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stimulus payment question

May 5th, 2020 at 03:03 am

In case n0-ne read it on the forum
So I know many people have received a stimulus payment and I don't think we qualify but we have had conflicting information even the irs website doesn't make sense, it says that we don't qualify as I have an itin number and we filed jointly although they haven't processed the new itin paperwork or our taxes for this year (he pays federal taxes)...but they also say that because he gets SS that he should get it...we are not expecting any money at all but since hubby has both how do we find out or can anyone tell us what if anything we should be doing or do we just not bother with it...if they do send a check then it will go to our old address and since they haven't processed any of our tax papers yet (if they have them) it means they haven't changed our address...and we don't want money we aren't entitled to either...any thought??

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  1. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Is your address correct with the Social Security Administration?

    I am hunk that the method is that first, anyone who filed taxes in 2018 and 2019 was evaluated.
    Those with bank account information on file had the stimulus deposited.
    Then others were given a site to provide bank account information, and those were deposited.
    Then checks were mailed to those eligible due to tax payments.
    Then those who receive social security but don’t make enough to pay taxes were processed.
    Then I think there is a way to request if you neither pay taxes or social se urity, but the deadline for that might have passed.
    Finally, on your 2020 tax return, you will be able to enter a credit for the stimulus amount. If you received it, you deduct from the credit and break even. Otherwise, it will be part of your 2021 tax refund.

    However, the Treasury is denying payments to US citizens married to people without Social Security numbers. This is aimed at undocumented workers, but you might be caught in that. Speaker Pelosi says she will fix that in the next bill, but she isn’t the only one deciding. There may be a military exemption on the SSN/TIN exception too.
    This might be helpful.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    Hi lotsofideas

    We have sent forms in to update it but only in last 6 weeks so not sure if it is or not..we have to go through the phillipines and we can't do anything online or over the phone.

    We always have our bank account info on our taxes but they always send us a check..not sure why...we have done this years taxes (send in via mail) but the website said they haven't been received yet which doesn't surprise me with the covid and stimulus packages.
    my hubby pays federal tax only but not on his SS.

    We don't really care if we get it or not its not something we are banking I'm not fussed about it..yes the exception is if they are in the military for that year then only one has to have a SS hubby is ex military!!

    Thanks for the advice...I guess we will just wait it out and see what happens...just getting the taxes out of the way and finished up would be nice

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