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not working

October 25th, 2020 at 01:28 am

3 times I have tried to blog and it just frustrating

saving on insurance

June 3rd, 2020 at 04:16 am

So when we bought our new car it was bought in a couple days and with all that was going on and me being exhausted I just went with our normal insurer...but yesterday I was looking around as was our daughter for her newer car and I found one that offered more and could save me $260 a year more than the other one so rang and got it started and cancelled the other in next few days we should have the extra $260 which will go into our house account...which is now over $1000

almost got car money

May 5th, 2020 at 01:50 am

Only $3,713 till I have enough in savings for what we are planning to spend on a car...lets hope we can hit in the next couple months and when hubby finishes treatment he can go get a newer car..fingers crossed!!

pay week

April 3rd, 2020 at 12:42 am

This month is looking good...We did have an added expense of a new mattress (spare) for $249...but other than that have only spent on gas and food...gas is down to .88c a litre here (which is .26 gallon) which is super cheap for us. we have plenty of food so other than fresh things we really don't need to go out. We rarely eat takeout so that hasn't really affected us.

Money wise our budget looks good, the CC will be paid off (again) then we won't be using it and I am hoping this month to get $1000 back into our ice acct, car acct and house acct...we have been wiped out several times in the last 12 months due to a lot of unforseen circumstances but it looks like we may have turned the corner and can start getting back on track with our savings...fingers crossed!!

moved my ice money

March 11th, 2020 at 12:46 am

I have decided to move the money we had in our ice to our CC to me it made more sense it is still available to us if needed..and we save interest on the CC when it is completely paid off next month we will get the ice acct back up just sounds better to me right now and I like to save money when we can

do you use a gym?

March 9th, 2020 at 02:51 am

Do people actually use gyms?

We are lucky that we live in the hills and they are beautiful so I use these to get a lot of exercise (when I can) the hills are like a treadmill going to different levels and we see so much home I have a dvd and a pedal bike thing that we use on our arms and legs...I think that covers a lot of exercises that you can get at a gym..and its money saving, get great fresh air..I'm just wondering if people use gyms anymore?

saving a few dollars

February 19th, 2020 at 06:12 am

I have chosen to cut a few things from our budget that have just come up (we pay most things annually) and that is our extra garbage can..we don't use it all that often so have cancelled will save $145 for the year...also our chemist (your drug store) we get discount when we buy from them but not sure if we will continue with that it depends if they have one product i am looking for but is expensive if they do we will continue...if not we won't renew and will save $64 for the year.

family and budgets

February 17th, 2020 at 12:47 am

I am ususally the one person in the family that people come to when they need help financially...not money wise just budget wise and helping make phone calls etc...they know I won't lend them money. i always tell them you can't borrow your way out of debt you just need to work on it...I will sit down and write them out a budget after we figure out all their debts/income is time consuming but worth it if they stick to it.

One of my nieces uses a place that pays their bills for them and gives them an allowance, it cost them over $100 a month...I tell them they are wasting their money..and if they wanted to they could pay me the money instead..they won't..her sister is the one I am currently trying to help..she asked whether or not I should just pay her bills for her and she could pay me (Im like you have debt you can't afford to pay anyone) but that way she wouldn't have to worry about it...I sid no she needs to worry about it..if she isn't willing to put in the hard work on paying down her debt and building her savings then her habits won't change and she will always have debt..she said never thought of it that will be slow going with her while we get things sorted out for her but hopefully she will be better off...her sister on the other hand and her hubby are always spending what they have...because someone else deals with their money they are not learning any lessons...what are your thoughts on this am I right/wrong or both??

another payday

January 9th, 2020 at 03:13 pm

Another payday usually covers groceries and gas with $300 left to either put on the CC or ice account...not sure which yet..but will decide sick today to do much...although it was over 100 here today we have a cool change suppose to be in tomorrow...can't open the house though all the smoke that is in the air..and my hubby and daughter being asthmatics...they can't breathe...its from the KI fires..

Other than that my daughter and I went and did the grocery shopping much easier when we menu plan which I have started again this month...

over 2019

November 25th, 2019 at 02:40 am

Well I am over this year...I really wanted to start 2020 with no debt but we will still have half the CC to pay off next year...which means I have to rewrite my I have decided to write the rest of this year more tracking my budget...will pay what we can on the CC and just be happy with that...

I'm not going to give up we will still stick to what we normally would on the budget bill wise...I have my christmas shopping done just have money to get out...but just a bit disappointed that I won't have it paid off!!

Planning for 2020

November 13th, 2019 at 05:38 am

I am hoping that we will be debt free by the end of the year..that means we can save for a newer car and then a house deposit next year...I didn't reach my goals for this year but going to do a blog next year on saving for a house and car...maybe a $10,000 blog and $20,000 for a house...does anyone else do this to help them stay on track and be accountable?...I know everyone here are in different places with their debts and finances but does blogging make you stay more accountable??

Although I am going to go through next years budget in the next few days to see if this achievable

Planning for 2020

November 13th, 2019 at 05:38 am

I am hoping that we will be debt free by the end of the year..that means we can save for a newer car and then a house deposit next year...I didn't reach my goals for this year but going to do a blog next year on saving for a house and car...maybe a $10,000 blog and $20,000 for a house...does anyone else do this to help them stay on track and be accountable?...I know everyone here are in different places with their debts and finances but does blogging make you stay more accountable??

Although I am going to go through next years budget in the next few days to see if this achievable

Planning for 2020

November 13th, 2019 at 05:38 am

I am hoping that we will be debt free by the end of the year..that means we can save for a newer car and then a house deposit next year...I didn't reach my goals for this year but going to do a blog next year on saving for a house and car...maybe a $10,000 blog and $20,000 for a house...does anyone else do this to help them stay on track and be accountable?...I know everyone here are in different places with their debts and finances but does blogging make you stay more accountable??

Although I am going to go through next years budget in the next few days to see if this achievable

redid budget

March 29th, 2019 at 05:39 am

Was frustrated this morning ove the budget completely going out of the window and being after redoing it I don't feel as bad...still going to be behind where I wanted us to be...but can catch this is what I am hoping
1. the money I took from the car acct (800) should be replaced in april as well as the normal monthly car payment (saving up for a car not actual payment to a company)
2. my ice acct I like to have 2000 so that should be fully funded to that BY mid may then wont add to that for awhile
3. want 2000 in bank for besties ticket home and things to do while she is here (2000) that should be fully funded by mid may.
4. the dreaded cc should be paid off by mid july..

we can then start saving again...we do have extra money suppose to be coming in from a couple of things (cc purchase that we didnt authorise) and money from his son that he owes us....but I didn't add them in as not sure 100% when we will get that money...if we do will go straight on the CC to get it paid off earlier...also have taxes coming in but its not a big amount (around 300) so told hubby he can have that to do whatever he wants for his b-day

So although our budget was completly trashed yesterday we can recover pretty well and get back on track...fingers crossed nothing else comes up

pay week

March 19th, 2019 at 05:45 am

Well mini skip has been filled and picked up...backyard is looking great...picked up a few good half price sales at the store today which wasnt in our budget but stuff that we wanted to get and was on sale so why not..right?

Well I haven't tackled the budget yet but it is pay week so going to do that tomorrow and see how far off track we are and the best way to get my accounts back to where I want first priority is get my ice account back to $2000 which isn't a lot but its a start...then it wil be to pay off the CC again...have done so well barely using I am hoping to get it paid off in 3 months or sooner...

Still waiting for my friend to get her passport so I can buy her ticket over here...can't wait...but I have that money in a seperate this is depressing me so maybe I need to get my budget out now and work on it...see how I go

expensive week

March 17th, 2019 at 11:06 am

This week has been an expensive one, first we had our neuro physio appointments to pay for...then we had to get in a yard guy to do some work that we just don't have the energy for or tools (we had to trim trees etc) so $200 later our yards look great and now the new fence is up we can get back into the yards and start getting things back on we had to order a mini skip to get rid of all the rubbish and old stuff that we are no longer using...we have to be wary of snakes in the yard and our animals and now they don't have as many hiding places...after that we shouldn't have anymore outlay for the yards for a while.

we have been over spending on food lately I'm sure the grocery prices have gone up will have to keep a closer eye on prices of things.

This week I really need to go back through the budget and rejig it and get back on track...the last month has been tough and just gone off track on our budget but has been hard doing everything including 3 other family members budgets...but we will get there

more into savings

March 7th, 2019 at 07:49 am

Able to add another $300 to savings today...I know that it will go down when I buy my friends plane ticket in the nex few weeks but its nice to keep adding to it for now....

Spent $95 today on groceries but other than that no spending...have started to get some of my chrstmas can start knocking those off the list...I like to shop all year for christmas..get some great deals

nothing else to do this week other than catch up with family and week have lots of expenses with doctors so need to rest up for that

wedding is done

March 5th, 2019 at 01:53 am

Almost missed my brothers wedding as I was down with my illness from doing way to much lately...but I made it and it was beautiful and right on the beach the loud music and height (ceremony was outside on balcony) but my bro knew I hadnt been well and had chairs for that made it easier...only cost $100 in a card...and a shirt for my hubby!

have my ice acct back to where it should be so have reached that goal, not sure about what Im going to do to pay it off have a few expenses coming up over the next few months when my friend is will give myself a few days and then go over the has been hot and I have been struggling so going to do nothing for a few days and rest up ready for my appt next week and just give my body the rest it needs...but have lots of family down that are staying for a few days so thought would try to catch up with them as well.

so far the budget is going well have a couple of paydays to go this month so will see what to add the CC to our debt list

busy hot week

March 1st, 2019 at 02:29 am

Well we are in the middle of helping my step son move..its not going well we are all down sick and injured (which we all have anyways but this is just making it worse) and its been over 105 each day and will be for next couple of its not helping

we also had to go over and do my moms internet (as she has no idea) so each night we are not getting home till 8-9pm and so we have been having take away...which we don't enjoy we prefer to it hasnt been settling well

We had to take dog to emergency vet as he was pooping blood and in pain...but lucky it was only an intestinal bug and he is much better after being on meds but an added expense.

so hopefully today we can finish getting everything moved for my step son...I need to do my neices budget and set up some of her banking for her today...we still have a wedding to get ready for on monday so hopefully we will get some rest and feel better or my health will really deterioriate again and I dont or want that

next week is pay week so my goals for this month are to get my ice account back to $2000 (currently $89), to pay off a majority of our CC owe around $2500 plus...and to save some money....might not reach these goals but hoping to make a big dent if nothing else

US taxes done

February 18th, 2019 at 05:51 am

Finally got our US taxes done..was a bit of a chore and since my itin number has been changed or whatever they are doing with it...I started the process oct last year to get a new number or update it...but it still hasnt been processed yet so more forms for that so god only knows how long it takes or what we will have to do for it to be processed...since we cant do online it takes 6-8 weeks anyway and last year they sent a check to us which takes 3-4 weeks to process over here anyways....but its not money we count on or add in to our budget at all...but glad it is done for now.

Was invited to another wedding today so have to put that into our budget...its local so should be able to attend and not have it cost much at all.

We changed our internet company and it costs us around $700 plus for everything (fetch box etc) and then we signed my mom up as well so paid for her box and first month as we had to use the CC again..which I hate but the old company their internet dropped out constantly so far with this one no drop much worth the expense in the long run.

So now we have the CC to pay off hopefully in march we can do that I hate owing money..other than that not much else going on here except waiting for my friend to get her passport so I can buy her a ticket to come over here...cant wait

busy and budgets

February 17th, 2019 at 02:39 am

Have been busy finding my mom and niece a place to live and getting them moved in...has been a long and tiring process but it is done now has completely worn me out. Last year I managed to help my mom get rid of all her debt by helping her budget...she paid for her move to the city and everything else she needed to do on her own..she is happy with that. My mom is one of those people who would give anyone her last dollar before helping heself and family can take advantage of that...but not anymore and she is better off because of it.
My niece left an abusive husband and took her son who took her to court so has lawyers bills, etc he wouldn't even give her their clothes or anything so for last couple years she has struggled financially, she has also been "dumped" with her grandson (who is 11 months) so has to pay for everything for him as well as her daughter won't look after him more than a day or so...and then my niece late last year was diagnosed with a heart condition so has made everything that bit more they have moved in together and I have just written up their budgets this weekend and mom is still doing good and will be adding to her savings a bit niece is struggling financially but she makes enough to cover her bills each month and by end of year she should be debt free and can start saving for the first time in a long time...will be a tough year but will get there.

my youngest DD wants me to help her with her budget as she wants to do a couple overseas trips that will help with her college(uni) degree and give her a step up into her field so have to get that done this have been busy with budgets lately.

Now I am just trying to recoup my energy levels this week ready for some doc appointments, and my brothers wedding in march...and hoping my friend will have her passport by then and can get her butt over here...almost 4 month we have been waiting for her takes forever...not sure if it was affected by the shutdown over there or not but they need to get it done

how did you learn about money?

February 9th, 2019 at 05:30 am

I'm just wondering how people have learnt about money, when I was growing up we didn't have much money but I never felt like we missed out but we were never taught about money. Everything I have learnt over the years of being married and having kids is self taught and by trial and works pretty well now for us (we still learn though) and we rejig our budget as we need to...we have taught our kids what we have learnt about money one is really great on saving and the other does ok but is a lot more social and like clothes so spends more but she does spend her own money so its on her and they both like to travel as well.

I actually do my moms budget now as it makes it easier on her and family asks me to help them with their budgets (how to do one) just curious on how others have learnt about budgets/money tc and do you help others?

US taxes

February 9th, 2019 at 05:23 am

We still have to do US taxes even though we live in Aust which is frustrating as it can be complicated and now they have changed a few Aust we do the in july and january for now we need to sit down and try and do them and I am still waiting for my new we are trying to get taxes done and in and signed off our list.

Still waiting for my friend o get her passport so she can come has taken 10 weeks already it takes forever over there it seems to get things done, but it gives me more time to save for when she is here.

Also have my brothers wedding in 3 weeks...but we have everything we need for except the money for their wishing well...

tin money

February 8th, 2019 at 04:40 am

I put all my coins in a tin that I have...well in 1 month it was full so I took it to the bank and had $107 in the bank was going to save up till december but filled it to quick so I have added this money to the bank and now I have a jar to put coins in...

also we used the cc for hubby to buy some stuff..but I hated having money owing so used savings to pay it off!!

made $33

February 6th, 2019 at 04:04 am

Took our cans back and made $33...was suppose to be $32.70 but the guy gave us $33 so not complaining.

In our state we get 10 cents back on all soda cans/bottles etc. we also collect them when are walking makes a few extra $ a year so money went into my tin but haven't decided what I'm doing with the money yet...probably just just go into savings but have till december to decide


February 4th, 2019 at 10:45 am

was able to make a car payment today to our account, also add to our savings (although this will go down when we buy the plane ticket) and put some into our ice account as well as our regular bills.

Will update our side bar as most of these bills get done once a month have a couple of pays this month but will add to the ice account until its back to where I want it to be.

I have been bad

January 30th, 2019 at 01:10 am

This last week has seen me with bad shopping habits...I really hate shopping but the last week I have ordered quite a bit of stuff...yes we need it and will use it but it has really left us behind where I want to be...I am really annoyed at myself but I do this on occassion...but have the budget back out today so I can see how far off track we are and get myself back on track with our goals...

Also no more spending other than my mad matter what...I have told my hubby not to let me spend...his reply "you never buy yourself anything so when you do I am buy what you want"..its usually true but hate weeks like do you stop yourself from doing this

Australia and savings

January 1st, 2019 at 11:42 pm

One thing I have noticed on this website is that in Australia it is hard to be able to get any sort of credit unless you have a great income...if you don't work yu will never get a loan for a car/house or even a personal loan or CC....Our banks never offer any incentives to stay with them at in a way I think it is a little easier to save and stay out of debt over here as we know we won't get all the credit you get in America....but in saying that it is so hard to save for a house over here as you need a minimum 3% so for a $300,000 home (which is a very basic home) you need $30,000 ($20,000 of which is fees) so that really sucks but I find it interesting the differences...what are your thoughts

my first saving mistake

December 31st, 2018 at 09:32 am

Well last year they sold our house and we got new owners and new landlords...and everything has been good...well I was sick and trying to get the bills paid etc before christmas...I stupidly pay our water bill to the old account and not the new one...didn't know till we got an email saying it was late and I went back and checked it...well I made the mistake so paid the account in full to the new owners and have to wait till the 6th jan to contact the other group to get our money back...hopefully won't take to long...

It was my fault but a costly to get it savings down a little have now rectified and deleted the old people from my account which I thought we had already bad...just need to do better

ready for 2019

December 22nd, 2018 at 05:10 am

Rewrote my budget out today, so I could change and add our car account we opened in so we are looking at putting in a monthly "car" payment into the account and will hopefully save around $5000 next year towards a are expensive here so probably won't buy for a couple years and our car is fine right now.

Going to really try and stick to our budget next year which means we should hopefully save around $20,000 towards a home deposit but I have put $15,000 in my goals just to be realistic. We need approx $30,000 for a house deposit ($20,000 is just fees) but we want to save more so we can do solar panels and whatever changes we want to do to a house when we buy will probably around 2 years before we buy now...longer than what we want but next year I am really focusing on my health so I can go back to work at least part time...but only time will tell. Also added in christmas, birthdays and paying for my friend to come visit us from the US early next excited for that...

I am feeling positive about next year already

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