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stimulus payment question!

April 5th, 2022 at 05:38 am

If you are paid the stimulus payment do they keep your taxes in lieu of that payment? a quick run down

we sent our 2019 taxes in covid hit so they weren't done till may 2021, once they were done they paid my hubby 2 stimulus payments which was $1200 (for both), when I called the irs as they hadn't done our 2020 taxes yet to let them know that we got that payment but they weren't on the taxes as we hadn't received them at that point, we were owed between $1200-3030 in taxes as a return for 2020 taxes, they said because we were paid the $1200 they couldn't pay us twice and closed the case and we still haven't received any paperwork for them...saying what has happened and I have called many times always talk to someone different and always with different answers. We didn't think that the stimulus payment would replace the taxes, so is that how they work? They still haven't processed 2021 taxes yet but just trying to get some clarity. So now we have no tax paperwork from the irs to say that our taxes were paid or that they swapped them out with the stimulus not sure how to get the paperwork from the irs, they say they have sent it but been a few months and we still have nothing.

We also can't do anything online since we live overseas, so that makes it harder....any ideas or have any info that could help us??

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  1. Carol B. Says:

    What about hiring a stateside tax preparer to help you with your taxes and your questions? Could you get a recommendation from someone you know in the States?

  2. Lots of Ideas Says:

    I second the opinion that you need a US tax professional to assist you with your tax issues.

    The stimulus payments were not an advance of tax refunds, they were one time payments meant to keep the economy going during the pandemic. Whether your status as non citizens living outside the US changed your eligibility, I do not know.

    You seem to have constant issues with your US taxes and consulting with an expert might resolve this.

    You have mentioned US based friends in the past. Perhaps one of them could recommend someone, or perhaps someone in the company that provides your income could make a recommendation or suggest a way to select someone long distance.

  3. mumof2 Says:

    Over here they are like $300 plus to do your US taxes, which is a lot considering what we usually get back, and they are in a different state than we are in. My hubby is a US citizen and he is paid by the US air force and he is entitled to the stimulus payments, the tax office confirmed this.

    We have never had an issue with doing out US taxes until covid hit and everything is so far behind over there, that all information seems to get jumbled up and no-one knows what they are doing and information is hard to get as is calling the irs...trying to get a hold of them with different time zones is hard and expensive as we only have cell phones to call with...the issues we are having is the IRS they have messed things up and you never get the same person and they don't always put the same information in the computer that they tell you. for example I have changed our address 7 times and they still send it to our old address, even though we changed it via paper and over the phone 7 times!!! if they can't get the basics done how can they do the actual work!!

  4. mumof2 Says:

    I actually called the other day and after waiting for 55 mins to get through they were checking things and then the phone on their end hung up mid conversation...I didn't call back as I wasn't waiting that long again.

    jokeabee we live in a different country and it's hard to get people over there that we can trust as we don't know any of them or can't meet them in person.

    Frank no we never put it on the taxes as we were not paid it at that point, the irs when we called said he was entitled to it and so paid it to my hubby, but it was not on our taxes...the reason I put those amounts is the $3030 is what we were suppose to get back, if they took off the $1800 they paid us for the stimulus they would still owe us around $1200 but they say they don't and we have been waiting over 2 months for our report to come in from them on what has been happening...does that make sense?

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