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december is expensive

December 2nd, 2022 at 08:17 am

December is looking expensive and not because of christmas...we have to get our car serviced and also the lining on the rof of our car needs to be replaced as it is starting to droop...I have put away $1000 for service and $400 for the roof....not sure if it will cost more or less will just see have the car booked in for service on 6th but need to book the roof in now and hopefully before christmas.

Christmas shopping is done waiting on 1 gift to come in and then just need to get money out for some people then only have food...shouldn't cost to much as will only be around 8 of us at most.

My daughter had her 4th iui today so hopefully it works and we find out she is pregnant just in time for christmas..that would be so great..fingers and toes crossed.

My nephew has finished his school year (we live in aust) so we can finally get his driving hours many rules over here to get your licence.

Other than that we are paying bills this week and just chilling...finally getting some nicer weather so able to get some much needed yard work done...and then can finally spring clean the windows and such...

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