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Both tax years are done..YAH!!!

February 25th, 2023 at 11:29 am

Wow can you believe it they have completed both years of our taxes so they have finally caught up...we got less than we thought but thats okay...we will see what they changed when we get the letters in from them...we did ask that the money be deposited into our US acct but so far nothing has been put in...not sure how long it takes...just hoping they don't send cheques as they don't cash them over here anymore...and I had it written 3 times in bold letters all over our fingers crossed...or we will have to try send them to our bank which will be hard as we will have to sign them before we send them and if they don't get them and someone else does then we lose it and that would be frustrating to lose $ fingers crossed..they do the right thing...can't believe that they are done and it is only is a big relief!

We have all been unwell here as we had a week of bad heat 103-110 for a has finally cooled off to 77and it is so nice to the house open and cooled off...we have 1 aircon in our house (we rent) so not much we can do about it...but this year we just aren't coping with the's weird it use to be my favorite time of year...the garden doesn't know what to do..we had a prolonged winter...then we had a few weeks of spring and things started to grow then it turned cold again...things stopped growing...then a couple weeks nice weather...they started growing again...then really hot weather so nothing has died but never really got much out of the garden this year...hopefully we can improve on that next year....or start looking at winter vegetables...not sure yet...should the prices are ridiculous here for food.

Not much else going on week is pay week and we will pay all the bills and then do a monthly shop so this weekend will be doing a menu, and our shopping lists for the month for groceries/butcher etc...then we just pick up the essentials each week and makes it easier...I can't believe we are almost in march..this year is going by fast


February 11th, 2023 at 04:08 am

Well would you believe it...not that many of you read mine or follow it...but I sent this years and last years taxes where they had to be signed for...not sure it would work but they have received and being processed, both of excited for the saga to finally be over and certainly going to be doing this every year from now on!!...Let's just hope that they deposit it into our US acct and not send a cheque

small life update

February 7th, 2023 at 04:06 am

Hello everyone...not a lot happening but thought I would jump online and just update for the last month.

I have sent my US taxes for this last year and the year before (as they still haven't been done) and they were sent over a year ago, I put them in the same packet and then they had tracking and signature so I could at least see if they got them...and I put the date in my phone so I can keep track...So they have arrived and been delivered so guessing they did sign for them and now just have to wait and hope they get them done...hopefully won't be long and if it doesn't take long will do it every year.

Have started a program not doing so great on it as I am reacting to some of the ingredients so its a learning curve and will do it at my pace...which is fine by the owner of the program...but bonus I have had no caffeine in 3 weeks, have been more tired than usual and I am snacking more (need to for the program) so feeling a little better and I'm hoping even though doing it slowly that it will work...only time will tell

other than that life is good, budget is on track, bills are paid for the month, have a little in savings and put some on the CC...I'm prioritizing myself this year and not stressing as much so life is looking better...and more positive...hope everyone else is doing well