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so much going on

March 16th, 2022 at 05:12 am

Well I have been busy trying to catch up on things around the house. 

Sold a fridge/freezer and washing maching the other day got $350 for them and used that money to add to our stockpile of groceries, in case groceries get short in supply.

Still haven't received anything from the irs, it's been 5 weeks since they said they send it and it's been 8 weeks since we sent this years taxes in so will see how long that will take to process...nothing so far.

The weather here it is cooler and raining today which is a nice break from the hot weather we have been having.

It looks like we will need to go to small claims court to help my stepson with his bond issue, which is more stress that I don't need as I will be the one doing it, I have emailed the old real estate agent and told her what we plan to do so see what she says...hopefully will help come to a better outcome then going to court.

Have a couple day procedures next week in hospital other than that going to try and have a quiet body doesnt cope with stress or medications and I have to have anesthetic and it's going to be hard on my fingers crossed all is going well.

We have our state elections on sat, I am hoping we can elect better people to run our state, 5 people have died this week already because of ambo just has to stop and they need to be funded.

2 Responses to “so much going on”

  1. Amber Says:

    Way to go on the items sold. Like you, I’m stock piling, hurricanes season is coming.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    Thankyou, I just feel that some things will be harder to get...hopfully not...hope you get your stockpile where you want it

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