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we are moving again!!

June 30th, 2024 at 06:32 am

So we have new tenancy laws coming into effect monday so our landlord has decided not to renew our lease as they want to renovate...well they have to renovate to abide by the laws and then they will probably ask for more money for the rent. So we are starting to look around but it is slim picking...we found 2 so far...and one is an hour away so not good and the other one we can make it work but it has been trashed by the last tenants so they have some big repairs to we have applied but will look at the house once it is ready if we get accepted to make sure it is done. Not what we need to be doing here but it will also save us around $160 a month in rent...and t closer to where we do all our shopping, doctors, hospital stuff so will save on gas (petrol) as well..but it is winter and wet and we will have moving costs...but if it is meant to be it will be...we have to october to move.

on the upside our oldest daughter has started her ivf journey and our youngest is planning a wedding for that is great.

complete overhaul of budget and goals for 2024/25

June 24th, 2024 at 05:47 am

So we have had so much happening in the last few years with illness, housing, moving, appliance etc...the list goes over the last couple of days I have done a complete overhaul of paying off debt...most of it is my hecs (student loans in the US)...because I am on dsp right now I dont have to pay it but it is indexed each june so it is creeping up, we have some smaller debts all total our debts are around $37,000.

By debt it also includes money to start my ice acct again and money I want to give our daughter for her not real debt but to me it is

Our bills are always paid on time (minus dreaded CC), we own our car and maintain well, as it stands

we will have 3 smaller debts paid off in july, one in aug, one in sept, that will only leave my hecs debt which should be paid off in june 2025.

Our big goal will then to start saving a deposit for a house which will be around $105,000...most houses in our city are around 1 million that will fit our family but ours is based on $900,000 there isnt anything cheaper that we have found yet but we have time...and yes most of that is in fees that is $56,000 that you need to pay up front.

So that is the plan right now...we are working with specialist diligently to try and get me back to work in the next 12 months so that shuld help as this is where we stand at the moment...been a real eye opener....

These are also based on lower income ours can change with the exchange rate so we will probably have a bit extra but I dont bank on it so dont add it in.


elec/gas price hike

June 24th, 2024 at 02:22 am

Well just received another letter from our gas/elec suppliers...we already pay one of the highest prices in the world and the most in australia and yet it is set to rise again...this is part of the letter

In South Australia, the energy regulator sets a 'reference price' each year, which is their estimate of your

electricity cost for the year. Your reference price is $2760 (GST incl.). This is based on the consumption of

an average-sized residential customer in your electricity distribution network (SA Power Networks) on the

same electricity tariff type as you. We estimate your new electricity rates will cost you $3809 (GST incl.)

over 12 months, using the same assumptions. This means that after your new prices become effective, we

estimate your electricity prices will be 38% above the reference price, as of 1 July 2024. Please note, this is

an estimate only and your electricity costs will depend on your actual usage.

South Australia (SA): SA has one distribution network – SA Power Networks. The average electricity rate for this network is 45.3c/kWh, making it the most expensive state for electricity in Australia. This is due to the high reliance on renewable energy sources in SA, which can be more expensive to produce

So guess we now have to start comparing prices again and see if we can do better....I mean $1000 plus every 3 months is just not okay....wish we had solar it would be so much cheaper...evrything has been going up in price...although have to say it is nice that the big grocery stores are being audited because of price gouging so some of their prices have a dropped a bit.