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October 17th, 2022 at 02:13 am

Can't believe we only have 69 days till christmas..and I haven't even thought about it yet. 

My nephew is turning 17 tomorrow so will do pizza and icecream cake (he chose that) as last  year my siste did nothing for his bday and it kind of bummed him out considering she did stuff for his brother and not doing a lot he had a party with his friends on the weekend but do want to celebrate it with him...also invited my mom over but he doesn't know that a surprise....still trying to get his hours up so he can get his licence..then will see what my mom says about a will be a runabout car to start with and I told him he needs a job to pay for his gas, rego and insurance.

Finally got my wand in and I really think it is helping my hubby and myself with some of our issues..was skeptical but have tried many other things that havent only time will far we can see a difference...and its only been a few days.

We have so many floods over here that food prices are soaring...and gas is back to $2 per litre..everything is going up and we feel it in our budget...we also have 2 extra house guests for 3 days this week so that will add more cost to the food budget....

Other than that not much else going in hopefully DD will be doing her IUI this month..missed the window last month it went between the blood hopefully this next cycle...and we have 2 days of sun/cloudy weather then back to another week of rain...really over the rain this year

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