fly over here is taking forever to do her passport over there

price envy or is it?

January 28th, 2019 at 12:55 am

I love to see what others spend on things like groceries, home decorations etc...and yes sometimes it makes me so have so many choices to buy in the US and prices for groceries are quite a bit cheaper than over here (aust) same with movie tickets we pay the cheapest $11 a ticket (on special deals) for one person...buying a econd hand car over here starts at $10,000 for a half way decent one...but then I think of our healthcare where we don't pay for surgeries (or we don't pay a lot) or scans etc...which is great when you have chronic illnesses and see doctors at least every couple of weeks...and our wages are much daughter worked in a grocery store while studying she was on $ had sick days and annual leave paid for. so although I am envious of some of the things that you have I am also envious of some of the things we have and think of how much better some of you would be financially if you had our health system over there....I know if we were healthy and lived over there we woud have a much better life, we would have our own house, newer car and a lot more savings...but since I'm not healthy I would rather stay here...what do you think about the differences?

mom broke her arm

January 27th, 2019 at 03:37 am

Well my mom lives 5.5 hrs away from us but is moving to the same city as us to be nearer to the services she needs (she is 80) she is also raising a 13 year old (great grandson) so better schooling for him...well she has been trying to do everything herself and she tripped over a piece of wood from her bed that had been taken apart and hurt her arm...when I called her she told me that she had fallen and hurt her arm I finally convinced her to go to the hospital...which she did and now it is plastered but so hard for her to keep packing and cleaning readu=y for her move...since I can't travel we are lucky that a couple of myy neices were able to go help her out...but not what she needs and she is hating it...she is so independant still and hates asking for help...hopefully we can get her moved this weekend and get her arm checked again by a city doctor..heres hoping nothing else happens as the kids starts school again next week (just finishing up summer break)...and just want her to be able to move and relax...will be easier to help her when she is down here in the same city

bought a cabinet

January 26th, 2019 at 11:14 am

Really had to get a new cabinet for our dvds so went to my favorite shop only to find that they are retiring and closing down...they make really good heavy furniture so bought a cabinet instead...spent most of our savings but worth it I think and it will last for my lifetime...other than that no spending!

bday pizza and payday

January 25th, 2019 at 06:35 am

So yesterday was my birthday so decided that we would have pizza...thankgod as it was 113 here yesterday the hottest day in recorded history and just hot to do anything but sit in front of the air con...but it was nice...and cheap.

it was also payday yesterday so was able to add to my ice account (will update at end of month) so getting that heading back in the right direction I usually have $2000 but want to try and get it closer to $5000 but that will take time but that what I want it to get to...when we buy a house I would love it to be around 6 months worth of bills but that is a few years away.

Ordered a couple things online today but they are for my health/body so hopefully it works.

what do you do when your debt free

January 17th, 2019 at 03:18 am

Just wondering what people do when they become debt free? I think there are different areas that people see as debt free from what I have seen some see that being consumer debt free (CC loans etc) but they still ahve a morg and then there is totally debt free where you have no debt at all. People may argue with this but it is just an observation.

We are debt free but are saving to buy a house and whe that happens we will pay it off asap to be debt free again....i'm just wondering what others have done when they have become debt free...