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do things a little differently

July 29th, 2021 at 07:14 am

So we have just come out of a week lockdown in our state....but since the delta strain has been in the community and we haven't been vaccinated I am doing things a little we sat down and wrote out a monthly menu of what we all wanted and what we needed for the meals...and I ordered it online and got it delivered (free delivery as it was over $300) and then we put our meat order in and did a couple of errands in the shopping centre and then went and picked it when we need to go to the store it will be quik trips for fresh produce (we usually go to the markets) and milk/bread thats about less time in the community with people until we get vaccinated, my daughter will be fully vaccinated next week, hubby has had his first shot but they have to wait 10 weeks before the next shot and I have my first one on sat and by end of aug I will be fully vaccinated...

I have also started my christmas shopping, the last couple of years I have wanted to do 3 things for my hubby and I just run out of time and energy to get them done so I am starting early so i can get them done, it will make kind of an expensive christmas but things he will cherish for years...and he is so worth it...

So I am hoping with changing a few things that it will work a little better in the long run

July recap

July 27th, 2021 at 04:32 am

I know it's not the end of july yet but all our bills are paid and we don't get paid again so can finish up julys I wanted to save at least $2500 a month towards a home deposit and we did that this month, we also used the CC and paid that off in full (so debt free again) goal is to save around $50,000 in next 16 months (including this month) to buy a's a hard ask and probably won't make it but something to work towards...if a goal is to easy to reach then I don't work as's just how my brain working towards that goal.

Finally got a hold of the IRS in regards to our refund as we paid so much and got like $67 didn't make sense...we had someone help us do it online..someone we have never used and won't after 1.5 hours on the phone we figured out the 2 main problems...they put about the stimulus payments the first 2 we never got...but they actually left off the  federal tax that we thats why we were getting so much now I have to do an amendment which I will mail in...any extra money we get will probably go to the house lets hope this is the last time we have to deal with took 2 years to get 2019 done, and now 2020 has just been done and needs to be amended...lets hope next years goes much smoother because we will be doing them ourselves

On a positive note hubby is doing much better, and on sat we are having a cake for our daughters birthday...she is also excited to get her 2nd dose of vaccine next week so then she can try for a baby she wanted to do this month but didn't want to risk with the vaccine...which we here is to us getting vaccinated and hopefully some warmer weather...this cold wet windy weather has been has seriously been raining everyday..about every 5-6 days we will get  a non rain we are a little over it...had the coldest day last week since 1989...and I hate the cold

Ok time to go look at next months budget and see where I can save more money

nothing much happening

July 25th, 2021 at 06:53 am

Well we have been in lockdown since tuesday so nothing much to write about as we have't gone anywhere or eally done anything...hubby has shingles and its on his head and face it was quite painful and it looks horrible but I got him to use cbd oil on it and he is feeling much better...funny her went to the hospital, they didn't diagnose it..then to the doc still no diagnoses finally the 3rd doc diagnosed him..and put him on meds...although he is healing it looks horrible...but most of the pain is gone...our groceries are being delivered today so that will be good...

The weather here has been shocking its been cold, wet and windy...I can't wait till spring...on a better note I will be able to have my first pfizer shot on the 31st...then 3 weeks later then will be immunised...can't wait till we all have some coverage from covid

Back in lockdown

July 20th, 2021 at 08:10 am

So as of 6pm tonight our state is in a 7 day lockdown....we have 5 cases of the new delta strain in the community so we go into complete lockdown except for essential services and shopping, getting covid tested...all school closed and most people will work from times...NOT!!, lets hope we get on top of it and if everyone is using the QR codes then it should make it easier to contain...and then hopefully in a week we can open back up.

What is hard is that not many are vaccinated..only like 10% of the population is fully vaccinated...I have been waiting for 3 weeks for mine and can't get in till the oldest and hubby have both had their first dose of we will be staying home...we have enough groceries and today I ordered my moms groceries to be delivered so she didn't have to go out...but if you are under 40 years old (and don't have a medical condition) you can't be vaccinated we have a ways to go

taxes done (kinda)

July 18th, 2021 at 03:05 am

So our US taxes have finally been processed...we were suppose to get around $1800, but we ended up getting $67, not sure why, I tried to call the irs to find out why but the guy I spoke to said basically they were charging us for one of the stimulus payments that we didn't get...but that doesn't make sense and it wouldn't be $1800 they haven't made payments that going to try and call them this week again and see if I can find out more as not sure how long it will take to come through the mail as to why they have changed the amount....just wish it would be over and done is so frustrating...and whats worse is we can't do it online...and they always send us checks and I complained as they have our bank details so our $67 went into our account so I know it can hopefully this week we will have it sorted...has anyone else has hassles like this?? or have taxes changed so much over there?

catch up

July 15th, 2021 at 11:37 am

So been a busy week...hubby got his first covid vaccine on saturday...we didn't like that one as it can cause blood clots but its the only one that he can get...he gets the next one in 10 far he has only been really tired from it but you can get symptoms after a we will keep an eye on him and hope for the daughter and I can get the pfizer one, she had her first shot today and her next one in 3 weeks...I get mine on the 31st then 3 weeks hopefully in the next few months we will be vaccinated completly...they say we might get a booster shot in 6-12 months....although I did find out from the doctor but unless you have a medical condition or work in aged care/disability or with vulnerable people...(also evryone who works in the medical/police or firemanetc) you can't get vaccinated if you under 40 yet...due to not having enough vaccine...and we have had a few outbreaks in the several hopefully they get it rectified soon.

had a house inspecion today we passed with flying colors and told him about a few things that we would like fixed but doesn't need to be glad he came early have a big storm coming through today and thing we have trouble here is we have a large washing machine so we can wash blankets etc...but this laundry room it has a big overhead cabinet so it is impossible to use and walk around it we decided to sell it and get a front gets delivered tomorrow...I hate front loaders but it's whats better for us now and in the was an added expense we didn't expect but that is ok.

We are sticking to the budget and saving each pay as well...and with the crappy weather we aren't going anywhere so not spending any money feeling good about the budget and our finances 

It's really nice

July 4th, 2021 at 03:20 am

I can't be left alone due to my dizziness and our daughter went hiking today so just me and hubby...he needed to go do some banking which we need to go to a bank to do...but couldn't as I'm not having a great day to be going out etc...and it was nice to say don't worry about it it doesn't need to be done it can wait till tomorrow....I know people on here have quite a bit of money and some live pay check to paycheck...but it is nice to not have to worry about having to go out and do it now...a few years ago that wouldn't have been possible...we already have our bills paid for the month except groceries and it is a great feeling and probably not one tht many people worry about or think about but one that I am happy to be apart of!! 

splurging on ourselves

July 2nd, 2021 at 02:32 pm

We are going to splurge on ourselves and buy a treadmill...all 3 of us will use it...I think it is something that will get a lot of use...I know they can be expensive but we just need a basic one we don't need one with all the bells and whistles...a couple of reasons why we need it...since my hubby cancer treatment he lost a lot of muscle and can't walk far so it will be easy for him to walk for a little bit then rest then do more if he wants to...he is real shaky on his feet at times so be easier to get some walking in with us around...again with my dizziness it is hard for me to walk any kind of distance...i have trouble walking more than 10 mins and I am someone who use to walk around 10 plus miles a day..I loved walking....still do I just can't do it and I am gaining weight as I can't do much this way I can do more walking and if I feel dizzy then can just get off and lay down and they can keep an eye on me without stressing cause I am dizzy and out walking with them as I can go downhill fast....also our daughter who has chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and bipolar as well as a couple other things like to do charity walks so it will help her get more in shape as well....on top of that this winter so far has been cold wet and windy and hard to go this weekend we will do some research and hopefully order one that won't use all our savings...

more tax issues

July 1st, 2021 at 11:48 am

US taxes have got to be so complicated it isn't funny not sure they know what they are I have spoken to the tax office 3 times and ever time it is completely we paid over $1700 in federal taxes and we get $67 back which is the lowest ever...but they said we should have gotten the 2nd stimulus payment (which we didn't) and so they put it on the taxes as something..I said we never got it and that last years taxes had only just been done so they had nothing to go by anyways...then he said that they were going to charge us for some recovery payment even though we didn't get the we have no idea what they are talking about then the guy says that he isn't a tax preparer so he isn't sure what is going now we are trying to get someone to look at it and try to figure it out we paid double tax and get hardly anything back and they want to charge us for stimulus payments that we didn't get and why they are charging us for that is beyond me...really thought when we saw it was being processd this saga would almost be over...but no it isn't...and so hard living in a different country and trying to get answers...everyone there has told me completly different frustrating...damn by the time they get it done it will be time to do it again...not looking forward to that... 

july already

July 1st, 2021 at 11:38 am

seriously where has this year gone it seems to be speeding by...which is nice in some ways (like summer being here quicker) but then it will be christmas before we know it LOL!!

It is pay week this week so will pay bills and start adding to our house savings...

We have had a couple cases of community covid here (well 1 guy who was from interstate working and his family) they have been quarantined in the medi hotel and so far no other cases but not risking it so did a bit of a shop today so we don't have to go out much and will start to get our groceries delivered instead...we aren't vaccinated and until we can get a good vaccine we don't want to risk the one they are trying to give us...hopefully later in the year.