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not worrying about budget

April 20th, 2019 at 09:58 pm

well I have decided not worry about the budget while my friend is here...as long as everythig is paid and we get to do a a few things then we will be happy..it is just to hard with everything going on so will figure it all out in july when they have gone back home...

Other than that we are just enjoying doing things together no day trips yet with hubbys b-day, easter, anzac day etc there has just been just to much going on...so will plan some things for may and june...the kids (adults) have also made plans to take her out for the day and do some free things and spend some 1:1 time with her...so should be great

Just need to try pace myself with my illness and the cold weather and vistors

friend has arrived

April 14th, 2019 at 05:09 pm

well my friend has finally made it here...our food budget is way off track but we have had extra people over, a bbq for my hubbys b-day etc...but all bills are paid and we havent really done anything much yet except a little shopping which I bought nothing...so far so good have a few day trips planned but we have 3 months so going to spread them out...and its becoming cooler here as it is fall here...going to try real hard to stick to my budget while she is here so we will see what happens....whats great is my daughter is a cheapskate as well so she finds plenty of free things for them to go and do as well and they just pay for the train ride...parking in the city is expensive and horrible to drive in and the train is so much easier and cheaper.

On another note my hubby hit a small pole at the airport and dented the side of the car a bit...not going to bother fixing it...its an old car and not worth it with the deductible...to me a car is just a tool so Im not fussed and we want to get another one in the next 12-24 months...so will put the money towards that.

added food budget

April 9th, 2019 at 05:27 am

Well we went shopping today got some great deals on groceries but we did extra as our house guest will be here in 1 day...we are a bit excited...

so our monthly food budget is way over and we are having a birthday bbq dinner this weekend for my hubby so that will add to it but we have budgeted for the extra person

other than that things are on track and going well

CC coming down

April 4th, 2019 at 05:53 pm

Have managed to pay off $730 off the dreaded CC so it is coming down slowly...will take a few months and not happy that it is this high but sometimes you just have to use it...but making progress..

my first goal is to get our ice account back to $2000 then get $2000 into an account for when wmy friend is here...guess we need to buy her a ticket home LOL...she could live here forever but I think she would miss her family a bit....

then it will be onto the CC and then onto saving for a house....

murphy is laughing I'm sure

March 31st, 2019 at 05:21 pm

Well what a weekend we had....sat down and got my budget sorted after it just got so far out of whack...felt good about it...then we all came down sick...so hubby had to go to doc to be checked out (he has copd) and he has bronchitis...

Then my hubby goes to the bank to do some banking and the when he is done the car wouldn't start..so had to get a call out (free) but it cost us almost $200 for a new car battery and he picked up on something else that needs doing with the car which will be around another $400 so that is booked in for tomorrow.

Then my daughter was selling her older fone ($1000) as she just upgraded and the 2 guys that came to look at the phone run off with it...we tried to chase them in the car but they ran fast by the time we got into the car they were gone...pretty sure they live in the area (they are sudanese) we called the police gave a good description of them and their clothes, my daughter called and the got the phone where they won't be able to use it at all and I called our insurance to see if it was covered..and it was so my daughter only had to pay the $100 excess fee but will get the other $900 so although an ordeal it wasn't as bad as it could be...one thing I am good at is having good insurance "just in case" and those guys have a phone they can't use and the police have their description and the phone description and serial number etc...

So here is hoping this week is uneventful and we can just recoup and try to feel better

redid budget

March 28th, 2019 at 10:39 pm

Was frustrated this morning ove the budget completely going out of the window and being trashed....now after redoing it I don't feel as bad...still going to be behind where I wanted us to be...but can catch up..so this is what I am hoping
1. the money I took from the car acct (800) should be replaced in april as well as the normal monthly car payment (saving up for a car not actual payment to a company)
2. my ice acct I like to have 2000 so that should be fully funded to that BY mid may then wont add to that for awhile
3. want 2000 in bank for besties ticket home and things to do while she is here (2000) that should be fully funded by mid may.
4. the dreaded cc should be paid off by mid july..

we can then start saving again...we do have extra money suppose to be coming in from a couple of things (cc purchase that we didnt authorise) and money from his son that he owes us....but I didn't add them in as not sure 100% when we will get that money...if we do will go straight on the CC to get it paid off earlier...also have taxes coming in but its not a big amount (around 300) so told hubby he can have that to do whatever he wants for his b-day

So although our budget was completly trashed yesterday we can recover pretty well and get back on track...fingers crossed nothing else comes up

budget completly trashed

March 28th, 2019 at 06:11 pm

Well when it rains it pours...doing good on our budget and then murphy hit big time!!

First bought my bestie plane ticket over here but she was having trouble getting travel ins over there so was able to get it while she is over here which added an extra $800 to the plane ticket...I had budgeted $3000 for her whole trip and 1 ticket and ins cost me nearly $2600 so that has been blown out so need to save for her ticket home and while she is here.

Then mine and my hubbys cell phones have been real bad lately yes they ae both 6 years old so needed replacing...but due to my ill health and my hubby being retired they wouldn't let us add to a plan so had to buy out right which maxed out our CC and also had to use some of our car money...found out when the store went to put in my sim to my new phone that my battery was bowed and he said I was lucky that it hadnt exploded...but now we have phones that will last a long while

now today I am going to sit down AGAIN and see how to get everything back on track and get our accounts back on track....fingers crossed it won't take to long and nothing else comes up...I can find free things to do with my bestie for a few weeks...she is here for 3 months....I am so excited...but frustrated about the budget


March 23rd, 2019 at 06:00 pm

Well my friend should be heading over to Australia in the next 3 or so weeks (no exact dates yet) I can't wait...she will be here 3 months I have money set aside for her plane tickets and to do some things while she is here...she won't have any expenses other than her shopping she wants to do...I know how our food bill will go up but that we expected...same with gas as we will be doing more day trips but we can cover those...so excited right now...even though we are not where we wanted to be with the budget we are doing well.

only a couple months behind!!

March 19th, 2019 at 07:28 pm

Well I looked at our budget last night and I think we can be back to where we want to be in the next couple of months...albeit if nothing else happens.

So I was looking at our CC statement and noticed a $423 payment to a games online place...its not something we have done so had call and get it sorted so the company is working on it and we will hopefully get the money back and we have ordered a new card....we don't use it a lot but have lately but need to get it paid off again...and if we get some money back from his son who we lent money to for a bond and we get it back soon and then pay off the rest we should have it paid off in may...

As for the ice account we should have that back to where it needs to be in april...

so although we are behind a couple months we can catch up and start saving again and we just hope nothing else comes up...wish us luck

pay week

March 18th, 2019 at 10:45 pm

Well mini skip has been filled and picked up...backyard is looking great...picked up a few good half price sales at the store today which wasnt in our budget but stuff that we wanted to get and was on sale so why not..right?

Well I haven't tackled the budget yet but it is pay week so going to do that tomorrow and see how far off track we are and the best way to get my accounts back to where I want them...my first priority is get my ice account back to $2000 which isn't a lot but its a start...then it wil be to pay off the CC again...have done so well barely using it...so I am hoping to get it paid off in 3 months or sooner...

Still waiting for my friend to get her passport so I can buy her ticket over here...can't wait...but I have that money in a seperate account....wow this is depressing me so maybe I need to get my budget out now and work on it...see how I go

expensive week

March 17th, 2019 at 04:06 am

This week has been an expensive one, first we had our neuro physio appointments to pay for...then we had to get in a yard guy to do some work that we just don't have the energy for or tools (we had to trim trees etc) so $200 later our yards look great and now the new fence is up we can get back into the yards and start getting things back on track....today we had to order a mini skip to get rid of all the rubbish and old stuff that we are no longer using...we have to be wary of snakes in the yard and our animals and now they don't have as many hiding places...after that we shouldn't have anymore outlay for the yards for a while.

we have been over spending on food lately I'm sure the grocery prices have gone up again...so will have to keep a closer eye on prices of things.

This week I really need to go back through the budget and rejig it and get back on track...the last month has been tough and just gone off track on our budget but has been hard doing everything including 3 other family members budgets...but we will get there

new acct

March 10th, 2019 at 05:39 pm

Well opened up a new account so I can track my savings and also keep the money I have allocated to buying my friends tickets and while she is here doing the things we want to do...I have a budget and want to try to stick with it....can be hard...but I figure I will keep the account when she leaves and just add money into it for when we buy our house for the things we might want to do to the new house...so have a couple of years for that.

Been busy catching up with family since the wedding..so nice a couple of them stuck around for an extra week....and its much nicer weather so we have lots we want to try and get done around here while we can...have a few doc appts this week we need to pay for but will get a few dollars back but we have the money for that...so heres to another week..

more into savings

March 6th, 2019 at 11:49 pm

Able to add another $300 to savings today...I know that it will go down when I buy my friends plane ticket in the nex few weeks but its nice to keep adding to it for now....

Spent $95 today on groceries but other than that no spending...have started to get some of my chrstmas presents...so can start knocking those off the list...I like to shop all year for christmas..get some great deals

nothing else to do this week other than catch up with family and rest...next week have lots of expenses with doctors so need to rest up for that

wedding is done

March 4th, 2019 at 05:53 pm

Almost missed my brothers wedding as I was down with my illness from doing way to much lately...but I made it and it was beautiful and right on the beach the loud music and height (ceremony was outside on balcony) but my bro knew I hadnt been well and had chairs for us...so that made it easier...only cost $100 in a card...and a shirt for my hubby!

have my ice acct back to where it should be so have reached that goal, not sure about what Im going to do to pay it off have a few expenses coming up over the next few months when my friend is here...so will give myself a few days and then go over the budget...weather has been hot and I have been struggling so going to do nothing for a few days and rest up ready for my appt next week and just give my body the rest it needs...but have lots of family down that are staying for a few days so thought would try to catch up with them as well.

so far the budget is going well have a couple of paydays to go this month so will see what happens....now to add the CC to our debt list

busy hot week

February 28th, 2019 at 06:29 pm

Well we are in the middle of helping my step son move..its not going well we are all down sick and injured (which we all have anyways but this is just making it worse) and its been over 105 each day and will be for next couple of days...so its not helping

we also had to go over and do my moms internet (as she has no idea) so each night we are not getting home till 8-9pm and so we have been having take away...which we don't enjoy we prefer to cook..so it hasnt been settling well

We had to take dog to emergency vet as he was pooping blood and in pain...but lucky it was only an intestinal bug and he is much better after being on meds but an added expense.

so hopefully today we can finish getting everything moved for my step son...I need to do my neices budget and set up some of her banking for her today...we still have a wedding to get ready for on monday so hopefully we will get some rest and feel better or my health will really deterioriate again and I dont or want that

next week is pay week so my goals for this month are to get my ice account back to $2000 (currently $89), to pay off a majority of our CC owe around $2500 plus...and to save some money....might not reach these goals but hoping to make a big dent if nothing else

busy weeks still recovering

February 24th, 2019 at 04:25 pm

It has been a busy couple weeks and this next week isn't any different wih us having to help my hubbys son move...still recovering from helping my mom move...but its family...on the good news he has enough money for the move so he won't have to borrow from us..which is great...

have lots of appointments this week that are going to cost...we have my brothers wedding in a week but don't think we need to buy anything for that...except some money in a card..

I just looked at the CC we hardly use it but used it both jan & feb...hoping to pay it off in march if not definatly april...hate owing money...but it was things like a new washer...which is a dream and so quiet compared to our old one...but being short I almost have to climb into it to get to the bottom of it...LOL

I know I have some expenses coming up as next month we are hoping my bestie will be visiting us still waiting on passport...is taking forever...it sucks...but hopefully next month and she is hoping to stay like 3 months...can't wait so will have some expenses while she is here going and doing things and visiting places

so going to spend the week resting as i can and going through the budget to try get the CC paid of asap

more expenses

February 18th, 2019 at 05:34 pm

Well today our washer broke..can't complain it is over 14 years old so we had to go and get another one...got a pretty good deal for over here and paid $77 for the delivery, installation and taking the old washer with them...so worth it don't need the hassle right now of trying to get rid of it ourselves.

Also have his son who is moving next week and he wants to borrow money for the move so we will have to discuss that...always something coming up I'm just hoping that next month no unexpected expenses come up so we can get back on track.