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July 26th, 2018 at 03:36 am

I am just wondering after reading many posts on here (and I'm not judging just curious) as to why some people have so many CC? I have one and it has a limit of $5000 and that bugs me that if it was maxed out that I would pay so much interest.

I just think in Australia it isn't easy to get a CC so I don't know many people who have more than 1 so I'm just wondering why some people have several? if you have 1 can't you increase the limit if you need it? if you have several and max them out why would you get more? Is it easy to get credit in America?

As I said I am just curious to why people have several, I'm not judging at just seems credit is so much easier to get in America than most places I wish our home loans were as easy to get as yours, that would make life over here so much easier