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decluttering and moving!

March 22nd, 2023 at 05:33 am

Our lease is up in 7 months and I really don't want to stay in this house anymore..2.5 years is enough...they have heating and cooling in 1 room so it hot in summer (also has a flat roof) and cold in winter...our daughter who lives with us plans on having a baby this year (early next year) and this house isn't good for that...and no matter what we do this house has never felt like a we want to find somewhere else to I have decided today to start decluttering...I know most people say but you have 7 months...but we have the house, 2 small sheds out back. the garage, 2 outside rooms and a storage unit....I know we can pare down some...a lot of it is hubbys tools, our daughters jewellry business stuff and their sewing stuff as wwell as baby stuff (but that will be in its own room when we move) have a lot to do and it gives me plenty of time to go through things and throw away/donate/ when it is time to move everything will be done...will also be trying to work on the yard...and closer to the time obviously deep cleaning the I am excited to be doing this....I am a minimalist who lives with people who love their projects..also stretches out payments for things like rubbish removal (we fill our bins each week with rubbish/recycling/green so that helps out) but will need it for the bigger things that they no longer use or want to keep.

Other than that we have now hit autumn and the weather here has been so  weird this last 12 we will see what it is like but the uv reading here everyday is extreme and we can feel the difference...but I think the weather world wide has been a bit bipolar!

devastating news

March 19th, 2023 at 07:50 am

Found out yesterday that a childhhod friend passed was her second time having cancer and she had stell cell treatment didn't go well I guess because she passed..not sure if it was from the cancer or if she got an infection or what..her sister (her only living relative) doesn't want anyone to contact her right now which is understandable...but I have no words...she was only 53 and the only the 2nd person I know that has died from school...she had so much life to live and it has been taken away so really makes you think how easy life can disappear...her sister now has to go through all her things...decide on what to do with her all the financial stuff...just devastated...knew her almost my entire life and now nothing..she is no longer around...I just can't get my head around it...sorry for the rant

more US tax please!!

March 14th, 2023 at 02:57 am

So our taxes haven't gone into our US bank...and it has been a month since they sent the 1st we are sure they have sent checks to us...well no bank in or country (at least in our state) accepts overseas checks, we can't contact the IRS unless we call them which costs a lot...especially with our new we are not sure what we are going to we send them back with our bank details again, and get them to put them into our account or do we try and sign them and send them to our bank? I don't like that because mail gets lost all the time and I'm not sure they would sign for a letter from us and I don't want the checks stolen.

When we sent in the taxes we stated that our country doesn't accept checks...4 times in a letter on sticky notes pointing to the banking details (yes it is a US account) so just don't know why they have done this....any ideas on what else can be done...and no because we don't have a US address we can't do a loy online...let me know if you have any ideas please!!

always something!

March 5th, 2023 at 03:00 am

Well since our taxes haven't gone into the bank we are guessing they are sending cheques which sucks as we can't cash them not sure what we should do when they arrive...if they arrive!

Also disputing 2 CC transactions that they have taken off our card...we ordered it in 2021 and all was good they had a glitch in their system and recharged me in nov 2022...they said to tell company what happened and get it refunded which I did and then they got back to me and said that the company said that yes I ordered from them and it was to be paid...I kept all the emails and then sent it to my CC company where they said it was a mistake and that I should get it refunded by the CC company...but it can take 6 weeks to process and I'm not going to pay fees, so we will see what happens....I also sent them a nasty email and put a bad review up on their page about ripping people off and lying to us and companies!!

Other than that most bills are paid, we paid for majority of our daughters IUI this month so won't have any savings but we are working on paying off the CC so we can be debt free again...will take 2-3 months then should be done and can start saving again.