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first covid cases in 200 days

June 30th, 2021 at 03:53 am

Our state now has 5 cases of covid in the community in 200 days...all because our govt opened up our borders a bit....the family is now in hotel quarentine and will stay there till they test is frustrating so we now have restrictions and people are panic buying which is ridiculous....hopefully things will be back to normal soon...I actually have the doctors tomorrow and one thing I was going to discuss with her is the covid will see what she says.

othr than that nothing much is happening here its sunny here for a change but still cool...managed to get some stuff sorted in the garage so feel like I achieved something.

more tax drama & other updates

June 28th, 2021 at 10:22 am

So we have been waiting for our taxes to be done...and about 10 days ago it said that it was being processed so we checked over the weekend and now it's saying that they have no info so not sure what is going on...geez just want it over and done the time they get it done will be time to do it again...can't believe it's almost july.

It's pay week this week so it will be nice to pay the bills and start adding to our house saving account again.

Covid is starting to hit australia again..we still haven't been vaccinated as we don't like the one that is provided for us it has to many issues...but i might be able to get the pfizer one so will talk to the doc this week when I see her and see what she says..if she says it's ok then will book in to get it...and hope for the best....our state doesn't have any cases yet but we have border closures again...hopefully it will stay that way.

The weather here is cold wet and windy and I am really over it...have been sick for a month now and have not left the house except for a covid test (because i was suppose to have a procedure but was to sick) but it was negative...

I have a fair few doc appointments this month so medical will be a bit of a cost but we should have that covered..other than that no other expenses....YET!

payday tomorrow

June 23rd, 2021 at 12:33 pm

I love paydays....not that they are very exciting but we only need grocery and gas money this week all our bills are paid at begining of the month...but will be able to add to our small savings and make it grow a little more!!

We have menu planned and written out grocery list for what we need for next week or so...will just need to get basics like milk/bread/fruit etc...

Weather here has been cold and wet and tonight they say we will have high winds, torrential rains and flash flooding...god I hate winter and I have been sick for 3 weeks so that doesn't help

no endoscopy

June 21st, 2021 at 04:34 am

No endoscopy today they will reschedule for july hopefully as i am still to sick to have it hopefully by then I will be okay.

Our US tax check finally cleared today so that $300 plus went into our house account so it is building up slowly again and we get paid this week so can add a little more to our savings. 

They have a big toy sale on right now where you can layaway till christmas (they do it every year) was going to do for a charity we support for foster kids but have decided to just put money away each month and buy as we see sales between now and then...think that works better for us right now.

Good thing about me is I don't like shopping at all so even though I am sick I don't go online and shop which means we don't spend much money...hubby does but it is his mad money so he can do what he wants for it.

hardly any savings again!!

June 16th, 2021 at 10:19 am

So we were doing great with our savings but then we had to buy a bed that cost over $3000 plus bedding (so almost $4000)  and we had to use the CC...I was going to keep saving and just pay off the CC but I hate having debt so used our savings to pay it off and now only have $700 in savings...was hard but knowing we are debt free again fills me with peace of mind we are debt free again.

Hubby loves to do prospecting as a hobby but has been unable to due to me being sick as I can't be left alone and I don't travel well but where he buys his stuff from they also sell gold dirt so you can actually get some gold out of each bag...usually not a lot so today so taday i say in my bed and went through the bags and found a bunch of gold in them..all total 1.1 ounces which is about $2600 but we need to go interstate later in the year to cash it in as we can't do it in our state so it was so fun to do and made my day since I haven't been able to get up and around....hubby is thrilled

Nothing else has been going covid test came back negative which we knew it hopefully I am well enough for my endoscopy on monday!

good news

June 15th, 2021 at 06:26 am

Well some good news today..first my friend in the US who had surgery a month ago is finally stable enough to go back to her rehab hospital...she had lots of complications but is doing much better glad was able to speak with her.

Then got a call from my mom our family friend that they thought had a stroke he didn't it was his heart they put in a pacemaker and he is being discharged today...he will be staying with my mom as his kids won't stay with him and he needs someone around 24/7 for now and he is like a son to her.

Today I got an appt for next week for my endoscopy, I have antibiotics as I have a sinus infection and I went for a covid test (my doc said to) she doesn't think I have it but that way if I go in and say that I have been on antbiotics and have the sniffles they know I don't have covid and cancel on me....just hoping I am well enough to have it done the last couple weeks have been rough health wise.

We now have $4600 in our house savings...I am hoping to reach $5000 by end of month...fingers crossed

a happy/sad week

June 11th, 2021 at 06:14 am

First off some good news..I finally got my bed yesterday so it was nice to finally be able to sleep in a bed again..all new bedding...the dog wasn't so sure LOL.

Went over today to put our dishwasher at moms house and of course I went down hill when we went to the store...really wish they would find a cause for hubby took me back to her place so she could babysit me and hubby could get back to get what he needed to finish it up...while there we got a call a family friend who is more like family had a car accident...his daughter managed to get the car stopped and call an ambulance the ambos said it looks like he had a major stroke...they weren't had to call hubby to come take her to the hospital...still not sure what happened as it was only an hour ago..sure we will be updated as they find out more...hopefully will get some good news...

On a financial note everything is ticking along nicely so far this month no unexpected expenses have come hope it stays that has been real cold here so plenty of slow cooker meals...

budgeting is hard

June 4th, 2021 at 08:00 am

Over the last few months with moving and couch surfing I really found budgeting hard, all our savings went into moving and we didn't have much left...all our other money went into our bond and rent (over $4000).

When we moved I was happy but bummed out and just thought do we just keep renting for the rest of our lives or stick to our budget and save what we can and just find what we can for the deposit we have....deposits over here are super expensive as you have around $25,000 in fees that you have to pay up front on top of the deposit...and it just seems so out of our reach at I decided that I would stick to the budget and see what we can save in the next 16 months and then see if we can buy...and hope in the next 15 months house prices drop!!

So I have been rejigging the budget and saving what we can and we are now up to $3900 in the house deposit acct in 2 months...and should be able to save a little more this month so our focus till sept 2022 will be saving as much as possible but also trying to live a nice life...wish me luck going to need all the good vibes I can get to stay on track....what do others do to stay on track...I know many of you have a lot of money but for those who don't how do you stay on track?

sold my bed

June 3rd, 2021 at 06:15 am

Sold my bed my bed but hubby can't use use it so had to get one like him to be able to sleep another $300 to put into our house account...should be around $3900 saved for the house deposit..but they paid cash so have to go put it into the bank before can put it into the account....but every dollar counts.

When do you start christmas shopping??

June 1st, 2021 at 10:23 am

I know this might seem like a weird question...I am one of those people that use to shop all year for christmas gifts (had a monthly amount to spend for christmas) now the kids are adults I just do it in nov/dec...but one charity we support here is backpacks4's a place that provides backpacks for foster kids so they have their own stuff...they have also expanded into displaced teens that no longer live at home and DV they have all the basics when they move as they found that was the issue that they couldn't cook for the kids, have plates to feed them now they have everything basic to get started...which has helped out a lot....but the reason I am asking is they also do christmas presents for the foster kids so they all get something...and our kmart here does a 6 month layaway begining july so we get a bunch of toys and donate to the our christmas shopping starts july....when do others do theirs?? Just curious

june already

June 1st, 2021 at 10:13 am

I can't believe it is june already...this year is flying by...and it's the first day of winter here...and it's cold...well for us anyways

We are doing good with the budget, all june bills are paid already and I have been real good with not buying any extra...going to work on that this planning is going well so we have been sticking to the food budget...gas prices have stayed down a bit so have saved some money there...between may/june so far we have saved $3500 in our house acct...will continue to add to it over the month

Hopefully getting my bed in the next week or that would be great....trying to stay positive I feel the cold wet weather makes me a bit depressed but staying positive and trying to get things done

Only expenses today was my neurophysio...but had that in the medical account...hope everyone is enjoying the heat while we are freezing here