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holes in the roof

October 31st, 2020 at 04:57 am

Well on tuesday our roof came up with a leak..what was better was we had house inspection so she saw it for herself...she said she would get someone on it...someone came out thursday..and it was a bigger wetter spot on the roof (around 60 plus cm) they came out and said it was the air con turned the water off and poked 2 holes in the roof to let it drain...and then left...haven't heard anything who knows what is happening...hopefully we will hear something this week.

My daughter has surgery is day surgery and she wouldn't stay here..she wanted her own bed so her sister will spend the night with her to keep an eye on her just to make sure she is ok...then she starts her new job. 

Its pay week for us..most bills are paid, almost all my christmas shopping is done, even stocking stuffers so most will go into our house deposit account which is looking a little sad right now.

We did find a house we really like but it is out of our price range but would have been perfect for us...but we will figure it out!!

a bit to catch up on

October 27th, 2020 at 06:02 am

So I wrote 3 blogs all which didn't show up so will try to do a catch up in as short version as I can!

So our savings for our house deposit was going great until my daughter stareted getting sick (she is never sick) so she went to see the doc and she needs surgery...we don't want her to wait or get sicker so we are paying for it (almost 9000) but she will be paying us back, and I have a contract drawn up and signed already...she didn't have a job the last couple months due to cutbacks at work and her roommate moved out..which is a whole new saga and she didn't pay her my daughter had my daughter has her house back to herself, she has surgery on the 2nd nov...and she was just called today that she starts a new job 2 days after she is happy!

We had house inspection today...first one in a year because of covid...whie she was here we noticed a big wet spot in the wasn't there last night...not sure what it is...we have had no rain..we haven't used the air not sure...the woner will not be happy in last couple months she has had to redo the stove, just replaced the hot water system...and now this...hoping it isn't to bad...we are due to move in 4 months anyways as we don't think they will renew our we have that expense...but not sure what will happen with the roof issue now...only time will tell!! We are also waiting for them to change our water filter..we paid for the last one so they need to and they don't want to...if you can't afford to have rentals and the upkeep then don't..its that smple we pay so much money for this house and all she does is complain.

I am reading a new book about health...and it is spot on for what I have been wanting to work on and it is simple and easy to read...I have trouble reading a lot due to my dizziness it has affected my will be working on that for next 12 months.

Have done around 94% of our christmas shopping so don't really have much to worry about there..can't wait to be done and knock that off my list...until next blog!!

Financially we are doing ok..have all yearly bills paid for the year..its payweek this week...since we will be moving in a few months will try to use the stocks in our freezer/fridge/pantry that will hopefully save some money.

not working

October 25th, 2020 at 01:28 am

3 times I have tried to blog and it just frustrating

no glasses needed

October 14th, 2020 at 04:09 am

had an eye appointment yesterday, was sure I would need glasses as my eyes have been really bad lately, only need them for reading but my eyesight has been blurry and my eyes real they run some tests on them..and it turns out that my eyes are really really dry...and the fat that is in my eyelids doent move around like it should because of I have to put a warm heatpack on my eyes for 5 mins 3 times a day and put in a drop 3 times a day...started last night (done twice) and my eyes are already starting to feel a little better..but I didn't need new glasses so had no expenses for the appointment.

Went to my neuro physio yesterday as well changed up some exercises...cost me $105 but will get some of that back...not sure how much.

tommorrow is payday so can put some money away into our house account again!!

buying a house 2022

October 10th, 2020 at 12:31 pm

I think it looks like we will be going to buy a house around jan/feb 2022....if we have to move in feb 21 then we will end up with a 12 month is expensive to get out of a lease here so we will...just wait and keep saving for those 16 months...I'm sure that time will be here in no time...will also get more of a deposit so that will be nice

more savings

October 9th, 2020 at 10:14 am

Was able to put another $2000 into our house account today due to some extra it is getting there..

Also have done a bit more christmas shopping just to get it out of the way...also ordered a couple things for the house that we needed.

not much else to say hopefully next week (its pay week) I can put some money into our ice account!!

thinking about US taxes

October 8th, 2020 at 12:55 am

Well we still haven't heard about the I'm thinking why bother doing them at all...sure we pay taxes and usually get a small refund but is it worth the hassle...we don't know if they even have them, we can't contact people over there...seriously how much trouble will we get in for not doing them..its only federal taxes and we will most likely save them money as they won't have to give us a refund...I'm kind of over the US tax system...I know they have been shut down and doing a lot...but we can't do it online we have to do it by mail...and we haven't heard in 6 months whether or not they have them...or if we have to resend seems like a complete lack of professionalism on their part and to make it where you can't even enquire is just maybe we just won't do them anymore!!

What pandemic?

October 6th, 2020 at 03:18 am

It is funny watching the news and see how rampant the virus is in other countries...our country freaks out at one state that was having several hundred cases a day..they went into lockdown...and now are averaging around 15 but still in lockdown a few things have changed but not many for most other states we have lived a normal life everything has been back to normal for months..we still sanatize everything and social distance...but not much else...we haven't had any cases for months...except the people returning to australia but they are taking off planes and taken to a covid hotel...where they have to quarantine for 14 days..if they test positive then they stay there until they test negative...they can' leave their etc is it doesn't spread...I know we have not many people have died compared to some countries like we have had in our country 894 people have died and 804 have been in one state...but mostly in people over 70 years old...
I hope every country gets control of this disease..and those that have the disease heal quickly and those that have lost people to this disease find some peace...

October already

October 4th, 2020 at 10:18 am

Can't believe it is october already...It was pay week this week and we have paid all bills and have money put into our home account...only need $35,462 now for our deposit..sounds like a lot but it is coming down each month...hoping to put some more in there during the month.

I did spend a bit on christmas gifts that I bought this week but that money will go back in december when my christmas money is available...

I have so many appointments coming up and already have them for nov/dec...this year is flying by fast...hope everyone is doing great know it has been a hard year for some.

I saw a lady whinging on a tv show about getting over covid...I'm so tired, I wake up so exhausted, I use to walk everywhere and now I can't...I just can't deal with this....I look at my hubby and we both start sounds mean but this is our life everyday and has been for years...same with the pandemic it doesn't really change our life much due to my illness....I hate that I sound petty to some of you but when its with something you deal with all the just can't sympathize with people who moan about how much their lives change because of the lockdown...who dont even get sick...its kind of nice for others to see how people with chronic illness live and what its like for them....enough said...i just hope anyone that has covid has a speedy reovery...I wouldn't wish it on anyone...