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welcome 2022

January 1st, 2022 at 02:59 am

Well it is finally seems sureal that it is here already...2021 just flew by so fast...but this year is going to be better than last we are celebrating our grandaughters 17th birthday...yes she is born on new years day...she has decided to do a dinner at home since covid is rampant right now and most of us have compromised immune systems...and they are also moving 5 hours away on the 7th we will be busy this week helping them pack and move. 

I don't really do resolutions but I do goals that I want to achieve all year...some are small and some are big...some of them are 

In my budget to get more precise of where our spending goes 

pay off the CC AGAIN

big one is focusing on our health this year...

To declutter some 

to move into a better house

to save some for a house deposit

To try be more active (hard with my dizziness)

be more positive on all fronts

Try to get back to at least 70/30 dietary habits

Hope everyone has a great new has been over 100 here this week so looking forward to some cooler weather..

quick question

December 31st, 2021 at 06:58 am

I know mny of you are getting to start the new year but this year I want to start logging in each amount that we spend in each category..right now we just have an amount say for food $1000 per month sometimes its less sometimes its more, then we have other categories of just wondering what programs they use to keep track of that which is quick and easy....I want to start it tomorrow (2022) so hoping to get it set up this week...any ideas would be great..Thankyou 

I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous new years...ours will be low key as it is over 100 here and with our health we won't be going anywhere


end of year wrap

December 29th, 2021 at 03:49 am

Well it is the end of the year we have no more pay checks but I don't keep track like most everyone and have no exact amounts for each catergories. We now have to pay the CC off again and then we will put it away....we just had so many medical things the end of the year that it just broke matter what how much we put away it seems to never be enough. 

I have done next years budget but we know things will change a bit so it will just means our savings will be down a bit...but thats main focus for 2022 will be our health not our budget...I have been so off for the last few days...not sure what it is...but one thing I know is that we won't be going out as 5 weeks ago we had no covid cases and now we have almost 5000 cases...its to risky for us so we order our groceries online and do direct to we only really go to doc appointments now.

We were hoping that our taxes would be done by now but they are no and they are closed now till jan and then it will be time to do this years taxes so that is frustrating...just hope they get their act together in 2022. 

Not really going to look at the budget till I am feeling better so hopefully a few days...have done most of jan grocery shopping all we will do after that is fresh produce and milk/bread...although I am trying to get my hubby and daughter to get off of cows milk (all animal milk) as hubby has prostate cancer and my daughter is prone to breast cancer and has to be tested each that will help as well. 

The weather here is getting warm here this week around 98 plus so trying to stay indoors and cool as this house only has 1 air con

Hope everyone has a safe, prosperous and healthy new years

almost end of year

December 19th, 2021 at 08:31 am

I haven't posted much as not a lot happening, I have decided not to worry about the budget to much..what happens...happens..will get back into it next year but it is not high priority right now even if it should health is my priority now and that is what I am going to be working on and doing it myself...doctors have not been much help so will just see my regular doctor and I do need to see a physio (it is free) and an endocrine doctor but that won't happen to march...and I have an endoscopy end of jan 2022 (this is also free) won't be to many out of pocket expenses.

Covid since they have opened up the borders in 3 weeks we now have over 230 cases...that may no sound like much but we didn't have covid in the community for almost 300 days and even then it was like 16 cases so that is frustrating as we are now limited to where we can go and what we can do its just to hrd with hubbys cancer and that annoys us especially being summer here.

Still waiting for them to do our amended taxes has been 5 months and they still haven't done it so annoying so not even sure if we are suppose to do anything to this years taxes from last years was the irs that messed up our taxes so will be adding in a note in with the new one when we send them and hope they get it right.

Our christmas shopping is all done and just waiting for the last one to come in should be here in next day or so and..all are wrapped and under the feeling good and I am hoping that next year will be a better year for us when it comes to health and finances