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US taxes done

February 18th, 2019 at 05:51 am

Finally got our US taxes done..was a bit of a chore and since my itin number has been changed or whatever they are doing with it...I started the process oct last year to get a new number or update it...but it still hasnt been processed yet so more forms for that so god only knows how long it takes or what we will have to do for it to be processed...since we cant do online it takes 6-8 weeks anyway and last year they sent a check to us which takes 3-4 weeks to process over here anyways....but its not money we count on or add in to our budget at all...but glad it is done for now.

Was invited to another wedding today so have to put that into our budget...its local so should be able to attend and not have it cost much at all.

We changed our internet company and it costs us around $700 plus for everything (fetch box etc) and then we signed my mom up as well so paid for her box and first month as well...so we had to use the CC again..which I hate but the old company their internet dropped out constantly so far with this one no drop outs...so much nicer...so worth the expense in the long run.

So now we have the CC to pay off hopefully in march we can do that I hate owing money..other than that not much else going on here except waiting for my friend to get her passport so I can buy her a ticket to come over here...cant wait

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