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heard nothing yet!!

May 26th, 2020 at 02:35 am

We haven't heard aything back yet from the landlord about the gutters or the dripping we hear in the roof yet so have emailed the agent today and see what happens, we are due for a lot more rain in the next week and really don't need flooding inside or we will see what happens, we are due to sign our lease again aug so we will see if she wants to keep us or not...we don't want to move...but only time will tell.

Although if anything flooded like in our last house we had to go through insurance twice so we moved...but if it happens here I might take them for what gets damaged especially if we have spoken to them and they have done frustrates me wish people who owned houses took care of them, I know they use it for additional income etc..but when you pay good money the house should be in good condition..and this one isn't...and I know she has the money as most of last year she was travelling the if you can do that then you can take care of the house!!

Hubby only has 11 treatments left so a bit over 2 weeks (they don't do it on weekends) so excited for that to be over...we will save more on gas and we have already paid in full what is owing to them so we don't have to worry about that...we have bought them chocolates and cookies as a thankyou for all they have done for him...but we are hoping we don't have to see them again...then after a couple of months we will find out if it worked or not and if he needs more treatment or after treatment life can go back to normal for a couple months at least...fingers crossed...its payday this week and we still have a few doc appts so hopefully won't cost much and I can put extra into our ice acct

2 Responses to “heard nothing yet!!”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Can you ask the Tenants Union if this is classed as an urgent repair? It might be a bit grey but they can probably advise and help you get the ball rolling on this. Hope all goes well with hubby’s treatments!

  2. mumof2 Says:

    Thanks but apparently they have contacted the roofer and he is suppose to be contacting us...nothing yet

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