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beautiful day

August 28th, 2020 at 07:29 am

Such a beautiful spring day today...although its not spring till next week we have had such cold wet weather that it has been so nice to get outside, do some yardwork and just some fresh air...also took the dog for a walk and started to spring clean the house...feels so good...and finally feeling good after a few days of having to be in bed.

not much else happening its payday next week so looking forward to that...

On a positive note our koala is back in the back seeing him there!!

just a catch up

August 26th, 2020 at 01:06 pm

have been feeling pretty crappy lately since I ended up in hospital lots of dizziness and pain..but yesterday I went with my daughter and mom to buy mom some new furniture for her move in a couple weeks, I bought her a new bed base as she is on a limited income and I thought she deserved it...she has bought a new lounge suite and washer, and I have also bought some non perishable foods for her and we will do a bigger shop once she is moved but this just covers her when she moves in..she literally has a grocery store right across the road from her that is handy...but yesterday I went down hill and my daughter had to take me home and then her and my mom finished up their shopping after today my mom is dizzy...not sure why so hopefully she can get some answers..

On a good note it is spring soon so hopefully we will start having some warmer days and we can go out and get some sun...I hate winter...and next week is payday so looking forward to that...

great way to end the week

August 21st, 2020 at 09:27 am

Got a house for my mom to rent today...have been looking for 6 months and we finally got one have been doing emails and paperwork all day to get things done..she doesn't move for 3 weeks but we have a date and everything pretty much ready to go so she will be packing up the rest of her stuff and we will move the money on monday (its friday here and late in the afternoon)..we are all so excited.

Been having bad days with with severe coughing and bad dizziness where I have needed help to walk again...hate it and not sure why its happening but guess we will figure it out and my head is still going numb...

other than that everything is going ok...ordered takeaway as it was cold and wet and hubby is exhausted as well so why not!! have a great weekend

payday tomorrow

August 19th, 2020 at 03:29 am

Its payday tomorrow but going to transfer some money and do the shopping today since we have a few errands to run...that way we save on a trip and don't have to go out in public as much...although it isn't bad here it is still flu season and don't want to risk it.

Everything is still on track mostly with the budget yes I have to replace some money in the ice acct for things that we have had to replace/buy but that is fine..and grocery wise we are doing good still making most of our meals maybe having takeaway once a week which is a lot for us..but energy levels have been low but i try to make quick meals or slow cook meals...which makes it easier.

Still nothing from the irs on our taxes..don't even know if they have them or frustrating..don't know wether to wait, send them again or what they keep saying wait for the last couple months...everytime we call them..but surely they should be catching up by now..I guess time will tell.

Going to start seeing if I can talk to a couple people about loan options even though we are not ready to buy now we would like to know what options are available to us

another another appt

August 17th, 2020 at 12:11 pm

had my ultrasound today on my was hard as the way my neck was made my dizziness worse..but the technician was great he helped me sit up and held my shoulders till I was okay to stand by myself then walked me down the hallway...was super nice and he said that everything looked okay so that was nice to hear but will see if the doc says the same.

I feel better from being off the medicine...everyone said I should wait but I didn't and I am feeling better and that is better for me...was able to run some errands before my appt but then my legs started hurting so we came most things done..our eldest is going down the hill tomorrow to do a few of her own errands so will do anything else we need...

Its payday this week so after taking gas and groceries still have to decide wether to replace the ice acct money or put it into our house acct

happy sunday

August 16th, 2020 at 12:04 pm

having my carotid ultrasound tomorrow afternoon...should be free which will be great...but have to pick up a few things while we are out...which my daughter plans on doing while I am having the ultrasound...she has put me under strict instructions..we went shopping today and I didn't do well and we were only gone 20 mins total...she does keep an eye on thankful for all that she does for us.

I have decided to stop one of my medicines..I emailed my doc and told her that so she should get it when she goes into work tomorrow...the side effects have just gotten to bad and I already them this medicine has just exacerbated them more I am will go off them and see what happens...hopefully will be better and she can find me another one to take with less side effects.

I have had to use our ice acct a bit so will replenish next month to get it back to where it was..
hope everyone has a great week

future planning

August 15th, 2020 at 02:29 am

This weekend is all about getting back on track in every aspect of my life..especially health and finance

My first goal is to save enough to have a deposit on a is hard paying rent and saving the fees that go along with the deposit (around $20,000) plus the deposit...but that is our goal and we are working towards it..I am hoping when we buy we can pay the house off in 7 years...(2nd goal) after that it will just be trying to put away as much money as possible for retirement...(goal 3)

I am hoping that my health improve to where I can at least work part time...I hate not working but constant dizziness etc I just can't which affects all areas of my writing up a goals board for the finances and a monthly board for my health and we will see what happens.

Around nov/dec will start talking to people about our options when it comes to buying as we will have 3 adults in the house and our daughter wants kids in a couple wants her own space as well and just need to know what options we have...and will find out our borrowing power and what deposit we will need


August 13th, 2020 at 09:43 am

Went to the TIA clinic and they said that it looks like I had a now I am on aspirin everyday for the rest of my life..I hate medicine but need to do what the docs say...had my regular doc straight after (an hour later) by the time I got to that appointment she had already called and discussed everything with my regular doc...I do have to a carotid ultrasound as soon as they organise it..I also have a sinus infection but because of its symptoms I had to have a covid test which was right next door...doc is positive that I don't have it but has to make sure...should find out results tomorrow...

Bought a couple things today and it cost $14 but came out of my mad money and bought a couple dvds..also with my mad money...other than that no spending

was going to buy gas but it has gone back up to 146 per litre so will wait till it goes down again

another day

August 12th, 2020 at 06:26 am

Had the neuro physio yesterday..cost $105 out of pocket but should get back around $50 in a few days which will go back into our ice acct...was nice to see her again and I have some new exercises to do daily which will hopefully help...other than that no expenses...I have the TIA clinic tomorrow which should be free and then I see my regular doc tomorrow and she is free...but will need to get a few things while we are out and about running errands but shouldn't cost to much...the weather here has been so cold and wet so the heater has been on so much but thats ok we have budgeted for it

My oldest daughter had a tooth extracted today..she is doing ok..she pays for it herself and it needed to be done...found out she only has 1 and a half wisdom teeth on top no bottom ones...they aren't bothering her so she will just leave them..we were just curious as she has never got them and she is late 20' good to know.

budget is doing well and sticking to the grocery and gas budget actually the last month we have left half the gas money in the account as we haven't needed it.

On a sad note we now have 8 cases of covid in our state...we had none for awhile and they have all been from people coming in from other countries & of our states is doing so bad and the people living there are just not listening so nothing is improving they have been on level 4 restrictions and they are still braeking the rules

hit the next mark for our house deposit

August 6th, 2020 at 05:51 am

We hit the next mark for our house deposit...although its not a lot we are getting there hoping to up it at least $1000 each month and we have done that plus already this month and we still have a payday to go this happy and thanks for all the inspiration you guys have given me!!

awesome news & other things

August 5th, 2020 at 01:36 pm

First off the great news...hubby is CANCER FREE we got the results from his doc today...he still has the specialist appt next week but all our tests go through his doctor so we are stoked...on the bad side I ended up in hospital this arvo for a few hours (6) as the left side of my body went numb had a cat scan and one with dye and things started to settle they sent me home and will get me an appt with the tia clinic at the we will see what they say.

took our coins for the month in and we had $89 so put that into our home acct...will update that tomorrow after our pay goes through and I have added to it.

did some grocery shopping today...before we ended up at the hospital..but other than that its all good and things are on track

paid all bills

August 3rd, 2020 at 04:25 am

it is only the 3rd of the month and we have paid all our bills for the feels weird...we only have groceries and gas money to take our which we do every 2 weeks (which will be this thurs) but both our jars still have money in them for last time..we are getting a bit sort on supplies like toilet paper/tissues/paper towel as i haven't bought for months...but everything else looks good..lots in the freezer/pantry...will look out for bargains on things that we use but nothing we need really.

Daughter had a dental appointment...she has to have a tooth removed so she has to decide what to do when they have it removed..she is doing all the research now that they gave her...she has always had weak teeth as she has low enamel on her teeth all her life...should be interesting...she hates the dentist...I got her to ask about her wisdom teeth as she never got them (she just turned 29) and she has 1 up top and maybe a partial one on the other side but no bottom ones and they aren't bothering her at all, they are just sitting there..not coming through or they will leave them for now...

Will be able to add more money to the house account, the side bar is wrong we used about $1000 of that money but have replaced it but need to wait for the money to go into the account hopefully later today then can update the side bar

august already!!

August 2nd, 2020 at 11:21 am

Was paid this weekend, hve already paid our bills for the month..or have the money set aside for things like rent that comes out on a regular basis but I out it in the account once a month...but it looks like we will be able to put more than $1000 this month into our house account...also have extra expenses as I am going back to my neuro physio this month (haven't been since nov 2019) but looking forward to it...

today was a nice day so we ventured out to a little german town that we love thats not far from us...we spent around $70 but had a great day and so needed so we don't care it came from our mad money

financially we are doing well..hope everyone else is