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not moving & psychics

August 9th, 2022 at 05:36 am

We have decided not to move right now..just the time and money it would take just really isn't worth it and we don't really have the energy ourselves to look at houses do paperwork and then pack and move...and they are sending someone to come fix the doors at least. With our daughter not long out of hospital from stress seizures, hubby still rehabing from his cancer and my dizziness and chronic fatigue...just not worth the hassle right now.

We have paid all our bills for the month, and things are doing ok there, not to much to still going up but we are coping with that...has been much easier now that I have gone back to menu planning, makes it easier on all of us and I am doing a monthly one and I am back to cutting up fruit and vege for the fridge so we can snack on that instead of crap food like cookies etc.

I was bored the other day and looked up some psychics online...don't trust a lot of them but I have seen them before...funny things is they all said the same things so that was weird...would be nice if what they said was going to happen did...but it was a fun thing to do.

other than that just doing some yard work today the only sunny day we 9 days are rain...i am really over the rain this year it has been non stop...can't wait for spring and summer...especially since the beach is at the end of the road....

rent going up

August 2nd, 2022 at 01:17 pm

They are renewing our lease (if we want to) but they are upping the rent, its not a lot but we would be paying an extra $520 a year, we wouldn't mind so much if they would do some repairs around the house but they haven't, our hot water system costs so much to run and we literally can only have 1 person shower every day before we run out of hot water... so frustrating...some of the doors stick so much...but at the same time rents are high here and I think many will rise since interest rates have gone up...and the hassle of moving is just not something we really want to so right now (financial wise) use movers it would cost around $4,000- 5,000 just to move from 1 suburb to another, and then we have to pack and unpack the house...and before all of that we have to look at houses and we have a lot of covid cases right now so don't really want to be out and about in we are still thinking about it...have about a month to decide so will see what is out there and do a pro/con list....can't wait till we can buy a house ourselves