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busy and budgets

February 17th, 2019 at 02:39 am

Have been busy finding my mom and niece a place to live and getting them moved in...has been a long and tiring process but it is done now has completely worn me out. Last year I managed to help my mom get rid of all her debt by helping her budget...she paid for her move to the city and everything else she needed to do on her own..she is happy with that. My mom is one of those people who would give anyone her last dollar before helping heself and family can take advantage of that...but not anymore and she is better off because of it.
My niece left an abusive husband and took her son who took her to court so has lawyers bills, etc he wouldn't even give her their clothes or anything so for last couple years she has struggled financially, she has also been "dumped" with her grandson (who is 11 months) so has to pay for everything for him as well as her daughter won't look after him more than a day or so...and then my niece late last year was diagnosed with a heart condition so has made everything that bit more stressful...so they have moved in together and I have just written up their budgets this weekend and mom is still doing good and will be adding to her savings a bit more...my niece is struggling financially but she makes enough to cover her bills each month and by end of year she should be debt free and can start saving for the first time in a long time...will be a tough year but will get there.

my youngest DD wants me to help her with her budget as she wants to do a couple overseas trips that will help with her college(uni) degree and give her a step up into her field so have to get that done this week....so have been busy with budgets lately.

Now I am just trying to recoup my energy levels this week ready for some doc appointments, and my brothers wedding in march...and hoping my friend will have her passport by then and can get her butt over here...almost 4 month we have been waiting for her passport...it takes forever...not sure if it was affected by the shutdown over there or not but they need to get it done

3 Responses to “busy and budgets”

  1. Amber Says:

    Aw I’m so glad you were able to get everyone onboard with their finances. Also hats off to your sister for leaving that abusive relationship, so many women stay.

    I’ll keep you all in prayer

  2. mumof2 Says:

    I have to admit I do love doing budgets...and do like helping others to get back on track and stay on track....yes she finally left...but he doesn't want to let go...but it has been hard and he just makes it harder for her...but hopefully by end of year they will be divorced.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you have helped your mom and now your sister. So glad she is away from the abuse. Blessings to you for being there for her.

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