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how do people get ahead??

October 25th, 2023 at 05:31 am do people do it....especially when you are on our microwave and toaster broke and we need to replace them, our elec bill came in and they have skyrocketed here ours went up 19% (last I looked) for each quarter (most companies went 30-40% increase), so that was super high, now we need a new rim for our car (2009) plus a complete new tyre...not sure how but we have a 16" as a spare when the rest are 18"....don't know if the car came that way or not (bought 2nd hand a few years ago) and we have never used it...will go back and get it changed tomorrow as they had to order it in (tyre) but as for the rim the cheapest we have found is $770 for a used one...I'm not paying that....and why so expensive...because of our liberal govt that was in power we no longer manufacture cars in our country which means no spare parts etc are made anymore...and our car is well maintained and we are not going to buy a new one...I'm just hoping nothing else goes or we just won't be able to cope with it financially...nothing will be going to savings in the next month due to all this which sucks.

Told my hubby I'm not going to budget anymore as soon as I did our budget for the rest of this year and next year..everything started frustrating!!! (yes I will continue to budget but I literally just done it and all this happened)...murphy is having a good laugh at us right now

Sure murphy is laughing at us!!

October 24th, 2023 at 09:28 am

So I did my budget and thought that finally we could start saving in november...but yesterday our toaster and microwave both broke we were pricing them and our youngest daughter decided to pay for the ones we wanted and have them delivered....we will pay her back but she said no hurry...I love that we have great kids that do this and we should have her paid back by next no real inconvienience to her...but more out of our pocket again...and our electricity went up 19% this quarter and it was quite high compared to normal...we knew it would be but damn much higher than we normally will have to adjust our budget again...especially since we are suppose to have a hot we are hoping nothing else messes up in the next few weeks and we can stay on track as much as possible...especially with becoming debt free!!

On another note not sure if anyone remembers all the saga with our US taxes...we finally got them paid only because I called them to see if they were finalised and they told me what we needed to pay...and we paid it...finally had an amazing lady who knew what she was doing....but we have never received any paperwork from them that we were suppose glad that we called but don't have any paperwork from them at that is frustrating

christmas shopping almost done & other news

October 21st, 2023 at 02:39 am

I have ordered almost all the christmas gifts we will need this year....have one to go for my hubby but want his opinion so that will be done today then I just have money, which I will do over the next couple months and the animals...everything else is feeling good about it.

My mom has moved back to my nieces house was just easier with the niece doesn't have any and they can just run around out there in the everything is so much better here without the extra pets around...we love them but they don't like other made it hard in the yard....all the animals are so much happier as are we...except that I buy our meat etc monthly so we have extra food each meal that we just don't it is becoming hard to figure out what to do with we hate wasting it as it is expensive...we are all feeling less stressed as everyone has their own space again.

I did use the CC to order a couple things online as it is easier to control and has no access to our other accounts....but will put the money back on it from our christmas I am just going to relook at my budget to make sure we are on track to pay off our CC by end of year...fingers is the only debt we have right now

paid $1000

October 12th, 2023 at 10:28 am

Well it was payday today and we paid $1000 off of our we are 1/5 of paying it off...will hopefully pay another 500-1000 off on the next payday...fingers crossed!!

christmas shopping

October 8th, 2023 at 12:57 am

Well we only have 78 days till christmasšŸ¤«

This year has gone by so fast...I have about 2/3 of my christmas shopping done (just need to wrap it) and today I wil finish up my list of what we need to get or want to get and continue looking at sales to finish it the kids are older they pretty much buy what they they get 1 thing under the tree and money to buy what they want on after christmas sales...this year I found a great money one for them so will be fun watching them open it...but one thing we have always done is either pay cash for it (especially these days) or do the 5 month layaway that they have...use to do one for charity as well but just send them money now...much easier for them to get what they need in whatever age group (foster kids) that they how is everyone else doing in regards to christmas?

$1000 on CC this week

October 8th, 2023 at 12:50 am

We on thursday it is excited...we don't have any bills to pay as they are all paid so going to beable to put $1000 on the CC...that is what I was hoping to do and that is what I can going to...that will leave us about $200 in our personal account (we have multiple accounts) but this is our everyday account...and if we don't use it by end of month then will transfer it to the glad to finally be back on track...have a long way to go when it comes to our ice and savings but once CC is paid off by end of year then 2024 I can really focus on those and start adding more to them.


bills paid and savings

October 3rd, 2023 at 04:24 am

Love the beginning of the month we manage to pay all our bills and then don't have to worry about them...except our rent but we just put it into an account it it gets taken straight out, so don't have to worry about it...have managed to put $1000 into our ice acct and $500 into savings (yes I am doing them both at the same time) and although I haven't made payments to the CC yet this month, we still have 2 paydays so I am hoping to put between $1000-$1500 on it this month...fingers crossed.

We only have to go to costco to get a few things, its 45 mins away so only go every few months and going to get halloween candy this will do that thursday...and we have to go back to the market in the city as they only had 1 bag of prawns left...and I like theirs as they are will do that in a couple weeks...everything else has been bought for the menu and will only need things like bread/milk/fruit/fresh vegies

so feeling good this month that things are back on track...and hopefully stays that way