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taxes 2020

September 25th, 2020 at 02:38 pm

Well it is almost october and we still haven't heard about our taxes..they haven't been done...or they didn't receive them...who knows...we can't find out..before long it will be time to do them again and just wondering if the same thing will happen next year...just wish they would answer a phone or if there was someway we could find out if they had them...just want it done and dusted!!


September 22nd, 2020 at 05:23 am

My moms vaccuum stopped working about 7 months ago while she was living with family...they used it and then it wouldn't old her we would look at took it home blew it all out clean..took it apart and cleaned it...and ordered her a new brush as hers had new it in today put it back together andit works her dyson was fixed for $ glad we don't have to replace the whole thing.

I have been rejigging my budget have done till july 2021 and it looks good hopefully nothing big comes up and we can stay on track.

grocery budget has been a little lower than normal which has been great and now we are getting all our summer fruits so we are happy...nothing like summer munch on...

taking the heart halter back today see if they find anything have been doing relaxation exercises, jig saw puzzles and my budget to hopefully it works...hope everyone is having a good week...i just can't wait for our nice weather to come back and this wind/rain disappears

need $37500

September 20th, 2020 at 12:36 pm

I have decided that this is how much I want to save in the next 18 months..for our house deposit..will be tight but that is our goal and something to work towards...hopefully we can do it...but we all need goals right!!

maybe sme answers

September 19th, 2020 at 02:34 am

Had a good chat with my doctor...they are thinking that maybe a lotof my symptoms are stress and anxiety...not the dizziness but the rest of they want to send me to a pyschologist who also does yoga...I will try anything at this kind of make sense but since I don't feel stressed or anxious..then I just didn't think of it...and I'm not sure how to destress when I don't feel stressed so I'm hoping she will I said I will try anything at this point...would be nice if that is all it is...

ordered a couple things for myself this week for relaxation mainly a bath pillow and a dvd for my daughter who has been doing so much...and the rest of the money I put into our ice acct...slowly getting it back up

ready for a new week

September 13th, 2020 at 04:26 am

Well we are ready for a new week...last week was a doozy!!

My dad passed away and was cremated on thursday...we have been dealing with it just fine...I knew he wasn't well or happy so glad that he can finally be at rest.

We have mom all moved and pretty settled she is still unpacking her boxes but she wanted to do that herself so she knows where everything is...she went and did a big shop so her pantry/fridge and freezer are all can check that off the list...she is so happy that its just the 2 of them again...although they messed up the internet so need that sorted this week..

I have 3 appointments this week...hoping I can make them all as I have been so sick and dizzy that I haven't been able to do anything...

Ice acct has prett much been decimated so will work on that again


September 9th, 2020 at 03:49 am

Thankyou everyone for your kind wishes on the passing of my dad...I am doing really well with it considering..he didn't want a funeral or memorial so we didn't bother to travel the 7 hours there...we talked to him the day before he died and to me I was ok with that being my goodbye to oldest went to the beach that night and said her we are all doing ok...we sent flowers to his wife..its weird he is being creamated on the same day we are moving my mom..that feels a bit all good on that front

We have everything ready to go for moms move tomorrow, I have everything set up have even done her grocery shopping so the only thing she will need to do is get stuff for her fridge and freezer later in the day or the next day and she will be set.

I ended up in the er on friday and then again on tuesday...they are not sure about the dizziness but they think the rest of my symptoms are being linked to anxiety and they think as nothing else shows up...but its weird I don't feel stressed or trying out how to destress my mind and body when I don't actually feel that way and see if it helps..and they are still running some tests and want an mri...guess only time will tell.

Have spent a bit more oney lately buying my mom a few things...but still have a couple paydays this month so will put that into our ice acct and keep working on it from there...also have her budget done and written out so can knock that off the list..will start helping my neice in a week or so..with her budget...she is about to have another baby and is not great with money but she listens to we will ee how she goes

terrible way to start the week

September 7th, 2020 at 06:32 am

Had a bbq yesterday for fathers day...I ended up so sick it was ridiculous hubby was ready to take back to the er...was only there a few days ago so I said wait...and I eventually got a little better...I almost forgot to call my dad as I was to sick..and I thought I should just do it tomorrow...but I ended up calling him..afterall it was fathers day and even though I was sick my gut just told me to do I did he didn't sound well and hasn't since he had a couple strokes a few months back...but we all had a quick chat to him and then let him get off the phone...well we got a call late this morning he has had a heart attack and was heading to the hospital...then got a call that he had now I am sitting here so sad that we haven't been able to visit him due to the virus...and we will never see him again...but also so glad that I did listen to my gut and call him and got to speak with him on his last fathers day...In a way it was a dad was never sick and always active (he was 87) until his strokes which made it hard for him to do things and he hated not being able to move around I know that he is happier and that he lived a full life..and that he will always be remembered and loved..not a way to start the week so hopefully the rest of the week gets better...its the first time we have had someone in our family die in 25 years I think we are all a bit unsure of what we should be doing...but one day at a time..right!

mom's budget

September 6th, 2020 at 03:47 am

Well today is fathers day so we are having a small bbq witth hubby and his son just a quiet one since we are all recovering.

Monday I will start writing out my moms budget since she moves on thursday and it is easier for her to just open and follow what it says and it makes her not forget what needs to be paid (she is 81) I do most of it for her anyways but I like her to have control of her money as much as she can,,just easier for me to do it all online...once that is done..can relax and hope to be able to help them on thursday...right now I am not able to be left alone...which sucks..but thats life we will get through it...hope everyone else has a great fathers day

paid into house deposit

September 5th, 2020 at 10:29 am

Put $1250 into our house acct so now up to $13,233

Had a few extra expenses with moms move so a little lower than I wanted but getting there

busy week

September 4th, 2020 at 01:28 pm

It has been a hell of a week..earlier in the week my hubbys son ended up in the er...all is okay and he went home later that day...then today I ended up in the ER again for the 2nd time in a month...they still can't figure out what is wrong so it is a work in progress.

We have everything set up for mom to move on thursday..she is so excited and friday she is getting her new furniture...I can't wait to get all her stuff out of my dining room...literally can't move in there but it is worth it..its all her new stuff and groceries..but everything else is done and ready to go.

One thing I have learnt, my moms small chest freezer broke so we were looking for a new stores even had them on the floor as they have been sold out for months and dont know when they will get any..but they had a shipment that morning that was a surprise to them..and it was small chest freezer so we bought her one then and there and picked it up..its big enough for happy to do it...but didn't even know we had a shortage on them.

Have paid all bills for the month haven't really done much with the ice/savings yet and didn't even do banking today as I ended up at the er so will get to that this weekend or next hurry...but we are having a bbq for fathers day this weekend so need to rest up for that..

september already

September 1st, 2020 at 06:36 am

I know this has been a really weird year with all the covid stuff going on but I still find this year has been flying by and now its is pay week this week and still deciding what I need to do..will probably help my mom out a bit, my daughter needs help paying for her course and I still need to get money back ito our ice acct...I just have been to busy to work on the budget right now...and now I have to work on my moms budget as well...and now we have to try and find someone to move my mom...usually we would do it but none of us are capable right now...but still have a week to figure it out...fingers crossed it goes smoothly!!