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budget for 2021

December 15th, 2020 at 10:47 am

I have aready done my mothers budget for next year, it barely changes as her bills are usually the same each month.

I have done I am always tweaking it I have done it on the computer now...I have done the basics but I need to get my new doctors and medication into my budget...then it will be done...hopefully tomorrow as we don't have any appointments that we need to attend...hopefully we can get some decent savings up next year for our house deposit...we are looking at saving at least $30,000 but hoping to save fingers crossed.

Food over here has gone up and we knew it would this year due to the bushfires we had at the end of 2019/early 2020...just got over that and covid hit...but we are still not using all our food budget money so we are kind of saving there...will revise every few months next year and see if we can lower it a bit...its hard when you have such a lack of energy that cooking becomes real hard...but heres hoping.

Also need to add in the budget our moving expenses in feb...other than that not much is changing in our budget...

All we have left to do for christmas this year is buy the christmas food and we will be done...should be fine to come out of our regular food budget...hope everyone else is ready for christmas 

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