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finally moved

April 28th, 2021 at 05:03 am

We have finally got everything moved to the new rental...we couldn't get movers as they were all booked out (yes we called 8 companies) so we did it ourselves so it took now we just need to finish putting things away...very lucky that we have had good weather this week...will rain this weekend but we have time to get everything under cover.

Mind you I don't think any of us have been this exhausted in forever...but it is starting to look like a home and is nice to be under the same roof now we just have to finishing up letting every company know we have moved and getting everything put away and do some grocery shopping....honestly if we never see take away again it will be to soon!!

This weekend I can finally get back and sort our budget out...get back on track again!!

we are moving

April 21st, 2021 at 12:42 pm

We are finally moving...yes we finally got a excited..only 2 sleeps to go...problem is I can't find someone to move us...everyone here is flat out so we may have to move ourselves which will take hopefully we can find someone tomorrow...fingers is an 18 month lease so once we move don't have to think about it for a long while...

I have to say I can't wait to be able to menu plan, cook the way we do....budget properrly, shop like we normally do etc...but more importantly I can't wait to have my own bed back....and we are hoping the animals settle down again...I can't wait.

Hoping it doesn't rain..has been getting cold and wet's autmn but fels like winter already

another day another house

April 16th, 2021 at 02:23 am

Have more houses to look at but know have a politician as a reference and a housing liason officer to help us find a house to rent...they are trying to find out what the issue is in regards to our hopefully we will have one soon.

We are still waiting for our bond deposit back hopefully will get it soon, it $3,100 so that will be nice to go into savings till we need it for another bond, it is taking forever but they have had so many to do since so many people have no housing and need their bonds back...we are not desperate for it, but would like it in our bank account and not theirs..hopefully soon.

We should finally on monday finish emptying one of our storage containers so we no longer have to pay for that one, so can save around $400pm...that will be nice.

not much else happening here although it is getting cold so I had to go buy some track pants as mine are in storage..but they were fairly cheap $12 each....other than that only spending on groceries and gas which both seem to be costing a lot more

Thankyou for my hubbys birthday wishes he had a quiet day and our oldest got him a cheesecake that said 

"happy 27,394th day", he loved it...was great to catch up with some of the family even if it was just a couple hours

hubby b-day today

April 14th, 2021 at 02:54 am

It's hubby's birthday today...he doesn't want to do much as we are living in someones elses home right we will have family here and just order pizza and catch up with each other....wasn't a great start to the day got a call from our oldest daughter she had to call an ambulance for her sister as she was in extreme pain and wanted one of us there...I can't drive due to my dizziness so hubby went and didn't get home till 7am...daughter is doing okay with pain meds but still has to have scans etc later today...not sure what is wrong as she never takes meds or goes to the doctors without really needing it.

Still applying for houses, still looking at houses, we have a couple meetings this week with one of our politicians and a housing manager to see if they can help us out...but there is still around 80 plus people applying for each house...never been so frustrated in my life!

gas budget is out the window as we are driving so much to look at houses/shopping/specialist appointments etc so that hasn't helped and we aren't cooking or eating like we normally do so is costing us...his son says he will cook but when we get home exhausted from moving stuff from 1 container to another hes then to sick  or got a headache and we are to tired so we get take away which is expensive...just can't wait to get back to normal!!

perfect weather

April 5th, 2021 at 06:23 am

Todays weather is just perfect..not hold not cold just a perfect temperature...almost like spring weather (even though its autumn here) , we had a house open today..they changed it as it was suppose to be only us and a mother with her teen daughter they wouldn't shut up so we didn't get to talk to the people who were there about the house waited 20 mins and gave up as our daughter was tired and not feeling we will dee what happens...right now we will just bout take anything that might remotely fit us

Stepson ended up back in the er last night, he has Hemiplegic migraines like his dad, they said they were going to keep him overnight then we got a call around midnight to pick him up as they needed the bed and were kicking a few less sick people out to make room...he is feeling a bit better today...

nothing much happening this week except looking for a house to live in and trying to keep stress levels down


how do you figure out how much tax you need to pay

April 3rd, 2021 at 04:10 am

Hi guys

I don't know your tax system well at all and just wondering how do you figure out how much tax you need to pay as a couple or single person based on your income? Just need to find out where to find the correct information and since you are all so graet at advice thought I would check here first...Thanks

looking at our expenses

April 3rd, 2021 at 04:00 am

looking through our april expenses and one that that we won't have to pay is the water/elec & gas bills as we currently don't have a home to pay these, I will still put the payments into our POM account as we will have connection fees when we rent again, but for now it is savings, although our oldest daughter is paying rent at our youngest daughters house it isn't much more than what she was paying before and we are only paying storage fees so saving some money on rent, I do however put the rent money that we were paying into the account like we were paying rent and have since we moved (yes I have seperate accounts for things) so we are actually accumulating so extra money there...when we get a house and get settled will keep some there and then move the rest into savings...

I find it really hard that even though most of our budget is still manageable (except the groceries) I still get frustrated not being able to menu plan, grocery shop like we throws everything off kilter...I also am a bit ocd when it comes to things and that is hard being in other peoples houses...but over all unless we have moving expenses this month (hope we do) we should start being able to save a bit more.

april already

April 2nd, 2021 at 03:43 am

Weather for the next couple of days is warmer than usual which is the warmer weather much better than cold weather...hoping that doesn't hit to early at least until we move.

Our budget just doesn't to be working at the moment living in 2 places, but trying its mainly groceries that is hurting us which means we take it from savings..but we will get back on track's hubbys birthday in a couple of weeks so not sure what we are doing for that yet....right now everyone is getting on everyone elses it has been hard...hopefully we get a house soon...tuesday we have 5 maybe 6 to look at so will be a busy day

have a great easter