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cancer is back

September 14th, 2021 at 10:06 am

Well has been quite a crappy day, I woke up with vertigo, mixed with my dizziness it is the worst feeling ever and I am glad it is started to makes me so sick....on top of that hubby had an appointment with his urologist to get his psa results and they came back that his cancer is back...his only treatment right now is hormone treatment, I'm just hoping that it works...we still have to see the docs and set up a plan to who is monitoring what but it was a pretty crappy day....but on a good note my daughter will be inseminated again this week, so fingers crossed it sticks this time

financially I have pretty much finished my christmas shopping have 2 left to do but will do nearer to xmas...and I bought my DD a dryer as I got sick of her bringing her washing here to dry...we have had such wet weather this bought her one and she said it can be her christmas present as it was quite expensive...

I am still trying to work on getting my health back to where it should be and hoping that what we are doing will help and my numbers will start getting back to a normal level and I can start living a normal life and can take care of my hubby if he needs daughter can't do it all especially if she is going to have a baby

Well time to work on the budget...things might be changing...only time will tell...

maybe some answers for my health

September 3rd, 2021 at 06:24 am

Well I see many doctors for various reasons but today was a an eye opener...I went to see an intergrated doctor (which I have seen before) and my tests results have come back so I have a fatty liver (knew that), my cholestrol is high (7.5), my vitamin went from 39 to 63 but hes trying to get it above 100 so still working on that....and I found ou my cortisol levels are out of control they are 1003 which is way over what they should be (here around 550) so now have to try and fix that..have to have some tests done to see if there is an underlying issue that neds to be worked hopefully we can start to figure it makes a lot of sense with a lot of things

Financially it is pay week...still have to do the bills etc...but didn't even come close to our savings goal last month so will work on that this month...and some disappointing news my daughter ended up with a chemical pregnancy so will have to try again