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April 4th, 2022 at 02:00 am

Payday this week and finally got around to paying the bills they are all paid except for groceries/gas, I have added an extra $200 a month to the gas bill although it has come down $2.22 pl ($7 gallon) to $1.69pl ($5.8 gallon) it can jump up over 50c a night so will keep the extra for now.

I have decided this month to put have of our "extra" money on the CC and the rest into savings...hopefully will be back on track this month financially. I have decided whether we move or not in spring I am going to start growing my own vegies again and buy another dehydrator to start drying our herbs and vegetable, we use them a lot in winter in the slow cooker and we should have enough to get through this year but food prices are expensive and getting worse, so will try and save where we can. Would eventually like to learn how to do canning in jars...but will have to research that..

Thay have just approved another booster covid shot for winter so hubby might end up getting it and the flu shot...we will probably get the flu shot but not the booster...will see what doc says. Luckily my mom didn't get real bad when she got thankful for that...she is 83 so was worried...but she tested negative today. 

The weather here is quite nice right now sunny during the day, the mornings and nights are getting cold, and we live near the ocean so we feel it...but it is autumn so expecting that...not looking forward to winter...I don't like the cold...

not much else happening it's hubbys b-day in a couple of weeks so we will just have my mom and the kids down to celebrate with pizza, I have given him $200 to spend on himself as thats what we do for b-days here now they are adults...and we will keep it low key since covid and winter are upon us again...hubby has covid & cancer treatments...its the last thing he needs.

We are voting sometime in the next month once the govt calls a date...has to be before end of's hoping this govt loses and we can get rid of them...I'm also glad our elections are nothing like yours, they start maybe 8 weeks before and then we vote and it is done...

we were going to go our gold prospecting this month but have decided to wait till october hopefully will be feeling better wby then, until then we will buy paydirt and hone our skills.

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