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amazing bonus money

January 19th, 2022 at 03:12 am

I was playing games on the computer the other day and I won $5500...yep so I took it out and it was deposited into my account last night....was really amazed things like that don't usually happen to I paid off my CC...this extra money has put us about 3-4 months ahead of where we would be as we put it in the budget to pay off the CC and now we don't need it means we are debt free again....and now I get to go and play with the budget and put the money into ice and savings...I am one happy chappy this week....and bonus it's pay week but going to do a major shop since our daughter is going away for 4 weeks to the US and then to her sisters for a week to isolate (just in case)....something positive for this month....I'm liking 2022 so much better than last year

Also my mom is coming down to for a few days as her grandson who was living with her is starting school and needs to get uniforms etc...she was suppose to come down this week but he got covid last week so is waiting...she will stay with us so she can go to the hair dressers and then get her booster shot on sat then will go to my sisters...she has teens living with her who go out so I don't want my mom to go back and forth between houses with our health...and she is good with that.

Now I need to go write a list of groceries that we will need for the next 5 weeks...wish me luck

Been sick all week

January 17th, 2022 at 12:44 pm

After helping my step son pack up his house and move my body went into melt down...have been so sick...didn't help that we had a few days over 100 degrees...slowly starting to feel better....I am hoping I feel better by saturday as I am suppose to have my booster daughter had hers last week and had a bit of all over body pain and tiredness this hopefully I won't be any worse...our hospitals are not coping with all the new covid cases...they weren't coping before don't need to be sick or end up in the ER...we had a child here that poured hot tea over them and they waited 57 mins for an ambulance and another person fell unconscious and they had to wait 4 hrs for an ambulance because they are ramped...same with people having strokes/heart attacks...they are trying to keep them alive in the back of ambulances while they are waiting to be's horrible. 

Our oldest daughter is going to nebraska for a month beginning is scary for us for her to be travelling over there amongt all the covid...but she is an adult and it is her choice...when she gets back she will quarantine at her sisters house for a week to make sure she doesn't have covid....if she does get sick her sister is only 2 doors down so she can help her if she needs it...just hope she doesn't get sick over there...that really scares me...I know but she is still my baby and will be so far away....I still worry.

I have a few things budget wise that I am doing but not ready to put up here yet....although this week will probably do a major monthly grocery shop and get meat from the we don't have to go out much when our daughter isn't here...I get very unstable on my feet so can't really be left alone due to will be hard on my hubby if we need to go places....and wearing masks make me really dizzy...but guess we will have to work it out

OMG wish the IRS would do it's job!!

January 10th, 2022 at 02:49 pm

I am by no means an expert...damn I'm rarely understand your taxes over there and yet the IRS seems more confused than me about what is going on with our taxes after an hour on the phone still no progress only a note put on our account and then transferred me to someone who said they couldn't help me and transferred me back and said I had to wait 30-60 minutes...sorry I'm on my cell phone and just sat there talking to you for an hour I'm not waiting again. So a little back story...we sent our 2019 taxes in and the pandemic obviously all that went on it never got processed...then we sent in our 2020 taxes in feb 2020...we had called about our 2019 taxes and they said just send them in again as they hadn't seen we sent them in where they had to sign for them...after all we have to send in paper copy and it has all our personal info on it so wanted to make sure they got them...and they did.

So they finally did our 2019 taxes and we got a refund...thought that was the end of that...but found out tonight that they have me as filing as a single not married filing jointly...considering it's my hubby's not sure how we are suppose to fix that now...or maybe we will just wait for them to contact us about it.

So 2020 taxes rolls around and we got $67 refund...which was around $3000 we called them to find out why so low, they said it was because of the stimulus payments etc...which we informed them we never received as we found out that they based it on our 2018 taxes as at the time they hadn't processed our 2019 taxes they sent my hubby $1800 in stimukus payments (I have an itin so didn't qualify..which is fine by me..we didn't expect anything) but because we didn't get the payment we never had them on our 2020 taxes....after several phone calls we figured out that whoever put our information into the tax system put our address in wrong, they never put the taxes we paid on the thats why the refund was so I had to send an amended tax return in with the taxes on it...which was apprently filled out wrong but they went line by line with me to fill it again...they messed up....they have now had the amended tax for 23 weeks so they have put a not on it saying it has to be processed ASAP...but no-one could tell me what stimulus credits we have to put on this years taxes whether it is the 1800 plus 1400 or just the 1400...even the lady I spoke said she was really this weekend we will do our taxes send them off and hope for the best and maybe if we are lucky they will be done by the end of 2022...but they did say if I didn't receive a response in 30 days to contact them...we have never received mail from them in over 2 lets see what happens....I wish we could file them electronically like everyone else...these screw ups are on their end not ours and it is really frustrating....they are frustrated as the info they have is not the same as I have because someone isn't doing their job right...and I am frustrated because they have no idea what they are doing

Sorry for the long rant...but I was hoping this saga would be finished by end of last year and it hasn't we have to try figure out this year...I think I will be putting a letter in the taxes to explain what has been going on....and hope they get the data in right this time...wish us glad our taxes are so much easier 

bills paid for the month

January 4th, 2022 at 05:49 am

I love the beginning of the month I can pay all our bills and then not have to worry about them...then every fortnight we will take out our grocery and gas money...we use to use cash as it was easier to be in control of but with covid so rampant here and doing more ordering online we decided to open up an account just for groceries and gas so we can keep it seperate from everything else....we also only have $300 left to put into the ice account for the month (to reach my monthly goal) , we still need to pay for the truck for my hubby's son to move so won't get as much paid on the CC but that is long as everything else is paid we will be far this year things are looking good budget wise

welcome 2022

January 1st, 2022 at 02:59 am

Well it is finally seems sureal that it is here already...2021 just flew by so fast...but this year is going to be better than last we are celebrating our grandaughters 17th birthday...yes she is born on new years day...she has decided to do a dinner at home since covid is rampant right now and most of us have compromised immune systems...and they are also moving 5 hours away on the 7th we will be busy this week helping them pack and move. 

I don't really do resolutions but I do goals that I want to achieve all year...some are small and some are big...some of them are 

In my budget to get more precise of where our spending goes 

pay off the CC AGAIN

big one is focusing on our health this year...

To declutter some 

to move into a better house

to save some for a house deposit

To try be more active (hard with my dizziness)

be more positive on all fronts

Try to get back to at least 70/30 dietary habits

Hope everyone has a great new has been over 100 here this week so looking forward to some cooler weather..

quick question

December 31st, 2021 at 06:58 am

I know mny of you are getting to start the new year but this year I want to start logging in each amount that we spend in each category..right now we just have an amount say for food $1000 per month sometimes its less sometimes its more, then we have other categories of just wondering what programs they use to keep track of that which is quick and easy....I want to start it tomorrow (2022) so hoping to get it set up this week...any ideas would be great..Thankyou 

I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous new years...ours will be low key as it is over 100 here and with our health we won't be going anywhere


end of year wrap

December 29th, 2021 at 03:49 am

Well it is the end of the year we have no more pay checks but I don't keep track like most everyone and have no exact amounts for each catergories. We now have to pay the CC off again and then we will put it away....we just had so many medical things the end of the year that it just broke matter what how much we put away it seems to never be enough. 

I have done next years budget but we know things will change a bit so it will just means our savings will be down a bit...but thats main focus for 2022 will be our health not our budget...I have been so off for the last few days...not sure what it is...but one thing I know is that we won't be going out as 5 weeks ago we had no covid cases and now we have almost 5000 cases...its to risky for us so we order our groceries online and do direct to we only really go to doc appointments now.

We were hoping that our taxes would be done by now but they are no and they are closed now till jan and then it will be time to do this years taxes so that is frustrating...just hope they get their act together in 2022. 

Not really going to look at the budget till I am feeling better so hopefully a few days...have done most of jan grocery shopping all we will do after that is fresh produce and milk/bread...although I am trying to get my hubby and daughter to get off of cows milk (all animal milk) as hubby has prostate cancer and my daughter is prone to breast cancer and has to be tested each that will help as well. 

The weather here is getting warm here this week around 98 plus so trying to stay indoors and cool as this house only has 1 air con

Hope everyone has a safe, prosperous and healthy new years

almost end of year

December 19th, 2021 at 08:31 am

I haven't posted much as not a lot happening, I have decided not to worry about the budget to much..what happens...happens..will get back into it next year but it is not high priority right now even if it should health is my priority now and that is what I am going to be working on and doing it myself...doctors have not been much help so will just see my regular doctor and I do need to see a physio (it is free) and an endocrine doctor but that won't happen to march...and I have an endoscopy end of jan 2022 (this is also free) won't be to many out of pocket expenses.

Covid since they have opened up the borders in 3 weeks we now have over 230 cases...that may no sound like much but we didn't have covid in the community for almost 300 days and even then it was like 16 cases so that is frustrating as we are now limited to where we can go and what we can do its just to hrd with hubbys cancer and that annoys us especially being summer here.

Still waiting for them to do our amended taxes has been 5 months and they still haven't done it so annoying so not even sure if we are suppose to do anything to this years taxes from last years was the irs that messed up our taxes so will be adding in a note in with the new one when we send them and hope they get it right.

Our christmas shopping is all done and just waiting for the last one to come in should be here in next day or so and..all are wrapped and under the feeling good and I am hoping that next year will be a better year for us when it comes to health and finances

redid the budget till 2023

November 24th, 2021 at 05:23 am

So the last few months I have just about given up on our budget...when I get sick or depressed it just stresses me out and I also spend way to much's a bad habit and one I am breaking...usually happens once a year!!

So I sat down today and since our income doesn't really change..if it does it usually goes up so we don't add it in...and I have written up our budget for the next 2 years and if all goes well we should be able to buy a house in 2 years...sounds like forever and feels it...but we will get there. I have also printed out 12 months of our menu plan so we can start writing it up monthly again and shopping monthly like we use to, then just get fresh stuff once a week at the markets....when the insurances become due will search around and see if we can get a better deal and will after christmas see if we can get a better deal with our cell phones.

Any tax money etc we get will go straight into savings and I am hoping to hopefully get some answers about my health and go back to work at least part time...I miss working...I miss living a normal these are my future financial goals...fingers crossed nothing big comes up

tax update

November 23rd, 2021 at 02:04 am

Finally got a hold of the IRS and got some answers as to what has been going on...let me try to explain where it makes in a different country we have to do a paper copy of our taxes..I do ours on the computer and then print them out and send. When the pandemic hit our taxes must have been there somewhere but they had closed etc so nothing was done and then they were so backlogged and had millions of stimulus payments etc to do as we gave them plenty of time. So we didn't get stimulus checks (didn't think we would) and they went by our 2018 taxes. So this year when they finally did our 2019 taxes things had changed and my hubby was eligible for his part of the stimulus checks which we got about a month ago but things still didn't add up with the taxes we after talking with them today we are looking at the original and amended taxes (they asked me to do and helped me do over the phone earlier this year)...whoever put the information into their data base never added in the taxes that we actually paid so it looked like we didn't have any tax the kind lady after an hr and half (god help my cell phone bill) finally figured it out and now is going to try and get the account moved to her as she knows what is going basically for the last 7 plus months it was basic human error of putting in data into a computer that has taken so long to figure hopefully it will be finalised in the next few months and next years won't take so long....fingers crossed!!

I hope that makes sense to people

Borders opening up tonight

November 22nd, 2021 at 11:14 pm

So our state has  pretty much over the last 2 years been covid free in the community except for a few minor outbreaks...but tonight we are opening up our borders...none of us are happy there are states that will be allowed to travel here now without quarantening that consistently have over 1000 new cases a day...and have for a long time..obviously they don't know what they are doing with my hubby having cancer and my health we are really limiting where we go and it will only be essential services...we will do contactless deliveries of groceries etc...even our businesses are going back to the old covid ways of wearing masks during all appointments...having to be vaccinated etc...can only imagie how many cases we will get here between now and new will be allowed to visit at christmas unless double vaxxed and they have to sanitize hands etc when they come over....hate that we have to live this way...I know not many understand that since covid in the US has been such a big issue for so long but the govt we have has cut so much funding to our health services that they can't cope now...let alone with a bunch of covid cases....a lot of people are waiting up to 4 hours for an ambulance...and now many doc/nurses are quitting or being let go because they aren't less workers as well...its just a wrong move...and we will also be opening up to international travellers as well...Australia will soon be like the rest of the world...covered in covid and not being able to cope....but I guess its a way for the govts to get rid of the elderly and people with health issues!!

Not a happy camper...but already preparing for the worst and hoping for the best...bad thing is with summer holidays and many people will be travelling!!

almost tax time again

November 22nd, 2021 at 09:28 am

As I sit here and look at the budget for december I am reminded that come Jan 1st it is tax time again (in the US anyways) and the crap starts all over again...yes I know I shouldn't call it that, but we are still waiting for them to do this years amended its just a major headache as we can't do them online...and when we call they have no info and ask us to send them again...which we have decided ehen we send them they have to sign for them now so I know that they get them....that is a lot of personal information if they aren't getting them and we wouldn't know if people are using our info as we don't live over we hope that isn't happening...I am just hoping this year the taxes will be done and dusted early and we don't have to worry about them.....and getting the refund that is owed to us would be nice to get as well.....rant over

just pushing through everything

November 20th, 2021 at 06:41 am

Not all financial but I have decided to change how I do things and take the pressure of myself...I ended up in the ER twice last week and still no answers...they also think that my cortisol levels are not the we are still completely clueless to what is going on with me...they sent me to another clinic who will send some suggestions to my regular doc to have some more tests done...I have taken myself off all my natural meds and just seeing how I go...I am trying to walk everyday although our spring weather has almost been non existant...and I have to have someone go with me due to my dizziness...but we are struggling through. I see my integrated doctor early december and my hubby sees his urologist in dec to see how his cancer is lets hope we get some good news and no more bad news...Our state borders open up this week and it worries me as we don't have covid in our community and haven't for months and the states that we are opening to are having 1200 plus new cases a day...and I know if my hubby or I get covid with our health we will most likely die!! we will be changing how we do things and will be doing mostly click and collect or deliveries of everything to limit our exposure.

I have redone our budget and instead of freaking out of what we don't have in our accounts I am putting some in each account each month and I will have to be happy with that...we will get where we need to be eventually and I have to be okay with that..and I think I will be...just have to be smart how we do things now. On the upside I have 2 more gift cards to buy for christmas which I will do today and then we are done...will only need to get christmas food which is in the year I have a monthly amount we will put into savings each month as we buy gifts all year on great nephew got his learners today so has asked my hubby and daughter to teach him how to drive over the next year (yes they have to have them a year) so that may add to the budget a bit but if we aren't going as many places then it might not...time will tell...he has a part time job so is saving for a car of his own..other than that we are trying to sort out all the stuff we have and get the house/shed/storage sorted a will take some time as we haven't been well.

To much financial pressure

November 3rd, 2021 at 01:19 am

So I know many on here are pretty well off and congrats to you and others are doing okay and others live paycheck to paycheck, we do okay we are pretty good at never having much debt except the CC that we use every one in awhile...but I do pressure myself to put more money into savings..more money into my ice account etc...then I fall off the wagon and then have to is frustrating me...I know i do it when I am having a bad day/week...and if I put money into one area and not another then I get frustrated that I don't put it into those other's just how my brain works right now...

Our bills are always paid on time (usually early) and we always have plenty off food but I think because of my illness the last 8 long years, that it has put us so far behind where we want to be that my frustration stems from that they think we have figured out what is wrong with me it is going to take another 1-2 years to hopfully get back on track and maybe get well enough to go back to work (hopefully) I have decided to take the pressure of myself and every payday put money into each account and just be happy where we are at that time and that we will get where we are suppose to be in life eventually and just focus on my health and happiness.

So now I am going to go rejig my budget for the next couple of years and just take things as they come up and just focus financially on saving in all areas and see how it will work out...wish me luck...hopefully the pressure feeling will disappear and I can relax when it comes to finances again. 

finally went to costco

November 2nd, 2021 at 04:29 am

Well we finally gave in and went to costco...not a place we would go often but did get some new things to try and some good deals...we only have 1 costco in our state and it's about a 50 min drive from haven't really wanted to we spent a bit more of our grocery money but we will take it out of the rest of the months budget...but interested in trying some new things...

We are moving stuff from one storage unit to another today....but it got to hot and my illness doesn't like the heat so will go over around 5pm and work for another couple of hours....tomorrow is out as we have what we don't get done with hopefully finish thur/friday  and can hand back....we have done about half of it....then once done we will work on the stuff here that needs storage...then hopefully will be done till we buy a house...

I decided to do the 52 week challenge even though I didn't really have anything to save have decided to do it for things we want to do for the house that we buy like floors etc...obviously will figure out when we buy it but it give me a goal to work on

things always changing

November 1st, 2021 at 03:57 am

As usual things in life are always we have decided instead of moving in a year we will stay here 2 years (if we can) until we can afford to we are saying 2 years unless things change with that we have made some changes and we have leased a bigger storage shed (yes we have lots of stuff...mainly hubbys tools) and will make some changes in how we use this house so it will fit us better for a couple of years...especially if our DD gets pregnant....although I don't really like this house it would have been a waste of money to move in a year then again the following will rejig the budget and go from there.

We had halloween here this year we decorated, it looked pretty awesome considering we decided 3 days beforehand to do it....its not real big here in aust and some years we have sometimes only gotten 3-5 people...but last night we had around 200 kids come to the door...we ran out of candy but lucky we keep a good staff of munchies that we take in the car if we know we will be out for awhile and that our daughter takes hiking so we used those....the 2 neighbours both ran out they couldn't believe how many more there were this year...but it was fun and will plan better for next year

The weather here has been weird, had really nice spring day, then a major hail storm (destroyed so many cars), then back to nice coule of days and then we are back to rain in a few days....we have had weird weather all year...

I am going to start my spring cleaning again...we will be moving a lot of stuff in the next 6 weeks to the new storage and then will need to get our christmas stuff done....and before we know it 2022 will be here....have ordered my last x-mas present and then I am done

Budget 2023

October 25th, 2021 at 05:59 am

I love to budget..but the last couple of years have been so unpredictable for us that a budget has been hard to stick health has cost us thousands in specialists and hubby's cancer the first time cost us a few thousand...not so much this time as only treating with injections at the moment...and then moving house, couch surfing, helping our youngest daughter out, moving my our oldest trying to have a baby (we will probably help her out as well. 

So with all the happening our budget wasn't working..bills were paid (never late), but everything we were saving for a house just went to these other things,,,so I am hoping that everything is getting sorted and slowing down and we can start saving our house deposit (which is super expensive and hard here) so I have done not only 2022 budget but also 2023 budget...our income rarely changes and if it does then it is more not less so it is easy to figure looks like we will have to save around $50,000 for a deposit (yep that is only 3 %) so will take around 2 more years not that is the plan for now...does everyone here use a budget and how far in advance do you do it? 

petrol prices are soaring

October 20th, 2021 at 01:18 am

Woke up to find out that petrol (gas) prices have started going up to $1.85 per litre, with no idea of when it will be going down..highest it has been in a really long time...for those of you that is 1 gallon for you which equals approx 3.7 litres..which wouldbe $6.85 per gallon (aus)...which would be around $5.11 per gallon...guess we won't be going many places anymore....I am guessing with the price of that going up then food will rise as well since trucks will cost more to transport food etc...

health miscommunications

October 19th, 2021 at 04:41 am

So my step son suffers (like my hubby) from hemiplegic migraines...although they get different step sons affect his brain..he has trouble doing things, remembering things etc so in june they ordered an EEg on his brain..he had the doc yesterday and I ased him about what he said about his eeg not being done yet...he said he said I thought I have had enough it doesn't take that long to get one done (usually a month to 6 weeks at most) I call the hospital to find out if they have his referral, they don't but they give me their direct fax number, I call the doctors clinic we all go to...and they arent sure what is going on they thought he went to the hospital to have it basically nothing has been I ask them to fax letter to the hospital so we can set up an hour later I call the hospital they have it and have set him an appt mid november...although they have him on the waiting list if one comes finally we can get it done and see what is happening and get him the help he needs as he can't be treated till it is done...I know I probably should have done it earlier but with our own health issues, moving my mom etc I just think of next month hopefully we can get some answers and start getting him more help...but it just goes to show you that you need to follow up on things when it comes to your health...yes there was miscommunicatin between all 3 parties but I still feel the patient is the one that is responsible to make sure things are being done....who knows how long he would have waited if we hadn't stepped in...only took an hour to get remember to fight to get things done in a timely manner

christmas is done

October 18th, 2021 at 12:58 pm

Christmas shopping is done and paid for, still waiting for a couple to come in as I have just ordered them, the rest are wrapped and in the cupboard...feels good that I am almost done, will only have food to do at christmas time...ordered early thinking it would take a while to get things in from overseas but it really hasn't taken that that has been good. 

The weather here has been getting a little nicer here the last couple of days so hubby and I have been taking short walks, his legs have been bad since his cancer treatment was just starting to get them a little better and he has to go through treatment again so hopefully we can work on them and they won't get as bad..and the dog is loving being able to walk most days.

My daughter finally has a donor that she can use, they have changed the rules here which are tough, and with her genetic testing, she only has I donor she can use...they can't even use the ones they can use in Seattle as they say they can't test them for everything they test she couldn't use them hopefully she likes the profile but probably won't start or anything till she is excited.

I find using cash for our groceries we don't seem to spend as much so that is good, I found using the card we seem to spend a lot more..and we have been doing well with the menu planning and it will be great with the nicer weather to be able to start having  bbqs and salads...I love summer...and the fruit is so much better...

daily musings

October 14th, 2021 at 01:03 am

my neuro thinks I may have vestibular migraines, so he is going to send my doc a letter and discuss options with her to discuss with me, she knows I hate meds that are not organic, so we will see I do take them if I have no other options...but I do limit what chemicals go into my body as much as I can.

I have ordered some aboriginal teas that are suppose to help with health, sleeping, anxiety will see if they work, hopefully they will but I don't like tea or coffee, cant have dairy so hopefully they taste okay and settle in my system without making me to nauseated.

My hubby is doing better sleeping more but not enough so hopefully the tea will work on him as well. My DD has an appt with the head specialist at the clinic to start another plan with her, she has to pick a new donor due to the new laws that have come in, so hopefully next month she will start the process again.

Our daughters dog that lives with us had to go to the vet, he was vomiting foam yesterday and not eating..cooked him up some chicken last night and he finally ate it around midnite and the vet said he is okay just has an upset tummy for some reason, just keep him on bland need to go buy him somemore chicken breast...he is a very fussy eater.

doing much better with the budget now we have gone back to cash...a couple of times we have fogotten to take the cash so have had to use the I just keep track and will take out less today (its payday), but we are getting use to it again...using your card its just to hard to keep track.

things are slowing down

October 11th, 2021 at 02:50 am

Things are starting to slow down mom is finally settling in and doing well.

Hubby is doing so much better with his eating and sleeping, not 100% but not as bad as it was, so that is good he is able to do more than he could a couple weeks ago. Me on the other hand just can't stand to eat or drink the last few days can't even take some of my trying to figure that out I swear its 2 steps forward  and 10 steps back...but I will get there.

Financially we have paid off the CC again...and menu planning as been going good but we have decided to go back to cash rather than using the card its just easier to keep track of for groceries and gas...all bills are paid and we should be able to save some this month...

I have cut back on my doctors some I don't think some are helping me so going to cut them back and try some other things...oh well brain fog is pretty bad right now, I have just finished up my moms new budget and sent it to more thing of my to go and relax...I can't wait till we have some warmer weather so we can get down to the beach, which is at the end of our road...we are half way through spring and yet it has still be so cold..I really want some warm weather...just so we can get back to nature I miss walks on the beach, in nature etc.

Hope everyone has a great week

october already

October 6th, 2021 at 01:39 am

The last few weeks have been quite busy...everytime my doctors tell me to take it easier life just seems to get faster...

Hubby is back on hormone treatment and also had tablets to take as well, he got sick on the tablets, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep I took him off of them, we took him to the hospital to see if they could do something about the nausea and no sleeping and they just wouldn't see him as they didn't want to deal with a cancer patient so since he got sick of being there for over 4 hours with everyone else going in and out he told them he was going home where he was around so many people, cause he didn't want to get sick and it was a long weekend...sat he had to have his 2nd covid shot (his are 3 months apart) and we spoke to that doc abut the this point I had taken him off the wasn't his regular doc so he got his doc to call him, and he also contacted his urologist to see if that was okay...then yesterday his cancer nurse called him and said it was okay to stay off the tablets for now and they will monitor him...he is eating and sleeing better now.

My daughter has done 2 IUI and neither of them have with the new laws here now she has to change her donor so she will choose another one within the next week and then see the specialist and write up another is getting expensive but worth it when it works...and it will work...she will get the baby that is suppose to be fingers's actually very interesting to go through this process with her....I am learning a lot and meeting some great people and also seeing my daughter go through all the emotions of the process and amazed at how well she is handling it all.

I am suppose to be taking it easy and relaxing to get my cortisol levels down but that hasn't been happening at all with my hubby and his cancer stuff going on and not sleeping which meant I wasn't sleeping...going to my daughters appointments with her and then we had to move my mom to another town that is cheaper for her to live,,,so I had to find a house to rent, get everything connected, pay for it (that damaged our budget a bit) then get the house she was in cleaned up and still need to finish up the last little bits for that house I just haven't had time to sit an relax...but thats family comes first and they do the same for me...when my body started going into meltdown mode my daughter took over what I was doing to help out...she is great like that...and my mom is around plenty of family down there so I know she will be fine..she is living literally 6 houses away from my niece who is checking on her I know I don't really have to worry about her...plenty of family to help her out if she needs it...not that she does she is 83 in december and does everything herself except her banking I do all her banking and pay all her bills online for her so she doesn't have to worry about I don't control her money I just make sure everything is paid as it easier for her...

after all that we have still managed to save some money this still working on that.

cancer is back

September 14th, 2021 at 10:06 am

Well has been quite a crappy day, I woke up with vertigo, mixed with my dizziness it is the worst feeling ever and I am glad it is started to makes me so sick....on top of that hubby had an appointment with his urologist to get his psa results and they came back that his cancer is back...his only treatment right now is hormone treatment, I'm just hoping that it works...we still have to see the docs and set up a plan to who is monitoring what but it was a pretty crappy day....but on a good note my daughter will be inseminated again this week, so fingers crossed it sticks this time

financially I have pretty much finished my christmas shopping have 2 left to do but will do nearer to xmas...and I bought my DD a dryer as I got sick of her bringing her washing here to dry...we have had such wet weather this bought her one and she said it can be her christmas present as it was quite expensive...

I am still trying to work on getting my health back to where it should be and hoping that what we are doing will help and my numbers will start getting back to a normal level and I can start living a normal life and can take care of my hubby if he needs daughter can't do it all especially if she is going to have a baby

Well time to work on the budget...things might be changing...only time will tell...

maybe some answers for my health

September 3rd, 2021 at 06:24 am

Well I see many doctors for various reasons but today was a an eye opener...I went to see an intergrated doctor (which I have seen before) and my tests results have come back so I have a fatty liver (knew that), my cholestrol is high (7.5), my vitamin went from 39 to 63 but hes trying to get it above 100 so still working on that....and I found ou my cortisol levels are out of control they are 1003 which is way over what they should be (here around 550) so now have to try and fix that..have to have some tests done to see if there is an underlying issue that neds to be worked hopefully we can start to figure it makes a lot of sense with a lot of things

Financially it is pay week...still have to do the bills etc...but didn't even come close to our savings goal last month so will work on that this month...and some disappointing news my daughter ended up with a chemical pregnancy so will have to try again 

christmas and debt

August 29th, 2021 at 04:29 am

Well I have ordered many of my christmas presents...some are things I have been wanting to do for a couple of years just haven't been well enough to get done..but I have used the CC so will have to pay that off again...but thats hubby is so worth it....savings is way down as we have had so many specialists to see that our mrdical acct was cleared out as was a majority of our savings...but we will get back on track in next couple of months..fingers crossed looks like buying a house maybe pushed for another year...see what happens...

fully vaccinated

August 22nd, 2021 at 06:59 am

Well as of yesterday I am fully vaccinated, only hubby left to finish up..luckily I didn't really have any side effects from it just a sore spot on my that was a relief.


possibly a g'ma in 9 months

August 17th, 2021 at 11:18 am

This week has been busy with appointments it seems that's all our lives are lately...well I have 2 appts tomorrow and one thursday...on tomorrow is a zoom appointment..first time doing one of should be interesting but hopefully will be able to get some good helpful advice...and start on the road to recovery.

financially we haven't really been spending money other than groceries...and i think we have spent more than we usually do but wanted to restock the cupboards and freezer a bit so that is fine. all bills are paid for the month so all good there and tomorrows paycheck will just go into our house acct, in saying that with buying a few things we NEEDED we won't reach my goal of $5000 by end of month but thats ok we will make it up over the next few months somehow.


Ok well is for daughter started her fertility journey this week...they told her that she would need blood tests and probably be inseminated friday/sat..and they called her today and she was we are so happy for her...hopefully it takes and she becomes pregnant and everything goes case anyone wants to know she doesn't have fertility issues she wants children and just hasn't found a partner she wants to be with so decided to do it on her we are really happy for her.

Saturday I get my second pfizer will fully vaccinated..only have my hubby that needs his 2nd one now but thats not till october...I'm just hoping for less side effects this time...but will be nice to have some protection...and on good news people aged 16-39 can now get vaccinated starting yesterday (monday) so hopefully our vaccinated numbers will grow in the next month around australia...although NSW is kinda like the US in the numbers are rising and deaths are growing...they have had average of 400plus new cases in last few days and I think around 23 deaths...which I know doesn't sound like much if you live in the US but to us that is a lot..our whole state has 1.771 million people and since covid started in 2019 we have had 868 cases and only 4 deaths...which I think is good and most of those cases were in march-may I'm hoping that we don't get a surge in our state until we can get more of the over 60's their 2nd dose of AZ...which they hate but don't have a choice to get...rant over


another doc appointment update

August 12th, 2021 at 07:29 am

So saw my doc today...I see her every month usually..she has set me up for some scans, to see another shrink again (at my request due to anxiety issues that I think I need assistance with), although I can't get in to see her till feb 2022, she gave me some meds so I can be well enough for my endoscopy later in the month...and she is happy about progress with othr issues that have been going on...and when we went to get scripts we found out we are now on free scripts for the rest of the that is a bit of a savings each month.

Not much else going on just filling up our calendar with appointments and wishing the weather would warm over this cold wet windy weather. 

always spending

August 10th, 2021 at 05:24 am

Well we had to buy a lawn mower yesterday...the grass is growing so fast and ours broke and I didn't want to keep borrowing one so we decided to buy more money out of our house account...hubby also needs to update his hearing aids, he has a lot of damage done to them from his radiation treatment they not sure what that will cost probably won't hit my target goal of $5000 this month but that is ok..somethings are more important. 

Our daughter has started her fertility process and she is super excited...she has been saving for a long hopefully everything works out for her....

Other than that not much else happening here been pretty cold and wet here to do much also not trying to go out to much (except appts) until we are all immunised....and hopefully that will be soon and we can enjoy the beach and outdoors more...and some good weather

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