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christmas shopping

November 6th, 2019 at 05:12 am

have done a bunch of my christmas shopping and stocking for our kids...also the people we are giving money to I have a few of those envelopes done so about two thirds done with christmas...still on budget and want to try and pay off CC by end of year...staying on track so far and feeling happy!! How are you all going with your christmas shopping and preparations??


November 4th, 2019 at 12:00 am

Payday today...have all bills paid and have managed to put $2500 on the CC...half way to paying it off...hopefully by the end of the year!!

another win

October 29th, 2019 at 06:02 pm

My daughter has had a debt for a couple years that she has been paying off...one that we didn't think she owed but being a govt dept it has been an uphill battle...I got sick so we stopped fighting with them and she continued to pay them...yesterday I called them and stated a few facts and said we were going to fight it until we were satisfied...she said she had to make a few phone calls that was at 2pm yesterday...today they have credited her account with $1800 and written off her debt...that is one more hassle we dont have to deal with...my daughter is extremely happy....I am feeling accomplished this week...and it payday this week so more christmas shopping and payments to the credit card

tribunal finished

October 29th, 2019 at 03:13 am

Recieved our payment from the owners of the old house it was only $1000 but better than putting up with what we were...its now been put into savings for our house deposit.

Finally did some christmas shopping yesterday...used the CC but thats fine...it beats trying to go shopping closer to christmas...my illness just cant handle so much stimulation at once so will get done before it gets to busy...not doing a lot this year and the christmas budget just goes back on the CC...so all good.

Not much happening here doing good at neuro..dont need to see her again till the new year..so will save some money there.

cheap dog food

October 23rd, 2019 at 09:15 pm

The budget has been doing good and the the best thing is we don't have any stores near us (walking distance) so I need somone to drive me if I want to go...I hate asking so I don't...not that I buy much...had to pay for a prescription the other day, I have a bad chest infection and needed the meds but didn't have our card for free meds hubby did and I was with my daughter so just paid it...not worth going home to get.

Today I went to get our daughters dog his biscuits...he only eats one kind..and its over $30 for a 1.5 kilo bag..we are members and apparently get 15% off for this month...he asked if I wanted to use the discounts I'm like sure anything to save a dollar...it cost me 16cents for the purchase...couldnt believe it...so almost a free bag of dog food....happy with that...

Didnt make my neuro appointment as I was at the docs with my chest infection as I had trouble brathing and I have a biopsy next week on my face to make sure I don't have skin cancer...sun over here is brutal

tribunal today

October 14th, 2019 at 11:33 pm

Well I woke up feeling horrible today..I had a doc appointment and she said since the move I have pushed to to long and my illness is kicking my butt so I need to back off and rest more..and that I look like crap (her words) I love this doc she is to the point will go to the ends to help her patients and fights the system every chance she gets...she is awesome.

Then we had tribunal today for compensation...really wasn't feeling it but wanted to get it over and done with and be done with this company (housing)...the point of this claim was not really about money (although it did cost us a bit) but to get the owner to see who he really has working for him..they lie to him and us..and it was the only way to get his attn as we have no contact details for them...and they really are lovely people (owners)...and I wanted to just inconvenience the company...because they annoyed me so much...they came in and were disorganised, couldnt answer questions on dates and then stated the owner didnt know why we here today and was offering nothing...so the lady said they had wasted everyones time if they couldnt negotiate etc...then they were asked to leave while they spoke to us...if we didn't come to a settlement today then we would have to come back to a magistrate later...and I just want to focus on my health...the outcome was they have to pay us $1000 compensation, so we are happy...the owner isnt but hopefully now he can see what they are like even the company owner wasnt to happy with how disorganised they were....so we have some extra $s and are done with them for good...and they have 14 days to pay!!

74 days till x-mas

October 11th, 2019 at 04:54 pm

Almost the middle of october and I usually have a majority of my christmas shopping done and yet this year I have only have 2 gifts that I bought months ago...with the move and everything I am just not feeling it this year and I find it so hard to buy for the kids now...they are adults and anything they want or need they buy for themselves..so I'm just not feeling it...anyone else feeling it this year or have started their christmas shopping?

Whats the average that people spend at christmas? We only buy for our kids, my mom and her great grandson that she is raising (she has had him since birth) so it doesnt cost a lot although I tend to give our girls a good amount of money for whatever they want to get or do.

new dishwasher

October 10th, 2019 at 10:32 pm

When we moved into this house they had a dishwasher...we had one in our last house but sold it as they had one...well i never looked at the house before we moved and my hubby and daughter never looked in the dishwasher...well it doesnt wash well and it has rust marks...so we asked if we could buy one ourselves and replace and just change back when we move...so happy we will finally have a good one and will take so much pressure of my neck and shoulders...not an expense that we wanted but well worth it.

Starting to get some nicer weather here for a few days then back to rain...but getting a lot done so feeling accomplished...even though I am sore as hell...my body is hating on me right now...but will rest over the weekend as I get ready for our housing tribunal

not financial...but??

October 6th, 2019 at 01:20 am

Well it not financial but I just love how this place is coming together...slowly but surely...still have all the outside to do and a bunch of extra stuff the girls are going to sell...but my daughter and I keep saying each week while we live up here in the hills we had better see a koala in the trees...well...

my daughters dog kept barking this arvo...so hubby went to see what the matter was (he barks at most things) and he yells out its a koala...we had one sitting on our fence just looking at us...so I took some photos and a video of it on my fone...he was like 2 metres from us...he then after about 10 mins walked the fence then the clothes line...almost fell a couple times but he managed not to and now he has been asleep in a tree for a couple hours..its my first wild koala that I have seen up close and it was in our yard!!


October 5th, 2019 at 01:18 am

This week was pay week, got all bills paid, paid my daughter back, and got my ice account back towards it should be...should be back there by end of month...then will chuck extra at the CC to get rid of it.

Had a couple extra payments this week as my hubbys son ended up in hospital with suspected heart attack so we had his daughter for the night...he is home doing better but he also had to put his dog down due to old age and she was going downhill...so we had to pay for that..but other than that everything is on track.

yah october

October 1st, 2019 at 06:08 pm

We are finally getting some warmer weather, I love warm weather...love summer and being spring here everything is blooming..love it!

Its payday this week have revised our budget to get our 2 remaining debts paid off and work on getting our ice account back up...so will update after we pay everything later this week.

Still moving stuff from storage, should be done this week hopefully then we can save the $160 a month and put that where it is needed.

Being up in the hills really affects my ears which is making my dizziness worse lately..so still trying to adjust to that...but getting there..have been menu planning and that has been going well...hoping the rest of the year continues being great...feel so much better since we have moved

new acct

March 10th, 2019 at 05:39 pm

Well opened up a new account so I can track my savings and also keep the money I have allocated to buying my friends tickets and while she is here doing the things we want to do...I have a budget and want to try to stick with it....can be hard...but I figure I will keep the account when she leaves and just add money into it for when we buy our house for the things we might want to do to the new house...so have a couple of years for that.

Been busy catching up with family since the wedding..so nice a couple of them stuck around for an extra week....and its much nicer weather so we have lots we want to try and get done around here while we can...have a few doc appts this week we need to pay for but will get a few dollars back but we have the money for that...so heres to another week..

busy weeks still recovering

February 24th, 2019 at 04:25 pm

It has been a busy couple weeks and this next week isn't any different wih us having to help my hubbys son move...still recovering from helping my mom move...but its family...on the good news he has enough money for the move so he won't have to borrow from us..which is great...

have lots of appointments this week that are going to cost...we have my brothers wedding in a week but don't think we need to buy anything for that...except some money in a card..

I just looked at the CC we hardly use it but used it both jan & feb...hoping to pay it off in march if not definatly april...hate owing money...but it was things like a new washer...which is a dream and so quiet compared to our old one...but being short I almost have to climb into it to get to the bottom of it...LOL

I know I have some expenses coming up as next month we are hoping my bestie will be visiting us still waiting on passport...is taking forever...it sucks...but hopefully next month and she is hoping to stay like 3 months...can't wait so will have some expenses while she is here going and doing things and visiting places

so going to spend the week resting as i can and going through the budget to try get the CC paid of asap

more expenses

February 18th, 2019 at 05:34 pm

Well today our washer broke..can't complain it is over 14 years old so we had to go and get another one...got a pretty good deal for over here and paid $77 for the delivery, installation and taking the old washer with them...so worth it don't need the hassle right now of trying to get rid of it ourselves.

Also have his son who is moving next week and he wants to borrow money for the move so we will have to discuss that...always something coming up I'm just hoping that next month no unexpected expenses come up so we can get back on track.

accounts all have money

January 23rd, 2019 at 02:29 am

I know it's only the first month of the year but it's nice to see all of our accounts have money in them. It's a great to see that our goals are starting off...I know our savings will drop when we bought the tickets for our friend to come over to visit us...but everything else is looking good.

The weather here has been horrendous so have had the aircons and fans on a lot...its 113 here tomorrow...such a hot day its my b-day so just having pizza with a few family members but we are buying it not making it...its a splurge day but way to hot to cook or do anything else...but will hopefully get a good deal.

Ordered 4 blankets for winter...know its summer here but they are so thick and I know it will save us money in winter as we wont need the heaters as much and will last us a few years.

other than that we haven't been spending any money....feeling positive about this month...and the rest of the year

Top money saving tips

January 20th, 2019 at 08:03 pm

These are what I do try and save money

1. Have a written yearly budget, use what you know your base income is, also allow you to know best times to plan holidays etc

2. put money away in seperate accounts for annual bills, car, bills etc

3. always revise insurances etc before they become due for better deals

4. set an amount for groceries and gas and use cash each week - use only that amount, whatever is left over put in an envelope so you can buy things on sale etc.

5. menu plan and stick to the grocery list, this includes, dinas, breakfast, lunch and snacks.

6. Always turn electronics off at the wall when not in use.

7. if it cost over $100 use the 24hr think and then buy or forget about.

8. keep up with car/equipment maintenance to stay ahead of costly repairs.

9. have madmoney that is not accountable to anyone but yourself...you can spend on anything you like

10. use whatever rewards and coupons you can to save what you can

11. remind people that when you buy something cheap your not saving money unless you put the extra savings in the bank..its just a good deal

got my money back

January 9th, 2019 at 01:29 am

In december I paid our water bill to the wrong company...the house we are renting was sold and we got new owners and when we transferred all data from my old computer to the new one the information came with it...so money went to the old company...I called them monday and the lady who does their accounting was rushed to hospital with for surgery but one of the ladies called me and got my bank info and put the money back into our account so that mistake has now been settled and was easy to get done...just a couple phone calls...so that went straight into savings again...so no more mistakes this year like this!!

november already

November 1st, 2018 at 09:16 pm

Been a couple weeks since I blogged, have been really unwell then doing okay, not sure what we have done but I have had no meds in 5 days and feeling around 80% which is great but weird, I am just waiting for the crash to hit me, I even managed to grocery shop with my hubby yesterday....not complaining but trying to work out what happened for the change...but I am going to enjoy it while I can...have done so much last few days and it feels great. I do have 4 specialist/doctor appointments this month and going to stick with them in case I take a turn for the worse again...

November is going to be an expensive month for us with all the specialists and I want to pay off my laptop we got a few weeks ago so we can be debt free again, so savings will be way down but if we have savings at end of month then I will be happy.

On a good note my hubby has sold his boat (to my brother) so that will give him some extra savings for his hobbies, not finalised yet as my brother works out of town but will be done in next few weeks.

I have been working on my moms budget all year as she is almost 80, had some debt doesn't do internet banking etc so I have been doing it for her for last 18 months and she will be debt free in next 2 weeks, we just ordered her a new bed and mattress for her great grandson that lives with her he just turned 13 and is to tall for a single bed....and she paid cash so she is happy...she is coming to visit this month so will finish up her christmas shopping and next year she will start doing her own budget again as I have it all written out...she is really happy right now as with me doing it has taken all the pressure off of her etc.

I have our budget written up for next year so that is ready to go, so i am finishing up my christmas shopping this month and then that will be us done for the year have most done just have a few stocking stuffers to get and some gift vouchers people have asked for but will get closer to christmas.

I can't believe that all the christmas decorations are already up and the stores are filled with christmas everything...I really get sick of christmas before it gets here I really don't think that it should be allowed up until a month before christmas...

I am really looking forward to achieving all my goals this month..big expenses and all

busy week

October 14th, 2018 at 10:08 pm

has been a busy week for us all but so far not an expensive one....unless your our DD...her cat got out of her area and into next door yard and got attacked by their husky...all I heard was blood curdling screams from my daughter and I went running just in time to see her cat jump over our fence and hear their dog bash into the fence...so lots of vet bills..luckily she only had a few not to serious puncture wounds...lots of bruising but no broken bones...but was expensive for her....also her cat obviously freaked out attacked the other cat which freaked out and attacked my other DD small dog so it was a hellish few minutes trying to get everything calmed down but they are all doing pretty good now.

We have 1 DD away on holiday and 1 house sitting so the house is very clean, quiet and we aren't spending much on food or anything...so that is great.

I have finally been able to make appointments with a neurologist, my ENT specialist (again) and a opthamologist they sent me to the hospital and when I rang they said it was a 2-3 year wait list and I asked if they knew any private ones and she gave me a number and I get in november....yes it will cost me more...a lot more but not waiting on my sight for 2-3 years could be blind by then....so until those appointments it is living day to day and hoping someone gets some answers.

So going to rejig the budget and hopefully be able to cover them all and not use up all our savings...

more savings

October 3rd, 2018 at 05:02 pm

Well payday came and went and I was hoping to have between $2000- 2500 in savings by end of month but we have managed to already get to $3,611.56...so we are thrilled...yes we have to use some of that for a service on the car but we are $1000 over what I thought we could get and we also have another smaller payday so can add some more in a few weeks...October is looking good


September 6th, 2018 at 09:40 pm

Well being sick on top of a chronic illness has been extremely boring...to sick to do anything..so glad we have netflix...but on the upside still not spending other than groceries...which my hubby usually does.

I have our savings up over $1000 but only updating my blog at end of month as it changes all the time..so feeling good about that...set it up that I have $100 a month going directly into my retirement fund (super as we call it) every bit helps. only have a couple more christmas gifts to get and then I'm done other than stocking and food...so can mark that off my to do list..still need to finish up the shed and get some things put up for sale online and make a few dollars (hopefully)...even thinking about a garage sale just not sure yet and hubby is thinking of selling his boat as well...but we will see.

so far sticking to our budget now just need to get my moms budget for next year done