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2020 ready

December 31st, 2019 at 02:15 am

Tomorrow is new years day and we are ready...I currently have just over $500 to add to the CC but since it is pay week I decided to wait and put more on it on payday in 1 payment instead of 2...I am looking forward to this years budget and hopefully this year we can reach our goals unlike 2019...but I am excited and because our income relies the exchange rate it can fluctuate so we may make some extra this year as I try to keep lower than what we think as it does flucuate a bit during the year...who else is excited for a new budget...a clean slate??


I'm sure they are going to mess taxes up again this year!!

December 28th, 2019 at 06:36 am

I hate the american tax system...for almost 2.5 years I have been trying to get a new itin number they keep saying I need...I have sent paperwork in 5 times...can't send registered with a signature as they say they won't sign for them...won't send crtified as it is over $122 from australia...then they don't deposit like they are suppose to so they send a check and the bank then has to send back and we wait for a month or so for it to clear....i refuse to end anymore paperwork it has so many personal details and if they have misplaced it 5 times then someone has my identity over there or their offices are a complete no doubt taxes again for this year are going to be a pain in the butt and people say why don't you get someone to do it...because if we did what we would get back may just cover the person doing it..over $ not worth it...biggest pain in the butt ever...and we can't do it online is the worst system ever!!

2020 here we come

December 26th, 2019 at 05:35 am

Well 2019 is coming to a was great we didn't host this year so cost us barely nothing in food, has a nice kinda quiet day...everyone got what they wanted for christmas and some money (I always give the kids money)...went to the boxing day sales and bought a dress...really didn't find anything we wanted or needed but a new dress sounded I splurged. I was going to do the 52 week challenge but decided that money would be better in the bank earning interest so will get that put in the new year...have around $138 which I have saved in last 3 weeks...

we have no more pays this year but we are excited to start our new budget and try to stick to it as much as possible...obviously if my hubby has cancer then there will be unexpected bills but we just don't know yet...only time will we will deal with that as it comes up...he starts scans nd tests in january

Does anyone else get excited for a new year a new begining for everything...I don't do new years resolutions but I do set myself goals each year both big and small to work towards.

Heres hoping everyone has a happy prosperous and safe new years

do you make your kids pay??

December 21st, 2019 at 01:38 am

Our kids still live with us..they are 26 & 28..the 28 year old has chronic illness so will probably live at home for her entire life and we are fine with that..she is such an easy person to live with. Our other daughter is still studying so she will live with us till she finishes next year and get a full time job and she works as well.
We were talking to friends of our and they thought we were wrong to be charging our kids to live at home..they help py the rent/gas/elec/water...they pay their own insurances/car rego/phone etc...but we think they are old enough (have been doing this a few years now) to learn how to budget and be resposible while living at home for when they move out...or if our eldest stay living with us...she can help pay for the household...we don't charge them for food unless they buy something they want themselves.
Do others do this or what do you think about this?
We started when they were like 5 and got pocket money that we had a system where they had to figure out their pocket money with us..they were taxed 10%, they had to save 10%, pay 5% sick pay and then the rest was theirs to do what they wanted...if they were sick and couldn't do chores then they still got the pocket money for that week as they had paid a sickness was a good way to teach them about money and they loved it...and yes all the money we deducted got put into their bank we think we have instilled pretty good budgeting skills with our girls...others think we are mean parents and that the kids should be having fun and worrying about their own money not paying bills...I would like others opinions!!

ready for 2020

December 21st, 2019 at 01:09 am

Well I have next years budget all written out..yes I like a hard copy I don't trust tends to repel me...and it looks like we might finally be able to start saving...

2019 has been a bust..financially so we are starting over...and hopefully nothing to major pops up and we can have some decent savings...

So like bankergurl I'm going to set myself the $20k challenge as well as the 52 week challenge for 2020..I will tweak the budget during the year depending on actual amounts due but we always add 10% so many fall less then we put are covered..elec and gas are a bit different..its a much bigger house but it has better heating/air con and we are not use to payments yet and we just went through a week of 110 plus a day for 5 sure it will be up more than usual...but we will be able to cover it!

hoping to put another payment towards the CC before end of year won't pay it off but will get it down further and should have paid off in jan/feb 2020

I am EXCITED for the new year!!

I hate the heat...poor animals

December 19th, 2019 at 11:00 pm

For the last 5 days it has been over 100 will be arround 112...I have plenty of water out for the wild animals but it is so hard to see them so heat stressed...we have had all sorts of animals...last night we had a possum and today a kookaburra...its just so hot for glad for tomorrow when it is so much cooler...not much we can do for them...except make sure enough water is out and if they look dire then get them to a fauna rescue or vet...lucky it hasn't come to that yet...but doesn't make it any easier...wish we could just bring them inside for the day.

family photos are great

December 17th, 2019 at 11:27 pm

The family photos came out great..we had fun doing them its the first ones we have had done in after christmas when it dies down at the stores we will get some printed and framed to put up...They will motivate me to lose weight..I'm the heaviest I have ever been and I hate it...but my hubby just says that with my illnesses and being bed ridden for 18 months its what now that I can start doing a little more now I can work on it...but he doesn't care how I look he loves me no matter what...but we are pretty sure he has cancer so I need to get back into shape so I can take the best care of him!!

I'm looking at our budget to see if i can get as much paid off the CC by the end of the year...would at least like it under $1000...thats my goal...can't believe it is a week till xmas and 2 weeks till the new year...i am looking forward to next years budget...should be good all going well and nothing major pops up...which usually happens for us!!

new photos & other musings

December 16th, 2019 at 11:16 pm

Had family photos done yesterday..haven't had them done in years so thought why not and it was on our anniversary so made the day even more special...can't wait to get them back.

Not doing much the next few days it is summer here and for next 3-4 days its around 110 so better to stay indoors as much as possible, we do have plenty of water out for the wild animals...just so they have some...will top up each night.

Not much else happening here...have done next years budget and it is looking good no doubt it will change depending on hubbys cancer results but we will deal with that as it comes today will be about chilling, waiting for the plumber and just pottering around the house.

Also started the 52 week challenge last week just for something different to do and added another $34 to is completely done and paid for and although we don't have much money in the bank all bills are paid, the pantry/freezer and fridge are stocked and I am feeling blessed!!

CC payment 2020 budget started

December 11th, 2019 at 11:09 pm

Made another $500 to the CC today was feeling depressed the other day so used it to buy stuff I shouldn't have but I did so it is still at over $1200 but can make another payment by end of year...will pay off in jan!! and I have put it away now not carrying it with me!!

I had my money jar just sitting there instead of putting it in the bank (not much in it as I rarely have cash) I decided to start my 52 week today I have the first 8 weeks done and I will continue to do this until it is done then bank the money and start again...just a fun thing to try keep things interesting...

I saved $500 on our insurance yesterday so I am updating our budget. I have a few goals i need to write up ready for next year, these are:

1.get $2000 back into our ice acct ASAP then add a small amount each month to get it growing
2. to save $15000 for a newer car as ours is getting old and needs replacing
3. start saving a house deposit!

So with everyone out today for at least a few hours it will time for me to use the quiet time to work on these goals in our budget...wish me luck!!

2019 wrap up

December 11th, 2019 at 02:38 am

Well we didn't get our goals achieved for this year but we ended up financially better off than last year even with all unexpected moving, health issues/expenses etc so we are happy for that.
The only debt we have is the CC which we are hoping to pay off by end of year but if we don't we will be real close so can do in jan 2020...we had it down to just over $1300 but had to use it as the internet was down at the mall and I forgot to transfer money into the everyday account...I have the money to put on it but we have a payday tomorrow and want to put some of that money on there as well so will wait and just do 1 transfer then should be under $1000

All bills for the year are paid, cupboards, freezer etc have plenty of food, cars are all gassed up...still have money for things like fruit/vegies/milk/bread shopping is all done and paid for so don't have that stress and we are going to a family members house for xmas lunch so don't have to worry about that...

So although we didn't hit our financial goals we are ending the year more positive than we started and next year will better....financially anyways.

Find out friday if my hubby has cancer or not and if so what the next steps are if he does...fingers crossed nothig serious...but only time will tell

another CC payment

December 4th, 2019 at 08:34 am

Made another $400 payment to the CC today...getting it there slowly...only $1361.33 left to pay off...will be done by jan 2020 then to start saving for a house and get our ice acct back up to where it was

CC payment

December 3rd, 2019 at 03:17 am

Was able to make a CC payment today...$3200 so feel good about that...hoping to make 2 smaller payments during the month. Yah getting there