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September 22nd, 2019 at 06:21 pm

Well this year has gone far from planning...so last night I sat down and wrote up next years budget, I have dropped our income a bit (it can depend on exchange rate) and raised our bills higher than normal so they should be covered..on paper it looks good.

we will be debt free by end of year again and have $2000 in our ice account.

I wont be making anymore car payments this year but will raise it next year so hubby can update the car next year, will put away a "morg" payment ach month so we can save a deposit for a house...going to try get to get $50,000 - 60,000 for a deposit over 2 years...will see how we go.

Will also be adding money monthly to our ice account to get it headed towards the $10,000 mark we want it at, this will probably take a couple years but our first priority is saving for a house.

I have also put in a monthly amount for christmas (usually just take out at x-mas as a lump sum that has been in the budget), our bills don't really change much so we will see what happens.

Also have tribunal coming up in relation to our compensation claim against our landlord, so need to prepare for that..they usually side with the owner so don't really expect anything...but if it even just inconveniences them I'm good with that with all the hell they put us through that is october 3rd...so fingers crossed it gets settled.

done some planting

September 19th, 2019 at 06:49 pm

It is spring here and now we have moved I have finally planted some vegetable...only in pots but nothing like home grown vegies...and can save some money on salads...almost bbq weather cant wait to just be sitting outside eating dinner with the family...our blueberry bush is really blooming so cant wait to start harvesting those...

Things have settled down with only rubbish to get rid of which is mainly boxes then should be back on track with no added expenses

We have started menu planning again so using what we had in the freezer and cupboards we only used $54 so far this week, we go to store every couple of weeks for fruit and veg/salad stuff...which is expensive...but we eat a lot of fresh produce...

so by end of year we should be debt free again and ready to save for a house...can't wait

almost had to spend money!

September 11th, 2019 at 09:09 pm

My car door latch has been broken for a bit..it doesnt affect the door shutting or staying shut but the other day it wouldnt let us lock the car..for 3 days (lucky we live in a good neighborhood) so I called around to see how much the aprts were to fix it...didn't want to spend much money as our car is a 2005 so getting old and we are trying to save for a newer one...the parts alone were $325 and I thought Im not paying that so after playing with the door for a bit it is back to working and locking...so saved that money for now...gives a bit more time to save...

On the upside we have been selling a few more things so have been making a few extra $'s ($100 in last 2 days) not really sure what we are doing with the money yet as there are things that we need to do so might just do that...who knows

Well we need to go pick up our old computer so we can put up for sale...havent used in awhile and needed the password taken off of it...

Weather is starting to get nice and have started to plant some vegetables for spring...almost bbq time...cant wait

more money in

September 5th, 2019 at 06:55 pm

This month has been pretty good for money, our daughters money from insurance came in so we moved that to her account. We owed her $4000 for the deposit for the house when we moved so far have paid her back almost $2000 that should be paid off in october...she doesnt mind...we have taught her well with money.

with the dollar being down we got a few hundred extra dollars which we gave to our daughter so we can pay her off sooner....then the CC and then we are back to being debt free again

few extra dollars

September 2nd, 2019 at 06:42 pm

got $132 back from old insurance policy.

Daughter will get $550 back from insurance for stuff that was destroyed with the flooding so we will just give that to her.

With the dollar being down we get a few extra dollars (as some of our income is from the US) so that will help boost one account not sure which yet..

still need to menu plan before thursday or might do it thursday while everyone is out and buy groceries friday..not sure yet...

Starting to feel better and healthier already in this house...even he animals are different, more relaxed and energetic...so we know it was the right move...and it only takes our youngest 5 mins to get to work now instead of 35 mins LOL...she likes that.


August 31st, 2019 at 06:17 pm

Well its payday this week....YAH!!

After the move we can't wait our accounts are looking a little dismal..but will start to get them back up to where they need to be.

I am calling to see if we can get some of our garbage can deposit back since we pay it in feb and its only aug and we have moved to a different area..hopefelly we can. Also should be getting a little extra bck from our old insurance policy as they wrote a new one which we have paid..so a few extra dollars there.

It is fathers day today but not doing much, my oldest is taking him to the state fair as a treat later this week as they love shopping together and trying new foods etc...our youngest is working so can't go.

On another front our old landlord is being a total cow about things in the house, she is saying an old phone in the house that has never worked was dusty...that they are going to charge us for painting as the paint was new when we moved in...that was 7 years ago...so is trying to get every cent she can from us...but we arent paying it she can take me to tribunal if she wants I will argue it out with them.They are already looking at moving people into the house this week and they havent touched the black mould yet...this worries me as it can make you so sick but we have done all we can do...
We have also put a compensation claim in for the not being able to use the room, rubbish removal etc...don't think we will get anything but I am just proving a point to them..they think they can push people around and they can't and they lie...so even if it wastes their timeand we get nothing...I'm happy with that...maybe it will change how they do things..if we get anything..bonus...will go into an account we are starting next year for a house deposit.

wow its only the 1st of september and so much happening already...but we are all much happier in this house and more relaxed...even more so when the weather becomes nicer and we can start sitting outside and bbqing

we have moved

August 27th, 2019 at 12:38 am

We finally have everything moved and now just to settle into this house..have a majority of the house unpacked the girls can do their areas and hubby is doing his shed...has been frustrating as we hired movers to move house stuff cost more than we thought, then ordered a skip...ended up needing 3 so that got expeensive...hired a truck thought we would need 1 day ended up needing for 3 days...had to pay people to help us pack as with our chronic illnesses it was just to hard on our bodies...but we paid cash for everything so happy about that...although has depleted a lot of our savings...

Then it has taken them 6 days to get the gas turned on..such a hassle as it has a small leak finally got it on today so we finally have hot water, can cook and have heating...it has been freezing in this house....even the animals are literally sleeping under our blankets they were so cold..glad that is fixed.

so tonite going to take a nice hot bath after cooking a nice meal and then redo our budget and start figuring out where our money need to be put and changed to etc....havent even looked at the budget in a couple weeks...then we will write up a menu plan starting next week...we can all sit down and decide what we want on there...can finally start relaxing and getting back on track

we have a house

August 18th, 2019 at 04:28 am

We have a house to move into...it is costing us more a lot more in rent but the girls being adults will pay the difference as they needed more space so happy to pay. So come wednesday we wil have the packers here to pack up our stuff so next few days will be continuing to sort through and pack things.

I have been selling a few things and have made an extra $280 which we will use for the move, we also have to hire a truck to move our shed stuff ourselves (long story due to mold issue we need to clean etc first. We have a gardener organised and we will clean the house and carpets ourselves. have to call tomorrow to get all utilities turned on and then internet so might be off for a week or so...depending how long it takes them.

Cant wait for a fresh start and to get bac to a routine

exhausted but financially doing better

August 4th, 2019 at 10:06 pm

So we have had many workmen out to give quotes on the work that needs to be done...one guy that looked at the back room (flooded and has mould) I told him and the landlord today that they won't be doing any work in that room until our daughter stuff is out of there...he said when will that be I said when we move unless they are paying for storage...cause Im not....we will see what happens when she tells the owner that...but im not having mould spores all over my daughters things cause they decide to take piece of wall down and carpet up..

I have started to declutter and packing up boxes of things I know we don't need out...as I have limited energy it pays to start early...hubby is not liking this at all as he is a pack rat and I am a minamilist...but we ARE getting rid of stuff he doesnt have a choice.

It was payday this week so I have managed to get my ice acct back to $2000, have replaced the money I "borrowed" from my car acct so that is back to where it should be...we have had to buy some boxes (a lot) so that has been an added expense but should be able to put $300 back into savings as well...so something going right....although we are looking for another house to rent...they are so expensive

it rains then it pours

July 31st, 2019 at 03:27 am

We have had issues with flooding in our shed and back room since may and it is bad with all the rain we have had....we have continually asked the landlord to get it fixed as my daughter uses it as a bedroom...they fixed part of the roof but there is mold everywhere and she currently cant use it...he finally come from interstate to assess everything and decide what he needed to do...we have asked if we can leave our lease early (we have 9 weeks left) the owner said no and that our daughter can stay in the house which we have no room...so tomorrow we are going to be calling the govt housing and see what options we have...as we just want to be gone now..its been never ending and we are just over it all and it is affecting our health...so I am taking the time to start packing and go thru everything and declutter and maybe even sell some stuff...I guess we have 9 weeks to get it done and move house..lets see what happens...hopefully it wont cost to much to move

taxes done

July 25th, 2019 at 12:31 am

I hate the cold wet winter that we are having..it depresses me not being able to grow as much fresh vegetables as we normally do...which also saves us money...still deciding what to pay this week..as we are trying to get accts caught up to where we were...plus pay off my hubbys bed...but its a bigger payday next week so will will update the budget then...

On the upside we finally got taxes done and they have been processed...although they will send through the mail..dont know why they have our acct details so will be a couple months before we actually get them done and finished.

down injured

July 20th, 2019 at 11:52 pm

Last week I injured myself exercising...not really injured but while exercising I have undone most of the months of work that I had done on my neck...I have a dizziness illness and was doing well until I exercised (knew it was bad for you LOL)...so I have been housebound and bed bound since then...bonus havent spent any money other than bedding for my hubbys new bed...but angry that I am months behind from where I was...onwards and upwards.

budget on track

July 12th, 2019 at 01:54 am

I sat down today and sorted out the budget it will take a little to get bak on track but we are getting there...by end of year I should be able to get everything done other than my savings....but I have done next years budget and that looks good...going to see what we can do to save more money this year...hope everyone has a great weekend..its cold..wet and windy here

friend left..new budget..new ?

July 7th, 2019 at 11:42 pm

Well my friend left today...it feels weird not having her here since she has been here for 3 months...but we are all exhausted as we had to be at the airport at 4.30am and it was cold (winter here) and we couldn't sleep when we got home...so I cleaned the entire house..

Now I need to get stuck into the budget and get us back on track, I have menu planned so we will only get what we need each week, we took our cans in (we get 10c per can/bottle) and made $48.30 so I took that and all my coins from home and put into our savings account ($109.70)...so extra money for not doing much.

now just need to figure out the best ways to save as much as we can in the shortest amount of time...

I do have a question...I want to get my ice acct to $2000 which shouldn't take to long (after we pay off the bed) then raise it to $10000 eventually...would people pay off their credit card first or just add to the ice acct and pay on the CC at the same time??

new bill $4200

July 5th, 2019 at 04:01 am

My hubby has severe reflus so sleeps in a recliner...we have tried everything but docs cant find anything that works...so I decided the other day that we would get him a bed...everyone deserves to sleep in one and we got a good one which cost $4200...we need to pay it off but the expense is worth it..

throws our budget out completely so this monday when our house guest leaves I will be sitting down and redoing the budget AGAIN and try to get us back on track.

I paid extra on the phone this month by mistake so next month wont need to pay as much...everything else is paid and up to date...paid for 4 of us to go to the movies today...our last hooray before our friend leaves..

I have money in the bank!!

July 1st, 2019 at 07:29 am

Ok well not much but some is better than none right?

We only have 6 days before my friend leaves can't believe it is that soon...I have my menu plan done...need to rejig the budget when the friend leaves...have resent in our taxes (hopefully they get these ones)

It is pay week and we have money in the bank in our accounts...still have to move some around between our accounts...but will wait till everything is back to normal...and then can update where our accounts are at...but so good to have some money back in the bank.

also thinking if we have enough money in our car and savings accounts that we will buy a car at the end of this year instaed of december 2020...but won't know that till closer to end of year.