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60 days till christmas

October 26th, 2022 at 11:12 am

Can you believe that christmas is only 60 days away....can't believe how fast this year has gone...usually I have done all my christmas presents done by september at the latest...but this year I have done nothing thinking beginning of november I am going to get my butt into gear and start getting things done so between then and now I need to get a list never really feels like christmas because we have no kids around and to me that is what christmas is about...I'm just not feeling it.

How is everyone doing with christmas thing I will be working on will be food..prices have gone up so will make sure we add extra to the anyone else not feeling christmas this year or is it just me...I think it has just crept up on me this year

Never time for me!

October 24th, 2022 at 01:15 am

Does anyone ever feel like they have no time for themselves?? This year was suppose to be about me and my health...but I have had to help do all the move stuff for my step son (his brain doesn't work right since he had a stroke like episode), had to move my mom back to the city and organise it all...had my nephew move in and fix up all the stuff at school that was going on, helping my DD through her fertility process which  haven't worked yet and this last one she she wasn't feeling confident enough in her gut that it would be successful, finally get my hubby through his second bout of cancer only fo rthe side affects to be worse and he is now in the it is november, the year is almost over and I am yet to work on myself like I should be...I haven't even thought about christmas this year and it's only 62 days away and I am usually done by now...I am getting physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and hoping that next year will be the year that I can focus on myself and my needs.

Although I haven't been buying things which I normally do when I feel like that so that is a bonus...and I am working on the CC and getting it paid that is a positive...but I do have to do my budget as food and gas prics have gone up so much lately...but that is another day

100 million

October 19th, 2022 at 10:47 am

Our lotto over here this week is $100 million dollars could you imagine having money like that...I just can't fathom money like that...but if I did I would set up my family with homes, and I would love to buy a hotel and give it a charity I support for the homeless and 2 other charities I support would get a great boost as well as all their money goes to the kids that they help.....what would you do if you had money like this??

casual updates

October 17th, 2022 at 01:13 am

Can't believe we only have 69 days till christmas..and I haven't even thought about it yet. 

My nephew is turning 17 tomorrow so will do pizza and icecream cake (he chose that) as last  year my siste did nothing for his bday and it kind of bummed him out considering she did stuff for his brother and not doing a lot he had a party with his friends on the weekend but do want to celebrate it with him...also invited my mom over but he doesn't know that a surprise....still trying to get his hours up so he can get his licence..then will see what my mom says about a will be a runabout car to start with and I told him he needs a job to pay for his gas, rego and insurance.

Finally got my wand in and I really think it is helping my hubby and myself with some of our issues..was skeptical but have tried many other things that havent only time will far we can see a difference...and its only been a few days.

We have so many floods over here that food prices are soaring...and gas is back to $2 per litre..everything is going up and we feel it in our budget...we also have 2 extra house guests for 3 days this week so that will add more cost to the food budget....

Other than that not much else going in hopefully DD will be doing her IUI this month..missed the window last month it went between the blood hopefully this next cycle...and we have 2 days of sun/cloudy weather then back to another week of rain...really over the rain this year

is spring coming?

October 11th, 2022 at 02:42 am

I know it is autumn over there but spring here un australia...well it is suppose to be 6 weeks in we are still having so much rain and wet weather..I just wish we had some nicer weather to be outside more...had 2 nice is cloudy and windy the tonight and for next few days back to rain...kind of over it..and if we end up with a hot summer it will make bushfire season so much worse than it could everything is growing so much.

My vegies are starting to grow..can almost pick radishes..hubby eats them I don't and I am trying to grow potatoes this year so we will see how that turns out...hopefully in a few weeks we can start eating some of our own food...we also have our fruit tress flowering so will need to cover them the best we can to keep the birds from eating al the fruit...we have heaps of birds in our yard.

It looks like we will need to up our food budget by quite a bit everything has gone up..and I only have so much energy to be able to cook, we hardly have take away...its not worth the money and honestly I ike our food better..we also have a teen boy in the he eats quite a bit...but he is healthier now so I don't mind...made banana bread today got 3 loaves so will cut some up for nephew to take to school, 1/2 for my mom to take home, 1 for us and 1 for my neighbor...he also cuts our lawn without us asking so when we bake we always give them some...they are good neighbors.

We have been doing good with the budget and not spending on anything we don't need, I am slowly chipping away at the CC so hopefully it will be paid off in a few months....I thought I might start thinking about christmas...usually I am done by now...but this year I am just not feeling it...have been to unwell and having to many "episodes" right now to worry about week this week so hopefully we can pay some extra on the cc 

more updates

October 2nd, 2022 at 05:08 am

Well my brother that has a rental has asked my mom if she wants to move in there in april (he currently has tenants) we have agreed that she will live with her friend for the next 6 months and split costs and my nephew will live with us till then and then move in with her in april...not that I wanted him to be here that long but I guess it is what it is...and she can stay in that house until she no more moving for her..which is what she wanted. 

My nephew is learning how to drive (hubby is teaching him) he can sit for his test late mom is looking at a cheap car for him...will see how we go with that...Our oldest DD is doing her iui again this month so hopefully that will be is her 4th iui so fingers crossed it works.

I have paid all my bills for the month, bought most of our meat, done a fairly good shop at the grocery store for the month we want to go to costco but not during the weekend or school we will probably wait a couple weeks and then go...but I did manage to pay $500 into our ice acct and $800 onto our CC...looks like things are hopefully getting back on track.

Also ordered a terahertz frequency wand which will hopefully help with our illnesses...fingers crossed everyone I have spoken to that has used it has said that it is great and really helped we will see have tried plenty of things that haven't hopefully this will.