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new years eve

December 31st, 2020 at 12:34 am

News years eve here today...going to be low key...hubby is down sick had to call medics out last night...he is doing better today and is going to see his doc but still not great....think it was something he ate.

Our state isn't doing fireworks this year...just to keep the social distancing happening and we are fine with that...also windy so less chance of bushfires...had enough of those last year.

Hope everyone goes into the new year full of hope..happiness and lets hope 2021 is a much better year then 2020 was...happy new year...may you all be blessed with good luck and happiness

last post 2020

December 30th, 2020 at 03:35 am

Well this is probably my last post for 2020...roll on 2021

So much to do already for the start of 2021...we already have 15 appointments for jan...and some for feb/march/april...

we are moving in feb...yes they are not renewing our lease...and that is fine...just need to find a house to move to and we have just over 50 starting to slowly pack what we aren't using and what we will donate to charity etc...that way I can spread out my energy as much as possible...or lack there of energy!!

Also got my new planner in which has everything I need in it including a menu planner, shopping list, gift list..savings etc...literally everything you need in it!!

Going to be on a strict budget next year unless it is an emergency..if its not in my budget then we are not doing it...simple!!! need to save as much as possible for a house goal is $50,000 (pretty unrealistic) but if we get $35,000 I will be thrilled...just like to challenge myself a bit all year.

I have financial goals set up for the next couple of years...2021 will be saving for a house deposit and keeping my $2,000 ice acct. 2022 will be saving $10,000 in my ice account and 6 months worth of bills into an account...once that is done it will be paying off our morg (hopefully we will have one by then) we plan on when we buy to pay the payment and interest each month so it comes down least this is the plan!

My number one goal is to get a diagnoses of what is wrong with me (haven't got one in 7 years) and to get healthier...

We are ending this year with no debt, $2,000 in our ice account and some money in the bank...not much but feeling confident going into 2021...hope everyone has a great new years, stay safe....and we will talk again in 2021!!

christmas is almost here

December 21st, 2020 at 11:58 pm

Well christmas is a couple of days away my sister and her hubby will be staying with us for a couple of nights since my other sisters house burnt down and she is staying at my that will be interesting...but nice to catch up with them. We have almost everything we need for christmas...just a couple things food wise to pick up christmas eve...and then to make salads.

We do have a lot that we need to do in the next couple days...we are trying to sort out our shed and put stuff into our storage shed we are renting...what a job...but hopefully we will get it done in time..other than that we are set.

Our accounts are looking a bit sad right now...actually a lot like 2020 has been...but we are ending the year with no debt...a newer car and a brighter we are happy with that.

Our goal 2021 financially is to try and save $50,000 for a house deposit...that is a stretch and I won't be upset if we don't make it..but I like to challenge we will see how close we get...will be nice to start looking for a new place of our own...although we will be moving in feb to a new rental if we can find one...fingers crossed.

I have been spending a little to much lately on christmas..its been a crap year for some so just want to end it on a happy note..but next year it will be tight to reach my goal...

I have been taking cbd oil for the last couple weeks it has been really helping me out so hopefully we are going to keep going forward healthwise...although it is really expensive it is worth it...everyone has seen a positive change in my health...that is another one of my goals it to get healthier next year...and I might be able to do that with this oil!!

budget for 2021

December 15th, 2020 at 10:47 am

I have aready done my mothers budget for next year, it barely changes as her bills are usually the same each month.

I have done I am always tweaking it I have done it on the computer now...I have done the basics but I need to get my new doctors and medication into my budget...then it will be done...hopefully tomorrow as we don't have any appointments that we need to attend...hopefully we can get some decent savings up next year for our house deposit...we are looking at saving at least $30,000 but hoping to save fingers crossed.

Food over here has gone up and we knew it would this year due to the bushfires we had at the end of 2019/early 2020...just got over that and covid hit...but we are still not using all our food budget money so we are kind of saving there...will revise every few months next year and see if we can lower it a bit...its hard when you have such a lack of energy that cooking becomes real hard...but heres hoping.

Also need to add in the budget our moving expenses in feb...other than that not much is changing in our budget...

All we have left to do for christmas this year is buy the christmas food and we will be done...should be fine to come out of our regular food budget...hope everyone else is ready for christmas 

No covid cases

December 12th, 2020 at 12:56 am

Australia has had no community covid cases for a week now...I know its only a week but that means the whole of australia has no covid cases in the community at all...hopefully will stay that way....we do have some in the quarantine hotels but they aren't in the happy all the lockdowns and protocols we have been doing are working!!

I hope the US adopts some of these and your cases drop and you can start having your numbers drop...unfortunately I can't see this happening because unless each state does the same thing or you shut down your state it will continue to spread

always helping people

December 12th, 2020 at 12:52 am

My daughter started a new job a couple weeks ago they had trouble with the system so she didn't get paid and wont till the next pay cycle (2 weeks) so we have had to lend her money for her bills/food/gas...she will pay it back when she gets paid but it is a pain for us...she also won't get paid till 2 days before christmas...hopefully after that things will be mom was over yesterday and said how much my budgeting has not only helped her financially but the way she views money and what she buys!!

new doctors

December 8th, 2020 at 09:43 am

Went and saw an intergrated doctor today...they listened...they need to get my records from my other doc that I see regularly so I don't have to have unnecessary was suppose to cost $300 for the consult but I got a discount so it costs $240 then I got a rebate of around $215 but the meds he gave me cost around $ it cost me a lot less than I thought it year it will cost me more until we hit our threshhold...but i am hoping to get some answers. They have put me on CBD oil to see how I I'm hoping it works.

On a better note was walking the dog in the park near us and saw our usual koala...swaying in the tree (it was windy) and then we saw a younger one a bit further was nice to see as you only usually see one at a daughter loves taking photos so went to take some of them...and found a 3rd it looks like a family is there together...I love living where we are because of the wildlife here but I do miss the beach so hopefully heading back that way in feb...!!

Hope everyone is getting ready for christmas...not long to go now

a few extra dollars

December 5th, 2020 at 01:13 am

So starting to go through things ready to move in feb 2021 and have managed to sell a few things so in total an extra $300 to put into our home account

All bills are paid for the year...only gas and food left to get...and christmas food....everything else is done!!