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ins money is in

May 15th, 2020 at 01:47 am

Got $490 in from our car ins, I gave hubby 400 and banked the rest..went back to using cash for our groceries and gas...its to hard to keep track of it from our account and we usually use self serve anyways so not a big should work better now.

I have put a complaint in with our health minister against the hospital in regards to my hubbys treatment, I don't want it to happen again so now just sent in some forms and will wait to hear back, know they are busy with all the pandemic stuff but hopefully won't be long.

Still looking for a house for my mom to rent who thought it would be so hard to find one...but we will find one...I always believe what is meant to be will guessing the right house is just waiting for us to find it...and we will.

it was payday yesterday other than taking out grocery and gas money I haven't done anything tired and there is no hurry, our bills are all paid so will do over the weekend.

2 Responses to “ins money is in”

  1. MagicPenny Says:

    Hopefully as things start to open up and people are able to feel safe venturing out, more houses will pop up on listings.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    A lot of financial gurus think that using cash is good because you see it going out and often are more careful with it.

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