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really pi##ed off

May 31st, 2020 at 01:02 pm

So not sure if any of you actually read my post much but we have been telling the landlord/agent that the roof has had dripping noises in it and we can see discoloration on the they said the roofer would contact us...he hasn't yet and we have high winds and plenty of rain today....well tonight we have water running down the wall, i have called 2 cell numbers we have for them and no answer no emergency numbers and i have to say I am really freakin annoyed and let them know about it...we have so much rain due this it is winter here and if they don't call me early they will be getting a not so pleasant phone call in the morning....seriously the roof is all wet in one we have had to move stuff...hopefully the roof won't cave tonight is going to be rough....and we don't know what needs to be done to it...we don't know if there is mould there..not what we need in flu season and hubby going through treatment...just when things were going good.

On another note its pay week and our daughter updated her car...she was going to wait but it big enough for when she has kids in a couple years (yes she is a planner) and she paid cash for it so all good!!

new budget starting june

May 29th, 2020 at 01:21 am

Our new budget starts next week and I can't wait each month we will have savings towards our house deposit...

I can't believe it is almost June, hubby will finish treatment, our budget changes and we can finally start a healthier routine than what we currently have...I am excited for the rest of the year...hopefully our savings goes up and my weight goes it me or is this year just flying by...will be christmas before we know it

heard nothing yet!!

May 26th, 2020 at 02:35 am

We haven't heard aything back yet from the landlord about the gutters or the dripping we hear in the roof yet so have emailed the agent today and see what happens, we are due for a lot more rain in the next week and really don't need flooding inside or we will see what happens, we are due to sign our lease again aug so we will see if she wants to keep us or not...we don't want to move...but only time will tell.

Although if anything flooded like in our last house we had to go through insurance twice so we moved...but if it happens here I might take them for what gets damaged especially if we have spoken to them and they have done frustrates me wish people who owned houses took care of them, I know they use it for additional income etc..but when you pay good money the house should be in good condition..and this one isn't...and I know she has the money as most of last year she was travelling the if you can do that then you can take care of the house!!

Hubby only has 11 treatments left so a bit over 2 weeks (they don't do it on weekends) so excited for that to be over...we will save more on gas and we have already paid in full what is owing to them so we don't have to worry about that...we have bought them chocolates and cookies as a thankyou for all they have done for him...but we are hoping we don't have to see them again...then after a couple of months we will find out if it worked or not and if he needs more treatment or after treatment life can go back to normal for a couple months at least...fingers crossed...its payday this week and we still have a few doc appts so hopefully won't cost much and I can put extra into our ice acct

12 months is my goal

May 23rd, 2020 at 05:53 am

I have set a goal to buy a house in 12 months time...we are finally getting back on track and that is my new goal, we have paid off the CC a couple months ago...updated the car so now its time to get saving for a house...its a bit harder to know what we need to get as our daughter who has a chronic illness and can't work will be living with us but she also wants her own house/space especially since she wants kids...and deposits over here are so expensive...unlike the it is my goal to save around $30,000 in the next 12 months and start looking for a daughter has her own savings to add to the deposit so that all going well that is my goal to start working on in june...I'm determined and a bit excited!!

Wish me luck going to be a tight year trying to make that goal

to move or not to move?

May 23rd, 2020 at 01:33 am

This house has been better than our last house in so many different ways but also has some issues that the owner just takes their lazy time fixing or just doesn't bother...we have complained about the roof and gutter being cleaned for months we live in a high risk fire area in summer so have to keep the yard cleaned up etc...but the owner won't, the gutters shoould have been cleaned months ago and they haven't bothered we have asked several times and now with all the rains and nothing being done we have heard dripping in the roof...we called them but no answer from the owner we are deciding wether or not to move again this year...we didn't want to due to hubbys illness and treatment and we wanted to buy in a year or so anyways so didn't want to have to move till now we have to start looking and see what is out there or maybe do a 6 month lease and see how we go...people frustrate me when they rent out houses but don't take care of them...its your investment so invest the money and keep on top of things...oh well rant over

14 treatments to go

May 21st, 2020 at 02:03 am

Hubby has only 14 treatments to feels like forever but at the same time it feels like it is going so fast...he is coping pretty well and takes himself to the appointments..he does get tired and also uncomfortable at night but other than that is doing okay...hopefully once treatment is done we get the all clear and can move on..if not then we will see what the next steps are.

It has been cold wet and horrible here and my body feels broken...I hate winter and we still have 3 months to go

financially nothing is happening..its payday next week and we only need money for groceries and gas....can't believe we are almost in june!!

ins money is in

May 15th, 2020 at 01:47 am

Got $490 in from our car ins, I gave hubby 400 and banked the rest..went back to using cash for our groceries and gas...its to hard to keep track of it from our account and we usually use self serve anyways so not a big should work better now.

I have put a complaint in with our health minister against the hospital in regards to my hubbys treatment, I don't want it to happen again so now just sent in some forms and will wait to hear back, know they are busy with all the pandemic stuff but hopefully won't be long.

Still looking for a house for my mom to rent who thought it would be so hard to find one...but we will find one...I always believe what is meant to be will guessing the right house is just waiting for us to find it...and we will.

it was payday yesterday other than taking out grocery and gas money I haven't done anything tired and there is no hurry, our bills are all paid so will do over the weekend.

cancelled car insurance

May 13th, 2020 at 06:49 am

We got rid of our old car yesterday so we cancelled our insurance for that and will get over 400 back so I have told hubby he can use that to get some things for the newer he is happy with that...not much else happening today financial wise hope everyone has a great day

busy few days

May 12th, 2020 at 03:02 am

Had a busy few days helping our youngest move (yesterday) into her own place she is a bit excited I will go over today after she finishes work and help her put her bed together and put a few things finally can knock that off my list to do things, got the car title transfered into my name, got the house cleaned today been so busy only did the basics even managed to clean the washing feeling pretty achieved today..still have stuff to do and still looking for a house for my mom to has been hard...but sure we will get there...hubby is doing okay with his treatment gets tired but still doing okay..just ca't wait fo things to slow down and I can rest again

new car new insurance

May 7th, 2020 at 04:21 am

So hubby picked up the car today he is really happy with it, now he just needs to get all the things he wants for it...but he will do that with his mad money...I got insurance on the car before he picked it up and it was priced around $1100 pa which is pretty expensive but it is insured for much more than our other one...but since the covid has hit and our insurance only does people aged 50 plus...we got a discount down to $845 pa and $100 store gift voucher so was happy with that...won't cancel our other ins till we get rid of the car..then we will...our youngest moves on tuesday so all that will be finalised can't wait to slow down a bit!!

bought a car

May 6th, 2020 at 12:23 pm

Well hubby found a car he liked today and $2700 cheaper than we were going to spend, its used but that is fine we don't do a lot of driving anymore...we haven't actually seen the car yet but have paid for it and should be able to pick it up tomorrow, we find out in the we are a bit excited.

My daughter got her rental today and will move tuesday so we bought her a washer so that come out of the budget as well and she had to pay for her electrical appliances (fridge/microwave) they will deliver straight to her new she is excited

tomorrow is payday so I can put some of the money spent today back into the saving account and then decide the best way to get rid of our old car but not today

We have a big storm that is suppose to be coming through for next 3 days...hopefully not to bad but having big trees around scares me as they are huge trees....and we have already had 2 limbs come down since we have lived here..lucky they both missed the house

stimulus payment question

May 5th, 2020 at 03:03 am

In case n0-ne read it on the forum
So I know many people have received a stimulus payment and I don't think we qualify but we have had conflicting information even the irs website doesn't make sense, it says that we don't qualify as I have an itin number and we filed jointly although they haven't processed the new itin paperwork or our taxes for this year (he pays federal taxes)...but they also say that because he gets SS that he should get it...we are not expecting any money at all but since hubby has both how do we find out or can anyone tell us what if anything we should be doing or do we just not bother with it...if they do send a check then it will go to our old address and since they haven't processed any of our tax papers yet (if they have them) it means they haven't changed our address...and we don't want money we aren't entitled to either...any thought??

almost got car money

May 5th, 2020 at 01:50 am

Only $3,713 till I have enough in savings for what we are planning to spend on a car...lets hope we can hit in the next couple months and when hubby finishes treatment he can go get a newer car..fingers crossed!!

may already

May 4th, 2020 at 06:45 am

Wow can people believe it is may was my dads b-day the other day, we don't get to see much of him as he lives 7 hours away and since his 3rd stroke he finds it hard to travel distance...but he turned 87, we are so blessed to still have both or parents with us both in their 80's both fairly dad just has some mobility issues since his 3rd many of my friends have either lost one or both of their feeling blessed!

So this month we have updated our budget, we have 2/3 of our money for the "newer" car we are going to get when my hubby is better..have saved a little for the house that will take us a long while and everything else is paid...the budget is a bit boring right now not much to it and most going into savings so makes it easy and I'm happy we are saving...
we have plenty of food so don't really need anything other than fresh vegies and milk/bread

on other good news our state has had 11 days with no new covid cases, we have none in icu and only 3 people in hospital, 7 in total that have the virus and they tested almost 1000 people it is looking good for us...I think it will keep improving if they keep the borders closed other states are still having don't need that stuff coming back to our state!! Also our shelves are stocked back to normal so no-one is stockpiling I think they all learnt their lesson LOL

hope everyone else is reaching their goals one bigger expense we have is our daughter is thinking of moving out and we said we would buy her a she has found a couple she likes but they are on sale...we have taught her well.

doing better

May 2nd, 2020 at 07:34 am

Hubby is doing much better..exhausted but nowhere near as chesty just have to keep a close eye on him...traetment is taking its toll but we knew it would..he just gets so uncomfortable he can't sleep...I have been doing so much extra but my body isn't coping and I'm exhausted...but we will gt there...have to do what you have to do and he is my world and whatever it takes to get us through this!!
My oldest daughter has been a godsend, she still lives at home as she has a chronic illness as well but she is doing all my hubbys appts and all our running around since I can't drive with my dizziness...but she is doing great and we make sure we tell her and show much as we can.

The weather here has been so cold and wet lately we haven't left the house except for appointments..but on the upside our state hasn't had any new cases of covid19 in 10 days and only 3 people left with the virus and none in ICU so hoping it stays that way..although people keep saying we will get a second wave...we have had 4 deaths but mainly older people with other issues.. but we still have everything in place like social distancing, they have put up all the "sneeze" partitions up in all the stores, counting people as they enter/leave stores...but staying positive.

On a financial note its pay I think this month we will make some progress with our savings, I have paid some bills but haven't really done much with it will get to it over the weekend...I'm just to exhausted right now to do it and what needs to be paid is paid so all good...

hope everyone else is staying safe, healthy and reaching their goals!!