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elec increases and unknown broken bones

June 30th, 2023 at 12:49 am

Well on the 1st our electricity and gas prices increase...some are going up heaps but ours is only going up 19%...which is around $1000 extra year (give or take how much we use in summer etc) so will have to budget for that...everything has been going up.

Went to see my ent specialist yesterday..took 3 months and I have some sort of ear issue that keeps my ears damp (on the inside) and it creates a rash almost like excema  that makes my ears crazy have  cream and drops to help it...I also have all sorts of sinus issues and also found out that I have a burst eardrum that has now scarred over and that my nose has been broken in 3 places...he asked when they happened and I said never...he said I would know as both would be painful and I told him I have never had pain in my ears or a broken nose...called my mom , she said the same thing never had we have no idea when or how that happened....although maybe I just didn't feel it as I did have a major ear infection years ago that my doc found on a routine appointment, she said it was the worst she had ever seen and I didn't even feel it...she said I should be in massive amounts of pain and it didn't even who knows...neither bother me but maybe thats why I have so many sinus issues because it was broken and never set...

Anyways need to readjust the budget and also figure out how to pay all the irs fees they have charged us...tried calling again today and they are to busy to answer, doesn't really help!!

Hope you all have a good 4th July

Another 20% plus increase

June 25th, 2023 at 02:40 pm

Well as of the 1st of July our electricity prices are rising 25-40% in our time to look around and see if offering the best deal and see where we go from there...the letter they sent me says that using our averages that we have been we will be spending approx an extra $1000 a year so we need to update our budget...we have already needed to raise our gas and grocery time to sit down with the budget and get it sorted to fit the new amounts. 

Still not sure if we will move or stay in this house when they lease comes up...or if they will even keep leasing to us...only time will tell, don't really want to move it is so much cost with packers and we can't do it ourselves anymore.

We shuld be debt free again by the end of the year so that wil be nice...had so many extra expenses that have come up and made things hard but we are getting back on track...not doing much else as the weather here has been cold, wet and windy...they say it was going to be warmer and drier but it hasn't I can't wait till spring gets here

Mom is still looking for affordable housing but no luck yet...has only been 9 months...but on the upside it has been nice seeing a lot more of her and spending more time with her.  

IRS and other updates

June 6th, 2023 at 08:55 am

Well it was a wrong prefix on the phone number changed the 3 to a 2 and it was fine, the woman was so rude and beligerent to me for no reason I guess she doesn't like mondays...but was able to get a 90 day hold while they do the amendment...but pretty much what they are charging us is late fees so not sure how we will get that done...I am still trying to find out what happened to the taxes last year and where they ended up...I was trying to see if they have fallen into the wrong hands but that has been hard as we don't have a US address or phone so still trying to figure it all out from our end....only time will tell.

My mom is still looking for a house...been 9 months already...housing is ridicuous...but on a positive note my nephew finally got his licence!!

help with irs phone number PLEASE??

June 3rd, 2023 at 02:19 am

I finally got a hold of the IRS as we had to do an amendment, we paid what they said we owed (once we figured it out properly) which was lower than what they said (before the amendment was put in), they said they have the amendment but haven't done it yet and that our outstanding balance has been given to collections, but to call them and as them to wait on everything until the amendment has been done...they gave me a number 367 941 1004...I call but it says it is a erong number...I have no idea how collections work...never owed people money like this...and now can't call them to get it sorted...have looked all over their page to see if I can find a number but to no avail...can anyone help me please...this is so frustrating,,,have told them it takes a minimum 8-16 weeks to get mail from them but they don't seem to care and we don't know anything until we can get a hold of them so if anyone can help that would be great...never had to deal with such an  incompetent company such as the IRS!!