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2023...we are ready for you!!

December 29th, 2022 at 02:15 am

Well my budget is done and ready to go, I have gone back to cash for my groceries and gas....easier to keep track of, I have started menu planning again this week which makes it easier to do the grocery shopping. 

My nephew has his licence test this hubby is suppose to be taking him out to practice (he has been teaching him) but doesn't want him to be nervous....but hubby ended up in the hospital yesterday...they thought stroke..but it wasn't but he has a narrowing in the artery to the brain that they found in the cat scan....they tried 4 times to do mri yesterday and he couldn't handle it...if he lays flat he gets major they are going to sedate him somehow today and try get it done...haven't heard we will see what they find and what happens next!!

our houseis all tidy everything put away (christmas stuff)..we had a few days around 100 so didn't do much as was to hot..have another couple coming up new years won't do much for that either...but the house has been spring cleaned (including some cupboards and windows) and now we just need to take everything back to storage...and start tidying up the shed so it is usable again...always something to do.

...probably won't be on here before Hope every has a safe and happy new years!!🍾


December 24th, 2022 at 02:47 am

It is christmas eve here and I am taking a break from all the meal prep/sa;ads etc that we are making today ready for tomorrow...yes most sa it is weird but we are in summer here so a cold lunch is always better for us and so much's going to be a small christmas with about 8 people but that is gifts are wrapped and under the tree (including the animals), we have given gifts out to our vat/chemist/doctors and local hospital ER (we do this every year)...and we are ready eat to much and be merry and have fun catching up with everyone...and hopefully have some fun with our lucky dip game.

Someone in our street threw on  the kerbside an old outdoor swing is still very sturdy and it has no my daughter and I bought it home..will paint it and add a cushion and it will be good to go...will leave on our front porch and just look at the ocean...can't wait...and not much cost to fix it up.

I am really looking forward to the new year and all that it brings...especially our budget...feeling positive

So I want to wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new years ...stay safe and enjoy yourself whatever your plans may look like

ready for 2023

December 18th, 2022 at 01:45 am

Well I have tweaked our 2023 budget and it is looking good, it looks like we will be getting a couple increases in our US payments that might be around $300pm (not sure it takes awhile for us to get paperwork) so we will put that into savings...I have increased some payments but not food for next year...or gas...I can change them will have the money to but I want to get back to menu planning have been very slack the last couple months so need to do that again makes it so much easier and also will make us go to the markets more..and it's cheaper just not convinient.

All bills have been paid for the month, only have to get cash out for a couple gifts and christmas food...will be doing this thursday and then all is done for christmas...our grandaughter's birthday is on new years day but I have already done her gift so don't have to worry about that...I have a couple goals for 2023 which are:

1. To stick to my budget as much as possible

2. To have more of a routine

3. To lose some weight and get healthier

obviously they are year long goals I will have smaller monthly ones but won't put those on here...feeling positive for 2023...just need my nephew to get his licence, my daughters iui to work and to get my mom a rental then life will be good..

almost christmas!!

December 15th, 2022 at 05:31 am

Wow christmas is just over a week it me or did this year just fly by??

I have all christmas shopping done other than $ but can do that will do next week when I take money out to finish up the christmas food...we do it different over here because it is summer we mainly do salads, with ham/chicken not a hot is usually to hot here for that....I am hoping to go to the markets next week to get all our fruit/vegies and fish/prawns (yes they have a fish shop there and they fish daily and bring them to the shop/ is also much cheaper..just not real convinient.

My nephew is still working on his licence hours, my DD is waiting to see if her insemination worked, hubby got through his day surgery and is finally feeling a little better, the dog has its stitches out and is healing great, the car didn't need a service just needed to be reset so they did that and didn't charge us anything and we got a new lining on the car roof as it was starting to sag so that set us back $350...other than that not much has been happening here just regular appointments and staying busy...finally starting to get some sunny weather so things are starting to grow in the garden but don't think we are going to get much this year...only time will tell.

I ordered a new bottom think for our yard is a tough one as the one we have always runs out of twine stuff when I use I'm hoping this one works better...I ordered one for our neighbor as well as he has always mowed and edged our yard since we first moved in..without asking or anything...we just come home or hear something out the front and here he is doing our yard...they are such nice I bake them banana bread..bought them big  bags of candy for halloween and have also ordered a family game for them for christmas...

Also got our aldi fone plans in today so setting them up and that will save us $612 a year..have been waiting for them to have the sale again only have it a few times a year here....feeling positive and know that next year will be a better year for us...especially financially...and it's on 17 days till 2023😬

2023 budget

December 4th, 2022 at 09:43 am

Well I have just updated our 2023 budget...and it is looking pretty good...again I have based it on our lowest income so if anything comes up we should still be able to cover it...obviously we will update and tweak it as the year progresses...

some things I am getting back to is menu planning (been real slack this last month) and cooking more we usually cook 98% of what we eat...but last couple weeks we have been having more take away...which is not like us...but we will be doing it more again!!

Aldi finally has their new plan out...we have been waiting for them for a few months now, it is a yearly amount that you pay not monthly and our mobile phone service was breached...and have been not so we just bought our new plans and when they come in we will get rid of the service we have....and bonus we will be saving around $612 a year just on this...although I am expecting prices of things to keep rising this might not be a real i always tell people "it's only a savings if it is in the bank...if you buy something on sale's only a good deal unless you put what you would have saved into the bank"

Have the car in for service this week, hubby has day surgery thurs...hopefully we will get some answers...hubby also has doctors, my daughter and I have the hairdressers, then we have a xmas party and a baby shower on sunday so going to be a busy week

december is expensive

December 2nd, 2022 at 08:17 am

December is looking expensive and not because of christmas...we have to get our car serviced and also the lining on the rof of our car needs to be replaced as it is starting to droop...I have put away $1000 for service and $400 for the roof....not sure if it will cost more or less will just see have the car booked in for service on 6th but need to book the roof in now and hopefully before christmas.

Christmas shopping is done waiting on 1 gift to come in and then just need to get money out for some people then only have food...shouldn't cost to much as will only be around 8 of us at most.

My daughter had her 4th iui today so hopefully it works and we find out she is pregnant just in time for christmas..that would be so great..fingers and toes crossed.

My nephew has finished his school year (we live in aust) so we can finally get his driving hours many rules over here to get your licence.

Other than that we are paying bills this week and just chilling...finally getting some nicer weather so able to get some much needed yard work done...and then can finally spring clean the windows and such...