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2023 budget

December 4th, 2022 at 09:43 am

Well I have just updated our 2023 budget...and it is looking pretty good...again I have based it on our lowest income so if anything comes up we should still be able to cover it...obviously we will update and tweak it as the year progresses...

some things I am getting back to is menu planning (been real slack this last month) and cooking more we usually cook 98% of what we eat...but last couple weeks we have been having more take away...which is not like us...but we will be doing it more again!!

Aldi finally has their new plan out...we have been waiting for them for a few months now, it is a yearly amount that you pay not monthly and our mobile phone service was breached...and have been not so we just bought our new plans and when they come in we will get rid of the service we have....and bonus we will be saving around $612 a year just on this...although I am expecting prices of things to keep rising this might not be a real i always tell people "it's only a savings if it is in the bank...if you buy something on sale's only a good deal unless you put what you would have saved into the bank"

Have the car in for service this week, hubby has day surgery thurs...hopefully we will get some answers...hubby also has doctors, my daughter and I have the hairdressers, then we have a xmas party and a baby shower on sunday so going to be a busy week

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