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taxes done I think and hospital

February 28th, 2024 at 10:51 am

Well my taxes were delivered (had them sign for them) and then noticed that the check we sent had been cashed so I am guessing they have been done hopefully we will get some paperwork in to say so...we still haven't got any from last fingers crossed all is good and done for the year.

Had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done tuesday...the staff were amazing I tend to get sensory overload when it comes to noise and lights and they saw that i was starting to struggle so they took me to another room where is was darker and quieter (hubby stayed with me), they kept checking in on me....the thing I love about our health system is that the prep medicine, the procedures and the food etc were all free...the only thing that cost us was for the chocolates we bought the staff for all their amazing professional but also very caring and compassionate...also made sure I wrote to the head of the hospital to tell them what an amazing job they did as I think it is important to put in complaints when needed but also good reports for staff so they are recognised...I think people should do that more often.....well at least we do that 😊

It's pay week this week so will hopefully get everything paide we have a lot of expenses this month as well as helping our daughter save for her ivf...but I have my plan and we should be debt free july/aug

taxes sent in...wish me luck!!

February 6th, 2024 at 06:07 am

So we have done our taxes and we owed yet again....but after last years saga we have learnt to send over where they have to sign for it and it also has tracking (in case it goes missing again) cost us $27 but worth it considering the headache then we will know when they have it, we sent the cheque with the taxes so hopefully once processed it will be done and dusted for the year...have also upped what they take out for taxes and they have started that this month so hopefully we won't owe next year...fingers crossed!!