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to move or not to move?

May 23rd, 2020 at 01:33 am

This house has been better than our last house in so many different ways but also has some issues that the owner just takes their lazy time fixing or just doesn't bother...we have complained about the roof and gutter being cleaned for months we live in a high risk fire area in summer so have to keep the yard cleaned up etc...but the owner won't, the gutters shoould have been cleaned months ago and they haven't bothered we have asked several times and now with all the rains and nothing being done we have heard dripping in the roof...we called them but no answer from the owner we are deciding wether or not to move again this year...we didn't want to due to hubbys illness and treatment and we wanted to buy in a year or so anyways so didn't want to have to move till now we have to start looking and see what is out there or maybe do a 6 month lease and see how we go...people frustrate me when they rent out houses but don't take care of them...its your investment so invest the money and keep on top of things...oh well rant over

3 Responses to “to move or not to move?”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope you don't have to move! But I do understand it can get frustrating to be a renter and not have control of the decisions or feel things should be taken care of differently. I'm looking forward to owning a home again!

  2. Bluebird Says:

    I'm a landlord and I would never neglect my properties. In fact, many times, I go above and beyond to repair Items that have been damaged/caused by tenants in order to protect my asset. Does the lease specifically state what items are your and the landlord's responsilbity (I hope so and it should)? Is there self help language in your lease? Either way, have you notified the landlord in writing? If not, immediately do that and notify that if it's not taken care of in X days (if spelled out in lease or a reasonable timeframe) that you will have the work/repair completed and deduct from your rent. Your lease probably states you can't do this, but at this point, you need to protect yourself. This should push your landlord to get it done. If your landlord is a reasonable person, they should appreciate your good intentions to maintain the property and won't want to lose a good tenant. Also, you shouldn't have to up and move over something that is so easily resolved and disrupt your lives, especially now with everything you have going on.

  3. mumof2 Says:

    CCf we really don't want to have to move either...I can't wait to own our own house again.

    Bluebird...its just simple things like the gutters being cleaned we are not allowed to do them for safety reasons...but they don't get anyone out...i understand with all the virus stuff going on people need to distance but its an outside job and the weather will start getting bad....we can't pay for it and take it out of our rent...its against the law if it isn't done soon then I will go to would think a leaking roof they would like to fix it asap...this is quite an expensive house...and we are great tenants..every landlords has said so...hopefully in a year we will be our own landlords

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