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OH NO covid

March 28th, 2022 at 11:12 am

Well I don't have covid but my mom just found out she has tested positive, she has me worried as she is 83 lives alone and is 6 hours away from us, she has family nearby but my neice has to be careful as she has a 1 year old and my sister and her hubby have both tested positive as well today...none of them know where they got it step son went to the chemist and grocery store to get a few things for her...we will call her several times each day to check on her..she is fully vaccinated plus a hoping that is enough...fingers crossed

april is my new starting point!

March 27th, 2022 at 02:33 am

This year was suppose to be about me and my health, trying to get myself has been anything but that!, things are finally starting to settle down with everyone and everything, so the main things were that my nephew who loved school now hates it, he is very bright but he is bored at school, they won't give him extra work or anything so he won't we have an exemption for him till end of april when he plans to join the we will see how that turns out. My daughter moved out of her place and I finally got the realestate agent down from $822.70 to $330, so my daughter has paid that and now is finalised. My step son I threatened them with small claims court, she knew she was in the wrong charging him over $1900 when he moved out, I did get it down to $900 but  I'm trying to get it down in the $800's...hopefully that will be settled this week.

We have changed our house around so that it works better for my hubby and daughter and their hobbies, just have 1 more room to sort out (daughters business room) and finish putting stuff away in my hubbys room which will be done this week and the house will be I can start focusing on me and my health, I have a 24 hour cortisol test (it was standing at 1004) to do and a ton of blood work which should be done this week....other than that not really going to worry about doctors anymore will try to get myself better and see how we go...after 5 years and no diagnosis I have had enough.

I have been looking at the budget and I think I can reach getting $2000 into my ice account by the end of april, we do have a few more things we need to pay in april that we normally don't but they are 1 offs and hopefully pay off around 1/3 of the CC, which should be paid off in 3 months (june). I have also decided to add extra $100 a month to the ice acct every month starting may just to start boosting it a little each month...after these are done I can start to save for a house, we are still deciding if we will move or not in october, if our daughter is pregnant we probably will but if not then we will probably stay here another year...moving is so expensive and we can't do it ourselves anymore.

I am hoping that our US taxes print outs get here soon as I would love to get that finalised once and for all.

So beginning of april everything starts new and I am determined to get back on track....wish me luck

What's a good starting point??

March 24th, 2022 at 06:10 am

I am starting over in april, with a new budget as we have had so many expenses lately we are pretty much broke right now, everything is paid but we don't have much extra. So the first thing we are going to work on is getting $2000 into our ice account, do people think that is a good starting point?

We will then work on paying off our CC again, then put away and not use it unless an emergency pops up, once this is paid willprobably add a small amount to the ice account each month to get it up higher, eventually want 6 months of bills/living expenses but that will take awhile.

We will then start saving to maybe move in october, or may stay here, will see...either way it will go into our savings account so we can start saving to buy a house.

I have also decided after my next procedure (it was suppose to be today but wasn't well enough) I am walking away from doctors, will see my regular doctor and in may I have an endocrine specialists to see but that is it...I am going to get healthy and well my own way...after 5 years no-one can give me a diagnosis or help in anyway when it comes to my health, so will try to figure out on my own...and it is way cheaper our money can go towards other things.

Settled my daughters end of lease today, she moved out early and they had to get new tenants, which is fine but they wanted her to pay $822...yep I wasn't having that, quoted some law to them, argued with them for a week and today settled on $ that saved my daughter almost $500...and yes I was in the right so would fight them on it...and it worked...still have my step sons that we are working on but that is a much harder one to do...hopefully that will be finalised soon. 

Yesterday and today have moved half the house around trying to get it working better for everyone, so have heaps to put away but that is okay, I enjoy moving things and cleaning things it feels much cleaner and I think what we have done will help everyone more with their hobbies etc.

cars are expensive

March 19th, 2022 at 12:45 pm

So we had the car in to be serviced and get a couple of things fixed, it ended up costing $1150..more than we expected but it needed to be done....and the car runs a lot better.

The dog had the groomers today cost $65, it should get him through winter, he looks like a puppy when he gets groomed...we get him done about every 6-8 weeks, will be a bit longer now that it is getting cooler so he will stay warm...but he does have 2 couchs, 3 blankets and plenty of jumpers/jackets if he does get cold...and he does love the electric blanket on our bed to stay warm, our cats also have their own warming blanket to stay not worried about them being comfortable in winter...they are a bit spoilt!!

Made 3 banana breads today...had some bananas and didn't want to waste them, we don't each that much so took a couple to the neighbours, they have 3 kids and he also seems to mow and edge our front yard when he does his without even asking, it is really nice of him..they are good people, so nice to be able to give something in return.

Not much happening here, had state election here today...haven't watched the results yet...should have the federal election before end of may, hopefully we get this govt out...they are doing a horrible job, we have 5 deaths in as many days because ambos are ramped and can't get to people...its a sad situation, and they just don't care...they need to go!!

so much going on

March 16th, 2022 at 05:12 am

Well I have been busy trying to catch up on things around the house. 

Sold a fridge/freezer and washing maching the other day got $350 for them and used that money to add to our stockpile of groceries, in case groceries get short in supply.

Still haven't received anything from the irs, it's been 5 weeks since they said they send it and it's been 8 weeks since we sent this years taxes in so will see how long that will take to process...nothing so far.

The weather here it is cooler and raining today which is a nice break from the hot weather we have been having.

It looks like we will need to go to small claims court to help my stepson with his bond issue, which is more stress that I don't need as I will be the one doing it, I have emailed the old real estate agent and told her what we plan to do so see what she says...hopefully will help come to a better outcome then going to court.

Have a couple day procedures next week in hospital other than that going to try and have a quiet body doesnt cope with stress or medications and I have to have anesthetic and it's going to be hard on my fingers crossed all is going well.

We have our state elections on sat, I am hoping we can elect better people to run our state, 5 people have died this week already because of ambo just has to stop and they need to be funded.


March 9th, 2022 at 09:10 am

Went to get gas today as it was down to $1.74 per litre...but it had gone up to $2.22 per litre (for those in the US thats around $8.20 per gallon) guessing we will be only doing driving that we need to for a bit....wish politicians had to live on what the average person does because they way they do things differently


March 8th, 2022 at 04:19 am

Well had a lot happening last few weeks, finally got our daughter moved and her keys handed in so hopefully they will have new tenants in there soon. That was a job to get everything moved and the place glad it is done.because I get 

Still working on my stepsons housing tribunal case that I need to do for him, since his stroke his brain doesn't process things properly especially when it comes to contracts he signed when he shouldn't have thinking it was something else and now has to pay over $1900, I don't think he needs to pay all of it, some yes but not all, so I am putting his case together and hopefully in a few weeks we can have that settled and done with.

It was pay week last week so got most bills paid still haven't changed our phones over but hopefully within the next week, should save us around $35pm, we do however need to get our car serviced and our handbrake done (pretty sure we need a new one) so who knows what that will cost, will find out next week when the car goes in, bonus we can use our youngest DD car as she isn't using it right now till our car gets fixed.

We have had to up our grocery and gas in our budget as food has gone up 25% here in our stores in last 6 months and gas was just at 1.99 litre (approx $7 per gallon) so have had to increase these each month so less in savings...was hoping to pay a big chunk of the cc off but that won't happen with the will just pay it off over the next few months and get our savings boosted up again, then get it paid off.

We have our state election next week so my daughter and I went and voted early today, because I get dizzy and can't stand long they will allow it...but lots of people there to vote to chat to our local candidate, so that was nice...I think our federal elections is some time before may I think, we don't have a date yet...but hopefully the govt we have now gets voted out they are hopeless and don't really know how to handle money or care about;s time for a change!

well need to work on budget and housing tribunal, here's hoping the car doesn't cost to much to fix!!


March 4th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

I have most bills paid for this month, I am going to change my cell phone plans this weekend, it will save us $35pm, I have paid for our new car insurance, I pay for it yearly and got a refund from old company for $177 so put that into savings. Have put money into our ice acct but we do need to get our car serviced and also get a few things fixed on the not sure how much that will be, will get it in and then find out, our youngest DD isn't driving right now she is working from home and is moving in with her BF so they do the shopping etc together so if we need to we can use her car. 

Speaking of our youngest DD since she is moving house (literally 1 door down) they are saving money as they can walk everything over..she has sold most of her big stuff as they don't need it and they will keep some of hers and his and get rid of the rest....and she is going to pay me and her sister to clean the house instead of a professional as she likes how we clean...did a majority today and tomorrow should be finished...although will take hours but that is okay..will be done...and the guy to clean the carpets will be there tomorrow, so then it should be done...except a few things that people have bought and will pick up sunday. So that will be some extra money in.

Not much else happening we have a bunch of scripts to pick up tomorrow as our doc calls were on the phone this week not in person, I love our doctors, my oldest DD always go together but she was quarantining since she had wait for her pcr test did by fone and my doc also did some stuff for my youngest DD and my hubby, which she also informed my hubby's doc (which is one of her partners), and he called him yesterday and again today (hubby forgot to ask about his cancer shot) so he called back and it was all sorted...they go above and beyond!!

I have 2 paydays left this month so I am hoping to get our ice acct fully funded till $2000 (fully funded for now), so that is my goal....if we do and have extra I will put on the CC