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no debt

July 20th, 2018 at 11:54 pm

Although we have no debt now we have had debt in the past and lived pay check to pay check, no-one really taught me about budgeting, saving etc. Although our bills were paid on time ( for the most part) we did struggle.

Everything changed 13 years ago when our daughter got really sick and I was at college and my husband had to give up work to take care of her (needed 24/7 care), we sold our house but still had debt and I was really over living pay check to pay check, so I sat down wrote out our bills/debts etc and figured out how we were going to pay it off and have it gone. We had no savings and so the journey began. Believe me it was a long process and it took a long time to get where we wanted to be but I researched, called companies for better deals paid our debts off 1 by one and then snowballed the rest, started trying to save a little...although I was more focused on getting rid of debt then saving and this hurt us a lot along the way when something came up.

My husband was quite sceptical at first, but I put us on a budget, menu planned and shopped with lists and watched our debt disappear....even now with my current illness and not being able to do anything much at all we are still on track and starting to save for a house again. I think he is a bigger cheapskater than myself now.

We also are saving for a new car, I don't want debt other than a morg so we will save for a car and when we need to replace it we will use the cash that we have and that is all...its a tool and not something you have to have the latest and greatest of..

remember when you get discouraged that you didn't get into debt overnight and you won't get out overnight but if you stick to it you will get there and all the stress and pressure that is alleviated is amazing and you can live life again...and on your terms...living to work not working to live