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December 30th, 2020 at 03:35 am

Well this is probably my last post for 2020...roll on 2021

So much to do already for the start of 2021...we already have 15 appointments for jan...and some for feb/march/april...

we are moving in feb...yes they are not renewing our lease...and that is fine...just need to find a house to move to and we have just over 50 starting to slowly pack what we aren't using and what we will donate to charity etc...that way I can spread out my energy as much as possible...or lack there of energy!!

Also got my new planner in which has everything I need in it including a menu planner, shopping list, gift list..savings etc...literally everything you need in it!!

Going to be on a strict budget next year unless it is an emergency..if its not in my budget then we are not doing it...simple!!! need to save as much as possible for a house goal is $50,000 (pretty unrealistic) but if we get $35,000 I will be thrilled...just like to challenge myself a bit all year.

I have financial goals set up for the next couple of years...2021 will be saving for a house deposit and keeping my $2,000 ice acct. 2022 will be saving $10,000 in my ice account and 6 months worth of bills into an account...once that is done it will be paying off our morg (hopefully we will have one by then) we plan on when we buy to pay the payment and interest each month so it comes down least this is the plan!

My number one goal is to get a diagnoses of what is wrong with me (haven't got one in 7 years) and to get healthier...

We are ending this year with no debt, $2,000 in our ice account and some money in the bank...not much but feeling confident going into 2021...hope everyone has a great new years, stay safe....and we will talk again in 2021!!

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