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December 31st, 2021 at 06:58 am

I know mny of you are getting to start the new year but this year I want to start logging in each amount that we spend in each category..right now we just have an amount say for food $1000 per month sometimes its less sometimes its more, then we have other categories of just wondering what programs they use to keep track of that which is quick and easy....I want to start it tomorrow (2022) so hoping to get it set up this week...any ideas would be great..Thankyou 

I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous new years...ours will be low key as it is over 100 here and with our health we won't be going anywhere


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  1. mumof2 Says:

    life balance that is good I have that on my computer now just to put it into catergories something to work on in the next day or so

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