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june already

June 1st, 2022 at 02:16 am

Wow this year is going so fast...although we have officially hit winter here so I am hoping the next 3 months go quick as I hate the cold...I want spring weather so we can start planting our vegies...although I have just ordered some garlic online so should be here next week hopefully....we order a lot from these guys (we have a store here in the city) but they don't have much left this time of year as we are late getting it in...but there seedling are all home grown, organic grown in the botanical gardens in the nothing bad we do get a a lot from there we just haven't the last couple of years...but with food prices it is becoming a must..and home grown food is just so much better.

Our DD should start her fertility treatment again this month so fingers crossed it works this time...our youngest DD is finally testing negative for covid now so she is happy about that....although she is currently working from home so she didn't really miss to much work...she was unwell but not overly sick just exhausted and really sore joints..had a fever off and on for 2 days...thats all which is great.

It is pay week this week will update later in the week when we pay things...sure our phone bill will be higher since I was on with the irs for 2 hours on a cell phone...get expensive calling overseas so will have to find that we will see how things look...we still have all our gas money left from last week so don't need that...but groceries are costing us more

so much rain

May 29th, 2022 at 08:53 am

We have had rain all week and the weatherman said rain again all week except for wednesday.....we may get a little but not has been cold and wet...I really don't like winter my body aches so much and technically winter doesn't start till I think it  might just be a wet year...which is great but it also makes it so much more growth in summer and we suffer from bushfires every year....

Got some of our garlic planted today so hopefully it will grow we have to get some more to plant from many of our green grocers have closed and we have left it a little late we usually have usually done it by now...but it just feels this year has been going so fast.

On the upside our DD who has covid is tired but doing better she will test tomorrow to see if she is negative...lucky for her she only got aches and pains in her joints nothing else. My mom got some xrays and scans done since her fall and lucky she has no broken bones just bruising so that is good...she is heading down this way tomorrow...I got her to fly down instead of the bus ( 1 hr vs 6 hrs) so she can sign her great grandson she raised into a new school, she will go to the hair dressers (yes she travels 6 hrs to see him) and do some shopping, see the chiro and then head home on wednesday. She is staying with another family member when she comes down, as they want to spend some time with her.

Not much else happening this week so hopefully no spending....

update on IRS

May 27th, 2022 at 08:05 am

Not sure if anyone remembers or even cares but I have been having issues with the irs and our 2020 taxes (no they haven't done this years yet even though I sent them in Jan) but after being on hold for 1hr 25 mins I finally got to talk to someone...I was wanting to know if they had sent our transcripts as they said they did in feb but we still haven't got them....I gave him a small run down on what had been happening and he looks and says that we have our tax refund sitting there since feb but it hasn't been released so he would release it because he doesn't know why it hasn't he said he released it and it should take 2-4 weeks to reach our account....I will believe it when I see it...I am hoping this is the end of this it has been a long one...and over 2 hours on a cell phone can only imagine what our phone bill will be like😨

On other news the weather here has been rainy for days....although it is nice to get some rain it has been doesn't rain next wed...but everyday till then and after that it will be raining...and cold...I hate the cold it makes my body cfs (ME) and fibro have both been bad with the cold..not sure why it acts up more but it we haven't been going out unless we need to....and monday I need to go with my nephew so he can look at a new school...he hates his school and isn't learning so he won't go...good thing is today I found out that the person showing him around this new school is an old vice principal of the school he is kind of attending and he knows him we are hoping it goes well and if so he will start in july (mid year for us).

other than that we are going to spend the weekend just chilling and staying warm

New govt!!

May 23rd, 2022 at 12:46 am

Yes we have a new govt...hopefully they will fix some of the issues that the last govt have made...and left for them....our country is turning into a 3rd world country for anyone who isn't rich thanks to the last govt...making it so hard for so many families and no affordable housing for people...I despise landlords who take advantage of people and raise their rents so freaking high...they should be charged...its disgusting!

Our youngest DD found out she has covid this morning...she is not happy I'm hoping she doesn't get it bad...and my mom had a fall over the weekend so hoping she is okay (she lives 6 hrs away) she is going to try get into the docs today...

financially haven't spent any money over the is pay week for groceries and gas...but gas has gone from $1.74 to $2.14 overnight....lucky we don't have any appts this week...only my daughter should be able to save a little there

election night tonight

May 21st, 2022 at 09:27 am

Well it is election night here tonight...I hope that we have a change in government...we definately need it...this PM is completely useless and constantly lies and making it so hard for people to ends meet is is against a $1 pay raise for workers but is ready to give all politicians a pay they need it....I could go on and on about how useless he is...but all I am hoping for is a change in government...fingers crossed

spending spree

May 20th, 2022 at 02:09 pm

We have bought so much lately and it has cost us a fair bit but it things we have needed but some things are my cbd oil which is $360 per 50ml bottle and it has to be made at a certain chemist (pharmacy) I try to make it last me for months...we got a vitamix so we can crush ice and make protein shakes which my hubby needs each day...had to buy protein powder (hard to find a good one), plus many other things...we shouldn't need to buy much for a few months so that is good.

we have plenty of food for now, and trying to keep extra for when we see good sales of things we eat so we can keep our stocks up..we have been doing well with our gas budget...trying to get as much done at one time when we have appts and all...have also changed a couple of doc appt to phone appts.....still ahve a bit of catching up to do but feeling confident that we are getting there.

We are also starting to buy things each month ready to start growing our own vegies again in spring (we are just going into winter here) so each month we buy a few things and then it isn't being paid for all in one month in spring...and we are deciding what we want to grow as we have to do it in pots since we are renting...although the good thing is that this house has 5 fruit trees so we can use that as well..hoping to grow strawberries this  year as well so we can make our own jam...also just bought a dehydrator again so we can dry our herbs/vegies etc as least thats the plan.


May 12th, 2022 at 01:17 am

Payday today..we use it just for groceries and gas, we have done a small online order for a few things we needed, we still have $120 left from our last pay for gas but will leave it there and just add to it...sure we will need it eventually. will take the rest out in cash to use over the next 2 weeks...also put $405 into savings.

Also cancelled our netflix as we don't watch it and will use stan instead (we can't get free to air channels in this house) which saves us $8 per month

irs contact??

May 12th, 2022 at 01:06 am

Does anyone know who I should contact about not receiving any mail fro the irs in the last 5 plus months, I can't find anywhere online that I can call to find out if it has been sent or to where it should have been here by now...we live in aust not the US..thanks

prices going up still

May 9th, 2022 at 06:06 am

The price of gas has gone back up over $2 per litre (around $6.50 pg) I have raised the amount once in our budget so trying not to do it again, and although food prices are going up I am going to try and save money in that area as well we currently spend $1000 plus each month and I want to save on that or at least try not to go over it. 

We will be growing our own vegies, or at least some of them but not till sept/oct when it is spring here and we have started buying stuff for that now so we will be ready when the time comes and it won't be such an outlay all at once..this year will all be about saving more money where we can

back again

May 6th, 2022 at 06:01 am

Well hopfully I can get back on here after today it seems they fix it and then the next day the same thing...

May we have paid all our bills, except netflix that comes out later in the month, everything else is paid. I have ordered a few things this month so used a bit of our savings but we are ok with that.

We have started to order planters for spring that are eco friendly (not plastic) but as we rent right now its just easier for us with the price and quality of fresh vegies right now we are going to start growing our own again, will also get a dehydrator again so we can dry our own food again...hoping to learn to jar food this year. This house has like 5 or 6 fruit trees so that helps as well.

We have saved $2000 into our ice account this month and have $1000 in savings should be able to save more during the month...thats the plan, we are paying the CC off over time instead of focusing on that and no savings...

Hubby had his flu shot this week and we get ours next week, he will then get his 4th covid shot in a couple weeks..we don't need it so glad about that..other than that not much happening the weather has turned cold so we are staying home as much as possible and it flares my fibromyalgia up and my hubbys arthritis and affects his copd...we now have the animals heated blankets out and they are loving them...