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Saved stepson $1100

April 26th, 2022 at 06:04 am

My stepson needed to move to a town with cheaper rent as he had a stroke and could no longer work and rents in the city are outrageous...he has cognitive inabilities now so we do a lot of all his paperwork as he can't process it properly anymore, although it is not done through the courts or anything. Anyway his ex landlord charged him over $1900 and she knew she had to go through me but didn't so when he got the bond saying that it was taken out we were all upset and once we found out the things she charged for I went into mad mode and started to sort it out...I threatened them with small claims court as she knew about his cognitive disabilities and that needed to go through me but didn't. They didn't tak it well but I am one not to fight for what is right...we figured he would owe around $800 as he had to pay rent till someone else moved in etc but not over $1900...well this week we finally got where they said they would refund $1100 so it is down to the $800 that we said he should hopefully that will be refunded soon and we can be done with them...but glad to be able to save him money...however the owner is not happy and nor should he be!!  

Would you have done the same thing or just let it be??

yah can get back onto the blogs

April 26th, 2022 at 02:32 am

A whole week and not being able to get onto the blogs/forum to post or reply..Thankyou to Jon & james for fixing the issues for me it was greatly appreciated!!

Pay week this week but only for groceries and gas still deciding if we want to go to costco or not as its a 45 minute drive one way and we don't need a lot, so will see, might just get what we need from local grocery store although it comes in much smaller packaging and sizes.

We have been doing a lot of research on doing our own garden again starting spring because we rent it can be really hard, we have so many blue tongues and birds in our yard that they like to steal things if they can get to looking up our best options..prefer to grow our own as no chemicals and cheaper.

Still no word or paperwork from the irs its been over 8 weeks when we call sit there on the cell for an hour and then when you get someone they start and pretty sure they hang up as it just drops out..ALL he frustrating...but we will continue with that saga till it gets worked out.

We have had 2 long weekends here so it has been pretty quiet which has been nice, weather is starting to cool down more...I don't like the cold so not looking forward to winter but has given me so much time to go through some cupboards and rearrange our kitchen cupboards ready for all that we will get from dehydrating and canning hopefully!!

Not moving

April 17th, 2022 at 01:25 am

We were going to move in october as this house doesn't really fit us...but if the landlord agrees we might stick it out another year and then hopefully have enough for a deposit on a house....if housing prices don't continue to rise, I am hoping to get to $50,000 but we will see it doesn't leave much wiggle room if something comes up but it is something to work towards each month.

This means our CC won't be paid off till november (which is bad I know) but it will still be paid off and then not be used...may not even keep it but we will see....and we will still have storage fees to pay until we move or buy a house so that sucks hoping we can cut back on what we have in storage but don't think we can...not much anyways...I am a minimalist my hubby and daughter like their stuff and do a lot of leather work, daughter has a jewellry business, they build furniture it all takes room...and they both like to sew.

We Have decided that closer to spring we will start planting our vegies in pots again and buy a dehydrater so we can start doing our own vegies again...wnated to wait till we bought but now we don't want to with the way prices are going...I will also learn how to can things. so will need to look into prices for a dehydrator etc

stimulus payment question!

April 5th, 2022 at 05:38 am

If you are paid the stimulus payment do they keep your taxes in lieu of that payment? a quick run down

we sent our 2019 taxes in covid hit so they weren't done till may 2021, once they were done they paid my hubby 2 stimulus payments which was $1200 (for both), when I called the irs as they hadn't done our 2020 taxes yet to let them know that we got that payment but they weren't on the taxes as we hadn't received them at that point, we were owed between $1200-3030 in taxes as a return for 2020 taxes, they said because we were paid the $1200 they couldn't pay us twice and closed the case and we still haven't received any paperwork for them...saying what has happened and I have called many times always talk to someone different and always with different answers. We didn't think that the stimulus payment would replace the taxes, so is that how they work? They still haven't processed 2021 taxes yet but just trying to get some clarity. So now we have no tax paperwork from the irs to say that our taxes were paid or that they swapped them out with the stimulus not sure how to get the paperwork from the irs, they say they have sent it but been a few months and we still have nothing.

We also can't do anything online since we live overseas, so that makes it harder....any ideas or have any info that could help us??


April 4th, 2022 at 02:00 am

Payday this week and finally got around to paying the bills they are all paid except for groceries/gas, I have added an extra $200 a month to the gas bill although it has come down $2.22 pl ($7 gallon) to $1.69pl ($5.8 gallon) it can jump up over 50c a night so will keep the extra for now.

I have decided this month to put have of our "extra" money on the CC and the rest into savings...hopefully will be back on track this month financially. I have decided whether we move or not in spring I am going to start growing my own vegies again and buy another dehydrator to start drying our herbs and vegetable, we use them a lot in winter in the slow cooker and we should have enough to get through this year but food prices are expensive and getting worse, so will try and save where we can. Would eventually like to learn how to do canning in jars...but will have to research that..

Thay have just approved another booster covid shot for winter so hubby might end up getting it and the flu shot...we will probably get the flu shot but not the booster...will see what doc says. Luckily my mom didn't get real bad when she got thankful for that...she is 83 so was worried...but she tested negative today. 

The weather here is quite nice right now sunny during the day, the mornings and nights are getting cold, and we live near the ocean so we feel it...but it is autumn so expecting that...not looking forward to winter...I don't like the cold...

not much else happening it's hubbys b-day in a couple of weeks so we will just have my mom and the kids down to celebrate with pizza, I have given him $200 to spend on himself as thats what we do for b-days here now they are adults...and we will keep it low key since covid and winter are upon us again...hubby has covid & cancer treatments...its the last thing he needs.

We are voting sometime in the next month once the govt calls a date...has to be before end of's hoping this govt loses and we can get rid of them...I'm also glad our elections are nothing like yours, they start maybe 8 weeks before and then we vote and it is done...

we were going to go our gold prospecting this month but have decided to wait till october hopefully will be feeling better wby then, until then we will buy paydirt and hone our skills.

april already

April 1st, 2022 at 06:20 am

Well a quarter of the year has already gone...time flies by so fast the older you get. It is payday this weekend so will do an update after we get the bills paid, we will have 2 more in the month which we usually use for groceries/gas, we have had to up our gas amount by an extra $200 a month as it is costing us so much,,,was around $7 a gallon here, slowly going down but will keep adding the extra for now. 

I hate shopping so it has been nice to be able to do a direct to boot for our groceries and it stops a lot of impulse buys from anyone who is doing the shopping, and today I found a green grocer that delivers, we get our first delivery on monday so will see what their produce is like and see if we want to continue with them..hopefully it is good food & service, and delivery is free. We do eat a lot of fruit and veg each week and the weather is cooling down here as we go into winter so will be nice to do a lot of our cooking in the slow cooker and we use so many more vegetables when we do...we have found it hard with my no energy to cook and hubby's stomach since his cancer and meds he can't stomach a lot so this should make it easier...and bonus they use all local produce which I love as well....supporting the local farmers.

I did spend money on an electric blanket since it is getting colder but we haven't bought anything else which is nice that we don't need anything...the blanket is more of a want than a need but I think that we all deserve some wants every once in awhile...

heres hoping we get some money into our accounts this month!!