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wow spent $1000 in 2 hrs

September 29th, 2023 at 03:51 am

Well we had an extra pay for some reason this month and oct will be a busy month for us so I used it to do a majority of our shopping so I have bought all the staples and meat for the month..which means I have less to put away for food in october...which will be nice can put extra on my CC that will be nice.

Also disappointed that I have been waiting 5 weeks for a package and it says it has been delivered and it never was...hard to track as it came from china (I mean what doesn't) so that is just something else we have to deal with...

do you believe this saying??

September 28th, 2023 at 08:57 am

I have this saying that when you buy something on sale you don't actually save anything unless you put the "extra" monry into if something is $10 and you get it for $ don't save $5 unless you put it in the just get it for a cheaper extended family hates it when I say that but it is the truth...what do you think??

does planning make you stay on track?

September 25th, 2023 at 10:19 am

I have started from scratch again with my budget and everything. I have noticed that when I get sick or stressed and things fall away and not planned then I just don't bother and it is hard when you have a chronic illness to always stay on track...So I have redone my budget starting october (our next pay cycle), have my meals planned and have my shopping lists ready to go (we got to 5 different stores/markets) I am hoping that helps me stay on track and get back on track and stay there. Does anyone else do this?, if you do does it help you stay on track?

I am thankful that our bills are paid every month and we don't add to our debt which is only our dreaded CC which should be paid by end of year....then we can start saving for a house, we have also started decluttering and have sold a couple things and still have plenty to get ready for that will be a few extra dollars...although some of it has been put towards a home generator that we decided to buy as with a hot summer they are talking about rolling blackouts and we will struggle with that

Let me know if you plan and any hints and tips that have worked for you...Thanks

a little pay raise!!

September 18th, 2023 at 01:59 am

Well firs off the dog is fine and they think it is just a cyst that he has had a couple of before so right now it is wait and no extra money out there other than the $80 consult fee.

As prices are soaring here with everything the govt is upping their payments and each payment is getting different amounts...we are getting the following which will help out

Back paid $350 (jan2022 till june) for utilities (elec) for having fibromyalgia then $50 every quarter from then on.

We also get an extra 75per fortnight (2 weeks) from now on

so every little bit helps...we did use the CC as hubby bought a generator since we are suppose to have rolling blackouts this summer....but we do have the money to put it back on the CC just need to get down to the bank...he got it when they had a sale for that 1 day and he was out and he saved $ was an hour away and he had his cash in the that is covered..managed to put a little extra on there this month

fingers crossed things stay on track and keep adding up in the positive side of the budget and financials

budget 2023/2024

September 13th, 2023 at 03:23 am

Well yesterday I sat down and did our never really changes in that our bills always remain similar..we do however add 10% moe each year as they usually go up...especially now...and it can be hard as we do get US money and we all know how much the dollar I usually round down so I know we can cover everything. The CC will be paid off by end of year...should have some good savings next year....but in saying that our dog has the vet today as we found a growth on hid need to get checked out and see what it is...and I told my daughter that I will help with her fertility although we will have savings not sure of amount right now...

Resetting everything!!

September 12th, 2023 at 01:36 am

Well the last couple months have been a bust in every way imaginable...the weather has been horrible, cold/wet/windy has been bad for all of us...I had 2 cold viruses and influenza B all at the same time..had to get some chunks cut out to check for cancer (told today it hadn't turned to cancer yet) now everyone has bad hayfever....and I don't even want to talk about the budget....SO...I am resetting everything...starting with the with the weather starting to fine up....the house all open with fresh air...I am going to sit down and do my budget as I WANT to be debt free by end of year and then have saving goals for a house deposit end of next year....wish me luck